Rehabbing Ron’s Way Simulcast Downloads

It is our pleasure to confirm your registration for Ron LeGrand’s Live Training Simulcast that will be held tomorrow, September 8th via live feed at Your Computer. There’s absolutely no doubt your decision to join us will prove to be tremendously beneficial for you. We want this to be both a pleasant and profitable learning experience.

We’ll start at 12 PM and go to 2 PM. You should Log in 30 minutes early to make sure you don’t have any issues connecting.

Live Simulcast – Friday, September 8th @ 12:00 PM EDT


Remember to set aside the three hours so you don’t miss a thing. You should treat this as if you were actually attending the live event in person.

Below are important documents and links Ron will be referencing during the training. We recommend printing these out so you can follow along and watch Ron at the same time.

All Cash Purchase and Sales Agreement

Dealing with Contractors

Outbound Script for People You Know

Partnership Agreement

Rehabbing Proposal Form and List

Repair Lists (major and miscellaneous)

Lesson Videos

Lesson 012 – Locating Prospects Part 2: Yellow Letters

Lesson 227 – Who to Mail Yellow Letters To

Lesson 136 – Yellow Letters

Yellow Letter Marketing for Real Estate