Justin King - Rogersville, MO

Ron and Team,
I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for Ron LeGrand and the knowledge he teaches. With the conviction that people who follow their hearts end up miles ahead in life than the people who do what they are told. I listened to my heart and dropped out of college. This decision was very much against the wishes of my parents. Everyone I told I wasn’t going to college said the same thing, that college is the key to a good life, without it you are doomed. All these people told me I was dumb for not going to college, all had one thing in common, they all worked really hard for somebody else, and were far from killing it financially in life. I knew for certain I didn’t want this to be my life.

I bought Ron LeGrand’s Cash Flow Systems, and absolutely loved what I learned. I had to find out more so I attended bootcamp and was completely blown away. I took a leap of faith and went all in. I took all the money that I would have used for a semester of college, and got a mentor through Ron’s program. This was hands down the best decision I made in life.

Weekly phone calls with Dixie helped hold myself accountable. I could no longer not do what I needed to do throughout the week, because I would feel ashamed for not giving it my all through the accountability Dixie placed on me. Dixie showed me a whole new world full of possibilities, and was proof that if I didn’t quit and give up, my life could be changed forever. Dixie helped me crystalize definite goals in my life. No longer could I just drift though life. I have more energy than ever before, and can honestly say I have never been happier in life because I wake up every morning now with a well-organized, definite plan to work towards.

I got over my fears of talking on the phone, and started religiously calling my leads. It wasn’t long before I got my first deal. Dixie was there the whole way to check up on me and make sure it didn’t fall through. The Title Company I used, tried to take advantage of my ignorance and youth, saying that I couldn’t do an assignment close. Man, was I glad I had Dixie! On my weekly call, Dixie helped me call the Title Company to further explain what we were accomplishing and it turned out I was describing it wrong and now we could easily close the deal.

She saved the day! With Dixie’s help, I made $6,000 in 15 days (it would have been shorter if not for Christmas), I got it under contract for $55,000 and put it out to the market for $65,000. I got an offer for $61,000 and took it! It takes about 3 months of work working 40 hours a week to make $6,000 at my current job. I went from a 21-year-old young punk to a young punk with $6,000 and the skills to duplicate it, with about 2 hours of work involved!

I would recommend anyone who wants to take control of their life to buy into what the folks at Global Publishing are teaching. The cost of not doing this is infinitely more than the price they charge.

Thank you, for forever changing my life!