Wallace Zhou

Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the time you have invested in my partner Ken and I. Along with Mr. Ron Legrand for having a great program for investors like us!

After a couple of months of your mentoring we successfully locked down more than 3 deals as short sales and one regular sale!

The one deal we found was a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom town house, the seller agreed 65K and we found the end buyer the same day at 88K, so we decided to go with the EZ no risk way to profit 23K and do nothing to it since we understand that our profit will be between 55K to 60K if we fix the house because the ARV will be around 160K.

The 2nd deal, I backed out and gave the home to my friend because the long waiting period then he bought the house and wholesaled it for 20K profit, out of nowhere, I got a check from him for $6500. This is because he wanted to thank me for referring him to that deal that I gave up on. All I wanted to say here is that we truly appreciate the time and energy and advice you offered us weekly to allow us to live a bigger and better life!

This means a lot to us and we thank both you and Ron again for your coaching!

We wish you a Happy Mother’s day!

Wallace/ Ken