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"First, I want to thank you for creating Planet Ron. Your vision and your ability to 'Keep it Real' Is what brought me here.

I’m excited to tell you that I had my first closing as a mentoring student. That day was July 24th. On that day I had “Tears of joy” In the world of Covid-19, I proved you can still have success in real estate.

Ron, You always talk about how fear stops most people from moving forward. My mentors helped me through that fear now I’m a REAL real estate investor.

Your program has created a foundation for me to hit my huge goals. My goal... Hit a million dollars before my one year anniversary. Yes Ron, I said it out loud.

My success story has been guided by my mentors. Scot Poirier and John Gerstenlaur. I also want to say thank Delores who is over the Mentoring program. She really does a lot for us newbies.

Ron you always talk about having a team. Let’s face it. “It takes a team to create success.”

Cecelia Nowlin - Dallas, TX