Automate or Die with Ron LeGrand and Jay Conner

It’s 2013, so why in God’s name are YOU doing all the work in your business? A global labor market plus the ability to communicate and get information in a flash, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere on the planet mean that you can hire others to do 80% of what you do, of just a few dollars a week.

Ron Legrand and Jay Conner, America’s top real estate investment automation experts, are so passionate about making sure you spend a lot less time on your business than you do on your life that they’ve developed this all-new, never-before-seen workshop just for the Summit. Here’s just a taste of what we guarantee you’ll learn:

  • Why you never have to answer a call, run a comp, get a list, interview a prospect (and a dozen other things that take up your time) again—and why you’ll make MORE money when you don’t
  • How to screen and hire virtual assistants, and why you can (and probably should) have more than 1—don’t worry, you CAN afford it
  • How to coordinate with VAs who might be across town, across the country, or around the world, so that the important work of your business gets done reliably and well
  • How to do a deal a week with less than 10 hours of your own time invested
  • Why this do less, make more lifestyle has become a reality for hundreds of relatively “new” real estate investors, and how to make it yours too

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