The Business Management Boot Camp is well worth the time spent as part of Ron’s over all Real Estate training sessions. The training focuses on the big picture, your business plan priorities, getting help running your business efficiently, developing systems that maximize your monthly break even analysis and focusing on revenue, not cost control. He also goes over working on adding other income streams from knowledge you have, learning about separating flippers from keepers as part of your estate and asset protections, understanding the value of time management in your business and the importance of good relationships. Ron goes through all of the above adequately in more detail with student interaction.

Cathy Emmons

Issaquah, WA


I have been using Ron’s info since the early 2000’s. He has helped me clarify simple issues that didn’t seem simple at the time. Ron’s programs have made me good money. I remember spending $6,500 for a boot camp and getting sneers and comments from some in the REIA group. The next week I did a deal I learned from the boot camp that netted me $37,000 cash with a $7,200 2nd mortgage. Now I am laughing with a check and they still think I wasted my $6,500. Thanks Ron!

Scott Doeringer

N. Olmsted, OH


I was very pleased with the content of this Business Management Boot Camp. I found the quality and interest of the speakers as they interacted with the audience superior to most meetings I have attended in the past. Several speakers went out of their way to address my specific needs and helped to solidify my solutions. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone that wants to get a step ahead in handling their business affairs.

Ana M. Hernandez

Miami, FL


I would like to thank Ron LeGrand and Global Publishing. I have been to several seminars which seem like they give the same info and lots of their material is useless. I only follow Ron LeGrand and no other. As a master, you can attend Ron’s boot camp for the current trends in what is working in today’s real estate investing. There is no other person. Ron Legrand, you rock!!

Adam P. Cortez

Wheeling, IL