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Global Publishing, Inc. Return Policy and Other Important Information

By submitting your order, I am enrolling in one or more courses offered by Global Publishing, Inc., a Florida corporation (“GPI”). The terms of my agreement with GPI are set out on this page and on my Purchase Order, both of which are subject to Global Publishing, Inc.’s Standard Terms and Conditions Effective January 18, 2018 (the “Additional Terms”), which are incorporated herein by reference and which are available at GPI Terms & Conditions and by scanning the QR code below.

I understand I have twelve (12) months after my enrollment to attend the training or my right to attend may be forfeited. I may return as often as I wish, space permitting, for one (1) year after attending my first Training Event.

I am entitled to bring one of the following: spouse, significant other, adult child, parent, employee, or business partner at no additional cost and may add a second or third of the aforementioned guest for an additional $500 per person per event.

Spouse and significant other must reside in the same household and may be required to present ID at the door. When repeating an event, guests are not interchangeable. Only the initial attending guests will be permitted without an additional charge.

Attending this training event is a very important part of my learning process and I will make every effort to do so as soon as possible.

I understand these training events fill quickly and in order to be eligible to attend a free bonus event or repeat in the first year, I must pay a $250 per person, per event earnest money seat deposit, refundable after I/we attend the event.

I must choose the date and location of the event I/we wish to attend at the time in which registration and delivery of the seat deposit is made. If I/we do not attend or cancel said event, seat deposit monies will be forfeited.

I have 3 business days prior to the start date of the event to cancel my seat reservation and apply it to repeat another like event. If for any reason I do not cancel or attend a repeat event, the earnest money seat deposit for future events will be $500 per person.

After my first year, I may repeat with a nonrefundable tuition of $500 per person, paid at time of registration. I may bring a different guest than my previous event as long as he/she is in the qualified group above.

I have five (5) years from original purchase to repeat under these terms.


I understand that, if I change my mind and the training event has not yet been held, my training event purchase is refundable within (30) days from the purchase date, subject to the following.

In the unlikely event I request a refund, I will contact GPI at 904-262-0491 to obtain my return authorization number (RA#). Upon receipt of my RA#, I must return all materials received (including bonus items) received by me in resaleable condition to GPI within seven (7) business days using trackable shipping means.

I must bear the entire cost of returning these things to GPI, and I will bear the risk of loss or damage for all packages until they arrive at GPI’s offices. I understand that returns received without reference to the RA#, or more than seven (7) business days after my RA# is issued, may be delayed.

Neither my failure to attend the training event or a schedule change by GPI will constitute grounds for a refund, and no refunds will be authorized more than 30 days after the date of purchase.


I hereby certify that I have read, fully understand, and agree to the terms and conditions set forth on this page, my Purchase Order, and the Additional Terms. In connection therewith, I certify that I understand each of the following:

  • I cannot use my failure to read any of these documents to negate any provisions herein.
  • GPI conducts educational courses about successful real estate investors, and does not provide sales or marketing programs or any products, equipment, supplies or services to enable me to start a business.
  • I am not making this purchase to enable me to start a business, and I understand that starting a previously non-existent real estate business requires significant knowledge, talent, resources, and consultation with professional advisors such as my lawyer, certified public accountant, financial advisor, and real estate broker, none of which GPI provides.
  • GPI makes absolutely no promise or guarantee of income, profit, or success whatsoever.
  • GPI makes absolutely no promise or guarantee that I will ever close any real estate transaction.
  • I am not entitled to any refund on the grounds that I have failed to close a real estate transaction.
  • Any technique, method, form, or trade secret I disclose during this course may be used by others for business gain.
  • I am giving GPI permission to record me during the course and use my name, image, likeness, photographs, statements, etc. in the future for any lawful purpose, including for trade, commercial, and/or advertising purposes.
  • Solicitation of other students at GPI events without GPI’s written permission is strictly prohibited.
  • If I breach this agreement, GPI will be entitled to ask me to leave the course and will not have to give me a refund.
  • Neither GPI nor any of its employees or agents, including Ron LeGrand, can serve as my agent, real estate broker, accountant, lawyer, or financial advisor.  I am completely responsible for seeking professional advice before taking action.

Please note: Your credit card statement will reflect your purchase as a transaction from GLOBAL 1-888-840-8389


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