Dixie Decker - Belle Rive, IL

Once again, thank you Ron for opening our eyes to the world of creative real estate. One of our Tenant Buyers decided to exercise their option to purchase (killed the goose). We have had this one for approx. 2 years total net cash flow equals $7,200.00, we originally collected $5,000.00 Down Payment and back end payday was $13,805.49

Total Profit is $26,005.49 on a house that we sold to the end buyer for $80,500.00, now we gotta go buy another one! Thanks, Global for all the education and mentorship!

I still shake my head every time I get a paycheck big or small, feeling blessed, my birthday present 3 short years ago was your Live boot camp training event in Chicago, I was divorced, a single mom of two, broke and bankrupt sitting in that classroom with very little hope, now look what’s happening…LIFE CHANGING! You all are the best!

Thank you,
Dixie Decker