Ron LeGrand Case Studies

Barbara and Jim Flemming

Getting to the Next Level

"We really enjoy real estate and we really like helping people, and we’ve been able to combine the two…"

Ray Ritchie


"I just love the ACTS Deal…where you’re in and out, and free and clear, and you don’t have to worry about…"

Kent Palmer

Quick Start & The Wolff Couple

Kent talks about his early successes and how they helped him acquire something he’d wanted for a long time.

Phil and Cindy Salazar

Becoming Full Time Real Estate Investors

"Last year was an amazing year for us, we did a total of about 7 months worth of real estate investing…"

Ron Biggs

Getting to the Next Level

Ron talks about his first deal and how he regrets not getting started in real estate earlier.

Louis Young

Getting to the Next Level

"I’m super excited about the information that I’ve learned here today. I was out of town and my…"

Jason Simpson

A Real Estate Student Story From Texas

"I’ve been a police officer for about 14 years, and started investing in real estate probably…"

Todd Foster

A Real Estate Exit Strategy That Works

"Ron LeGrand’s student shares his success with Ron’s Work For Equity program."

Vicki Jennings

Millionaire in the Making

Vicki just completed Quick Start Real Estate School this past weekend in Baltimore. We can’t wait to hear about her successes!

KJ Roberts

Success Story & Contest Winner

Ron Legrand wants to see checks, Kevin has lots of checks.

Anthony Suber

Millionaire in the Making

Anthony Suber, whose inspiring story of being a disabled veteran landed him at Ron’s Quick Start Real Estate School in Atlanta.

Jane Yarborough, Becky Gabbard & Peggy Wood

Millionaire in the Making

Listen in as these three successful real estate investors share their inspiring stories of their trials and tribulations…

Jane Yarborough, Becky Gabbard & Peggy Wood

Millionaires in the Making

Cyndy Dumire

Contest Winner

Tied for first place in the video testimonial contest.

Lou Colombo

Contest Winner

Tied for first place in the video testimonial contest.

Jackie Simon

Video Testimonial from Mastermind

Jackie Simon talks about her seventeen year track record of success under Ron’s guidance.

Alton Jones

Implementation Boot Camp 2014

Alton Jones, from long Beach California, talks about Ron’s Implementation Boot Camp.

Amy Hinderer & John Martin

Implementation Boot Camp 2014

"Awesome! Amazing! Incredible! Miraculous! I could go on and on! This Boot Camp was exactly what we needed to put our real estate business…"

Sandra Robles

Implementation Boot Camp 2014

"Wow! Boot Camp takes your business to the next level. The world of online real estate marketing…"

Clinton Robinson

Implementation Boot Camp 2014

Clinton talks about how the Implementation Boot Camp has helped him.

Peter Calkins

Implementation Boot Camp 2014

Peter talks about how the Boot Camp helped him build his business.

Boot Camp Team Testimonial

Implementation Boot Camp 2014

Ron and the staff recap the highlights from the 2014 Implementation Boot Camp.