The BTW Sale

What’s a BTW Sale?

Well, it’s actually an excuse for my staff to be lazy, but I’ll get to that in a second.

I asked them to create the best Black Friday Sale ever. I told them I wanted to give everyone a huge discount on some of my courses and events for Black Friday.

Jennifer, my Chief Operating Officer, always watching our bottom line, suggested 10% off everything. I laughed! I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings. Oh well.

No, 10% is nowhere near enough. I want 50% off (yup, you read that right. FIFTY PERCENT OFF!) some select courses and events.

So I asked…no, I mandated, that for all day on Black Friday, from midnight to midnight, all of our courses online to be marked down 50%.

Now, this is where my lazy staff comes in. "But Ron, no one will be here at midnight on Thanksgiving to turn the sale on. No one will be here all weekend!"

"WHAT!?!" I yelled out, "Why isn’t the staff working on Black Friday?"

"Ron, we have Black Friday off every year."

Oh yeah, I always forget about that. Somehow I always lose that battle with the staff.

"Well," I asked, "what do you propose we do about it? I want this sale up for Black Friday."

Get this…they actually convinced me to let them put it up at the end of the day on Wednesday, 11/26 and take it down first thing in the morning on Monday, 12/01.

And, "The BTW Sale" was born. The "Black Thanksgiving Weekend" Sale.

There are some limitations to this, though. Since my lazy staff aren’t working while the sale is running. You can ONLY get these specials online.

You must order online. If you can’t figure it out like me, get a grandkid to help you figure it out.

These discounts will not be honored if you call into my office. NO EXCEPTIONS! Even if the website crashes like the ObamaCare website. No extensions.

The 50% off discount will apply to all of the couses and events on this page…nothing more, nothing less:

Happy Thanksgiving from me and my lazy staff,
Ron LeGrand

P.S. The BTW Sale runs from Wednesday, November 26 at 5 PM EST to Monday, December 1st at 9 AM EST, and you must place your order online to get the huge 50% discount!