Gregory Tilton - Cleveland, OH

I’ve been to a few real estate seminars and wasted a LOT of money on “gurus.”

Ron LeGrand is the only person to explain in layman’s terms the detailed process of executing and automating real estate investing.

Essential to this process is the excellent group of people in the organization that are available to help you. With the help of my VA, Christine Naah, and my Mentor sister team, Jeanne Chizek and Michele Hoffecker, I left the Summit “Deal Room” with my first deal, which I finalized 2 weeks later:

Purchase Price… $16,000 (negotiated down from $26,500 using scripts)

Rehab… $11,000

Back Taxes… $1,500

Closing Costs… $1,500

Total Expenses… $30,000

Comps… $50,000


BACK END PROFIT… $18,000 ($750 x 24 months) on Lease/Purchase


…Like they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” …This is my “first step” in my Masters Journey. Then, Millionaires Club, here I come!

Gregory Tilton