Larry Schulman - Antioch, TN

I have been a student of yours for many years. With the knowledge you and your team have shared, I have built an investment portfolio without putting my name on a deed or taking out a mortgage. In fact, I have rarely made a deposit on a property with more than $10.

Learning your philosophy and the system for buying, holding and selling are the “big” things your students need to learn, but I believe the true value of what you and others on your team provide is under-appreciated by many of your students. Everyone looks for the silver bullet, the big item that will automatically make a big difference. What people do not realize is, it’s the sum of all the little golden nuggets you put out there on your various platforms that makes our real estate investment world flourish.

I was on a Quick Start Q&A recently and thanks to a three-minute clarification regarding assignments I made $10,830 on a $10 contract bind to my seller. Definitely a terrific return on my investment! If people would just PLUG INTO WHAT IS OFFERED on your platforms and look for the little golden nugget, it could make a huge difference in their business.

Ron, thanks for all you do on the various platforms. Your willingness to share your knowledge and commitment of time is so appreciated.