David Iniguez - Highland, CA

My name is David I’m 22 years old from ”So Cal” and I’m super excited to be doing my very first testimonial. I must’ve read at least a couple dozen of these before I joined Ron Legrand’s mentoring program and always thought of what I would say for my first testimonial. To be very honest I still can’t believe I’m finalizing my first deal.

Working with my mentors has truly been an honor and a blessing. I’m grateful that I’m able to learn from Ron LeGrand and two great mentors at such a young age. Andrew has been exceptional, he’s helped me with questions as early as six in the morning and as late as 9 PM at night even though he’s three hours ahead of my time.

I was able to close on a sandwich lease option that netted me $11k upfront and another $4,700 a month ($1,916 NET CASHFLOW). This deal was a townhouse that came from Ron’s VA’s it was a yes lead and the sellers were CPA’s who understood the benefits of collecting money later rather than now. It truly took a lot of work but was smooth since I had experts backing me and helping me with any roadblock! This deal will pay for my mentor fee and for marketing to bring me more deals.

God willing. Again, I cannot say how truly grateful and blessed I am to be able to have great mentors and to get started on this journey at such a young age. Thank you, Ron LeGrand, and Andrew and Aaron Schlag!

Thank you
David Iniguez