Blair Halver - Mooresville, NC

I just completed my first “pretty house deal” and brought home my first five-figure check. To say this event has changed my life is an understatement.  For the past seven months, under the mentorship of the Wolff Couple, I’ve grown personally, financially, and spiritually through this process of getting to this point.

I remember very clearly the first week I started making phone calls to sellers a little over seven months ago.  I was physically shaking with fear, but I knew that if I didn’t get over this hump, my life would never change and I’d be stuck in my dead-end career forever.

Five months into mentoring, and a few hundred seller calls later, I still had not yet closed a pretty-house deal, and I was starting to get really frustrated. Doubt started creeping into my mind. I wanted to quit. Lynette and Brian kept encouraging me, and I kept doubling-down on my investment in myself, upgrading to the Masters program, and putting more money towards marketing.

Then one day I received a call through PAT Live from a seller named Tammy. I called her back, went through the closing call with her as I had practiced hundreds of times before, and scheduled a deal meeting with her at her house. I got to her house and it was clear she was not going to let me leave without me buying her house – a very well-kept 3BR/2BA with about 1200SqFt, a deck on the back, a nice yard, and in a nice area. It was perfect.

She was going on disability and needed to downsize ASAP. She was scared, nervous, and had been praying for a solution. I almost cried when she told me I was an answer to her prayers. We got the paperwork started while I was there and when I left her house this whole business suddenly just CLICKED for me. There’s no other way to describe it.

Two weeks later we were at the attorney’s office closing on the house. It was the perfect deal, and she was the perfect seller. I bought the house subject to a $91k first mortgage with a $730/mo payment, plus $1500 cash to the seller to help her move into her new apartment.

I put a dozen “Rent-to-Own” signs out in the area and less than a week after closing I got a buyer lead who indicated she had $30,000 to put down. I told her the purchase price was $129,900, and sent her to the house with the lockbox code. About 15 minutes later, she called me back and said she loved it.

Through some follow-up discussions with the buyer, we settled on $20k for the deposit amount so she could keep more in savings and put more money into fixing up the house. She is ecstatic that she was able to buy this house even though no bank would give her a loan. She now has a beautiful new home for her and her daughter, and her life has changed dramatically because of it.

This past Friday we finally got the deal closed and I left the attorney’s office with a $20,000 check in my hand and a completely new outlook on life, on business, on myself, and on my future.

After the turning point I had when it all clicked for me, I went from one deal every 2-3 months to now picking up four contracts in the past four weeks, and a fifth one I’m picking up tomorrow. I’ve now hired an assistant to help me keep up with all of this, and I’m delegating more and more to her every day.
I sleep very well knowing that my future is looking 10 times brighter than before, my assistant loves her new career, I’m helping home sellers out of some of the worst situations in their life, and I’m helping buyers get into homes they otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy.

I now look at all the stories that Ron publishes in his “Millionaires in the Making” booklet with a new perspective, knowing that I’ve now joined their ranks, and there’s no looking back.

Ron, Brian, Lynette, you have changed my life and my family’s life forever, and I can’t thank you enough. I thank God that He brought us together and He gave me the courage and persistence to stick with it and follow-through. This is a whole new world and I’m so very grateful.