Michael Neal - Seffner, FL

Before I started learning about real estate investing, I played for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL and had ZERO experience in real estate.

Starting out in real estate investing a couple of my limiting beliefs were; First, that I could transform myself from an NFL athlete to an entrepreneur, in particularly a real estate investor. Secondly, getting on the phone and making phone calls. Being transparent and how to facilitate a conversation that could land me a deal. Through trial and error, I ran across Ron LeGrand’s program.

I attended Ron’s “Quick Start Real Estate School” this past July. I had the pleasure of meeting the Wolff Couple and learned a lot about structuring my business and taking it to the next level. I was so impressed with their business that I brought the system. I also had to pleasure of bringing some leads to the event, which they were able to call and close a deal for me. The beauty of all this was that it was my neighbor. With their help, I was able to confidently execute a contract within two days of the event, which lead to a $32,000 payday with about $400 a month in cash flow. It only took me 2 months to unload this property to a tenant buyer with a purchase price of $620,000!

Implementing your systems and constantly studying the material has helped my confidence and these limiting beliefs. This was a life-changing event and I would highly recommend anyone to take the chance, invest in yourself and get great mentorship with any of Ron’s recommended Mentors.

What I’ve learned from my mentoring experience with Tony Pearl, is how to play the game. I believe the pairing of Tony and I was a perfect match. Tony is really great at listing, understanding and relating to everything I’ve presented him.

He’s been very competent and one of the best things Tony has done for me is give me very THOROUGH, timely and detailed explanations that help me really understand the process.
I’ve had so many breakthroughs or, “a-ha” moments. The biggest breakthrough I’ve had is to remain calm. I have a great ability to get panicky with things. When ever I present these situations with Tony, he gives me the best advice. He always tells me to go back and review the material. The best takeaway I’ve gotten from that, is that the foundation for this business is the continuing education and sticking to the wheel, not reinventing it.

Being as though my former career was the NFL. I played 7 years and started 4 of them. I also played 6 different positions in a 11 man defense. Point is, having a coach that believes in you, can help curve the learning time down and put you in the best position to win no matter what situation that’s been thrown at you is worth it. I would have never accumulated the success I had in the NFL without my hall of famer coach. This same thing is holding true in real estate investing.

~ Michael Neal