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Like most, when considering any new venture, you likely have a ton of questions and rightfully so.

You’re probably wondering:
Do I need money to get started?
Will it work where I live?
Can it be done in Covid?
Will it work in this HOT market?
How do I know where to begin?

Do You Have What It Takes
To Be A Multi-6 OR 7-Figure
Earning Real Estate Investor?

Ron LeGrand Is Going


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Here's What You'll Learn on Ron's Free Training

Who Can Succeed in Real Estate...

And why the things you think are holding you back really aren't.

How You Can Buy and Sell Without...

Spending your own money or putting your credit score at risk.

"Ugly Houses” vs. “Pretty Houses”

Differences between each side of the business and which one is the quicker and easier option.

“No Terms, No Deal”

Why this is the one mantra you should be following for all your transactions.

The Three Kinds of Terms Deals...

And how they can each benefit you.

Lowering Your Tax Liability

Ron's strategies to pay as little as possible in taxes.

Case Studies

Ron shares the full details from start to finish of two case studies for properties he purchased, including the financial numbers so you can follow along with his process.

Get Access to Ron’s Prepared Scripts

How you can get access to Ron’s prepared scripts for every part of the purchase and sale process.

Key Questions for the Seller

Which three key questions to ask a potential seller to determine if the purchase is worth your time

"Have you ever thought you'd like to buy and sell houses, but didn't know how or where to begin?"

-Ron LeGrand

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