The Business Management Boot Camp is well worth the time spent as part of Ron’s over all Real Estate training sessions. The training focuses on the big picture, your business plan priorities, getting help running your business efficiently, developing systems that maximize your monthly break even analysis and focusing on revenue, not cost control. He also goes over working on adding other income streams from knowledge you have, learning about separating flippers from keepers as part of your estate and asset protections, understanding the value of time management in your business and the importance of good relationships. Ron goes through all of the above adequately in more detail with student interaction.

Cathy Emmons

Issaquah, WA


The large room was packed full of friendly, supportive students of Ron’s as well as presenters and speakers who entertained as they taught us all! I am so impressed you can expect to see me at every Information Marketing Boot Camp you offer in the future! Ron keeps it fresh and state of the art. I was so excited before the event that I couldn’t sleep! I was not disappointed.

Heather Bolan

Sarasota, FL


I’ve purchased a number of Ron LeGrand courses throughout the years, but seeing him in person really brought focus to what I want to accomplish. To my delight, the panel of experts he assembled opened several new doors for me and brought new ideas to the forefront. Kudos and many thanks to Ron and the Global Publishing staff.

Dave Leach

Springfield, IL