Foreclosure Fortunes

Did you know we are in the middle of the biggest real estate gold rush in our lifetime and a lot of people are getting very rich, very fast by capitalizing on the foreclosure bonanza? We currently have almost 1.5 … Continue reading »


Private Lending

Getting money to do real estate deals has nothing to do with going to a bank, filling out an application, putting up down payments or waiting to be approved. Smart investors won’t go near banks who want to control their … Continue reading »


Big Money In Big Chunks

  Special Report by Ron LeGrand Big Money In Big Chunks About 80% of my current real estate income comes from beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods. These homes need no rehab, we don’t have to raise any money and credit … Continue reading »


Fast Track To Wealth Los Angeles

A Day With A Master To Discuss America’s Perfect Home-Based Business This Recession Won’t Last, And When It Goes, So Will The Best Chance In Your Lifetime For An Average Person To Get Rich In Real Estate If you’re not … Continue reading »


The 5 Fastest Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

Ordinary people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars from Real Estate all across North America. And you can, too, without risking your credit or your life savings, hassling with partners, dealing with banks, taking out loans and without a Real Estate license! Continue reading »


Getting To The Next Level

What if you could lay your hands on this formula for pennies on the dollar compared to what others paid completely risk-free? Fellow Wealth Seeker, If you’re like me, you hate waiting for things to happen. When I want something, … Continue reading »


Speaker & Promoter

Can you see yourself in a part-time business where you can literally create six-figure paychecks on demand while simultaneously setting up back-end, passive income streams that produce money without your participation? Continue reading »


Wholesaling Houses

Turn $10 Into $10,000 in 30 Days When people ask me how to get started quickly and make money fast, I always say wholesaling or flipping houses because you can be in and out in 15 to 30 days, and … Continue reading »


Work for Equity

Once you truly understand my Work for Equity system, you’ll likely never want to do another rehab. Frankly, it just doesn’t make mathematical sense. Continue reading »