Drew Haynes - Poplar Bluff, MO

Dear Mentors,

I want to take the time to send you these and tell you and Ron thank you very much! I could not have not done this without both of your help! I joined up for Ron’s Gold Club months ago and immediately got started watching videos! I sat on the fence about buying one of his programs for a couple months. I wish I would have bought it sooner!

Reason being, is this very first deal will pay for the program almost 100 times over if not more! I say that because this first deal I got $30,000 down and I use zero money and zero credit! I came across a guy that had inherited 16 rental properties! The guy did not want anything to do with them! Taking what I learned from Ron’s program I talk to the guy several times over a course of a week or two! I talked into deeding me all the properties with zero down. I’ll pay him $2,500 a month for 10 years at 0% interest! He was thrilled because he has an income he doesn’t have to do anything for! I then called several investors and as Ron teaches you, I let them name the down and the payment!

I ended up with a lady who was willing to give me $30,000 down and pay me $3500 a month until she got the properties financed in her name at $375,000!

So, let me break this deal down for you really quick! I got $30,000 down, she pays me $3,500 a month, and I pay the seller $2,500! This leaves me $1,000 profit every month. My balance goes down $2,500 a month while the buyer’s balance remains at $345,000! If she chooses to do this over the next eight years I will have made $12,000 a year for eight years, got $30,000 down, will get $345,000 at closing and will only owe the seller $10,000!

That is a total of $461,000 in eight years off my very first deal if she chooses 8 years to finance the properties! If she decides to go ahead and finance the property now I will make $125,000 total profit! A win-win for all parties in my book! I’m so excited to get started on my next deal!

Ron really is a millionaire maker! Ron made it easy to do all this and really in my opinion made it fun! The cold feet are out of the way, and I am pumped!

Make room Millionaires Club, I’m on my way!

Thanks again,
Drew Haynes