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"Have you ever thought you'd like to buy and sell houses, but didn't know how or where to begin?"

-Ron LeGrand

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Here's What You'll Learn on Ron's Free Training

Who Can Succeed in Real Estate...

And why the things you think are holding you back really aren't.

How You Can Buy and Sell Without...

Spending your own money or putting your credit score at risk.

"Ugly Houses” vs. “Pretty Houses”

Differences between each side of the business and which one is the quicker and easier option.

“No Terms, No Deal”

Why this is the one mantra you should be following for all your transactions.

The Three Kinds of Terms Deals...

And how they can each benefit you.

Lowering Your Tax Liability

Ron's strategies to pay as little as possible in taxes.

Case Studies

Ron shares the full details from start to finish of two case studies for properties he purchased, including the financial numbers so you can follow along with his process.

Get Access to Ron’s Prepared Scripts

How you can get access to Ron’s prepared scripts for every part of the purchase and sale process.

Key Questions for the Seller

Which three key questions to ask a potential seller to determine if the purchase is worth your time


"Using what you taught me, I was able to make $24,000 with only $100 of my own money and absolutely NO risk. I put a house under contract with a purchase price of $226,000 with a $100 binder deposit. I sold the house for $250,000 a few weeks later by assigning the contract. At the closing, I walked away with a check for $24,000!"

Kyle D. Bush - Atlanta, GA


The one deal we found was a 3-bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom town house, the seller agreed $65K and we found the end buyer the same day at $88K, so we decided to go with the EZ no risk way to profit $23K and do nothing to it since we understand our profit will be between $55K to 60K if we fix the house because the ARV will be around $160K.

Wallace Zhou - Hockessin, DE

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“Ron was right, this will work anywhere. Here where I live, the county population is about 1200. And the town where I made the deal is about 200. i bought a FSBO, 3 bed, 2 bath, 1800 sf, for $40,000, zero down and 15 years, with 2% interest. Just sold it, $69,000, 15-year amortization with 3-year balloon and 5% interest. $5,000 down. Profit over $30,000. This really does work! Zero down and no credit required!“


Tony Rose, Matador, TX

“As 'they' say, timing is everything - within a short period of time, I finished my third flip and got it on the market, bought a duplex, and got my first lease/rent-to-own deal. I found a buyer for the house and got all the paperwork signed. This deal nets $26,000 in option payments, $100/month in additional rent payments and a yet-to-be-determined amount on the back end.“


William Scheiding, Madison, WI

“We purchased the house with owner financing with a 5-year balloon for $285,010 with nothing down, no interest, and monthly payments of $1,200 that covered their PI (on a $90,000 HELOC) TI and $295 monthly HOA dues. According to the comps, we felt like the ARV was ~$340,000, and that we could get $2,400/mo with a lease purchase buyer.“


Chuck & Laura Bell, Cincinnati, OH

“The sellers who were getting divorced and needed out of the home were ecstatic that I would buy it for what they owed on it, (subject to). The deal is as follows: Price: $98,340, Value: $115,000, PITI: $860/mo, which I can lease-option out $1,000/mo.“


Ed Boyles, Kansas