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Okay, one of my favorite things about being in the real estate business is getting to deal with sellers who have what we call, “Pretty Houses.” Simply put, pretty houses are houses that are for sale by owner, also known as FSBOs.

FSBOs are going to fall into one of three categories. They’re either going to have debt with equity, be over-leveraged or they’re free and clear.

When you locate these properties either using a VA (Virtual Assistant) or by locating them yourself using online sites, driving around, using yellow letters or however, the first thing you’ll want to do is call them up and get my property information sheet filled out to quickly determine whether you’re dealing with a suspect or a prospect. Only deal with prospects and throw the suspects out.

Our VAs are already trained on locating sellers for you and calling to get the property information sheets filled out, however, if you’re going to do it yourself, you’d be wise to watch this 15 minute video on how to properly fill it out.

Once you’ve determined if your seller is a prospect, you’ll want to determine which category they fall in to.

1. For a Yes answer to the question, “Will you lease option the property?” on a home that is NOT over-leveraged, you’ll use this script. You can find the "appointment script" here.

2. For a Yes answer to the question, “Will you owner finance?” on a Free and Clear home, you’ll use this script.

3. For a Yes answer to the question, “Will you sell for what you owe?,” you’ll use this script.

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