Carlos Torres - Georgia

Dear Ron LeGrand,
I have been exposed to “Planet Ron” for 15 years now. Initially I didn’t do much. I was married to someone who just did not care for, wish to understand or see real estate for what it is…the easiest and greatest path to wealth in our great country.

I want to personally thank you for what you shared and taught us in all of our events last year. We feel we are establishing a solid foundation for our growing company Creative Property Solutions, LLC. Just two deals to date and good working knowledge and confidence where to get more! Quick start, the alumni seminar, phone strategies and the summit were instrumental in helping us put deals together. I must give kudos to your fine mentors.

Now to the reason for this note! I have attached the supporting paperwork to our first exciting deal since emerging into “Plane Ron” just closed yesterday, and the reason we played hooky at this week’s seminar. It is my game changer!

Here are the highlights...

  • Sales Price $225,000.
  • Purchase price $94,000.
  • Rehab/costs $80,000. Expensive lessons here!!!
  • Profit F/E $51,000.

Here is the icing on the cake! We own this property clear and free and created mortgage for the buyers.

The good stuff…

  • $20,000 non refundable option fee up front before closing.
  • $1700.60/ monthly payments for 40 years at 9.75%.

Here is the expected B’E. $20,407.20 annual payments

  • $203,000 to US plus the principal after cash out... $271,814.20
    and graduation form FES – $174,000 (costs)
    Profit $97,814.20 !!!

We just sold another property today! We plan to sell 1-2 monthly from here on out. As we learn to fine tune our processes and cost containment our future through your help and mentors will be bright and huge checks will follow.

Thank you, Ron! You are the Guru! We hope to come to Papa with a deal or two this year. We look forward to a long and profitable association with you and expect to train, purchase the “whole enchilada.” See you down the road.

Your grateful students,
Carlos Torres & Rhona Randall