The Fastest And Easiest Ways To Make Money In Real Estate Today

Without Using Any Of Your Own Money Or Credit Or Ever Owning Property!

This Recession Won’t Last, And When It Goes, So Will The Best Chance In Your Lifetime For An Average Person To Create Financial Freedom!

If you’re not making large and frequent amounts of money in real estate right now, you’re missing the best opportunity of your lifetime to get rich. This recession has opened doors for both beginning and seasoned investors the likes of which I haven’t seen in my 31 years, and I hate to think most people will sleep right through it… and it does not require money, credit, experience or a license to get started. The busier you are and the less time you have the better your chances of success. I’ll explain in a minute.

Why Is This Important To You?

It’s simple! If you don’t take action now and get on the bandwagon, the greatest opportunity to create wealth on The Fast Track may pass you by before you even know what happened. You’ll see why in this report.

Check What Applies To You

  • Have you ever thought you’d like to buy and sell houses but didn’t know how or where to get the money?

  • Are you tired of working so hard to make a living you can’t take time to make real money?

  • Do you often wonder how you’re ever going to retire when you’re barely getting by now?

  • Are you so busy now the last thing you want is something else to do?

  • Can you see yourself living off residual income that lasts for years after you set it up so your passive income produces total financial freedom?

  • Is it time in your life to start enjoying the finer things with no debt and no more money pressure for the rest of your life?

     Yeah, I know, your bullshit meter is flashing red about now… as it should be, but before you dismiss this as another wild claim…

I Don’t Want Any Of Your Money

So maybe, just maybe it’d pay you to read on and see how I’m making so many millionaires out of ordinary people.

FYI, I too have little tolerance for big claims, liars, thieves and con artists after my money. In fact I often tell my students…

“The Whole World Is Full Of Crap”

     I’m a tell it like it is guy with no patience, little tolerance for whiners and brain dead zombies going through life in a daze looking for hand outs. I believe little of what I hear and half of what I see and I’d encourage you to Google me to see if I’m real.

I can’t be hard to find since my name is used as a search word on over 22,000 sites last I checked.

     With 31 years of experience buying houses and building businesses, over 2500 houses purchased, a half million students in North America, many who’ve become multi millionaires, I may have exactly what you need to take your life back and get on the fast track to financial independence. You wouldn’t be the first.

Back In The Saddle

     I have been a real estate investor for a long time, but the last few years have been rough on me and my business due to the industry wide meltdown beginning in 2006-2007.

It got to the point where I actually had to get a J-O-B for the first time in my adult life, trading hours for dollars.

     Luckily, I listened to Ron LeGrand AGAIN on how to make money in the current real estate market. It was just what I needed to get back into the real estate business!

     In less than 30 days, I had a property under contract with only $100.00 as earnest money. I was able to assign the contract and it closed today and I walked away with a check for $8,523.04.

Thank You Ron LeGrand! This is exactly what I needed to get motivated to start doing real estate deals again!

Jon Kubas, Houston, Texas


     So let’s cut to the chase and discuss what I can do for you. I recently recorded a course designed to teach you how to get started in real estate on a part time basis and create a full time income.

It covers the five fastest and easiest ways to get a check   for a minimum of $5,000 within 30 days.

It’s in laymans terms on three CD’s with a manual and I’m also including my newest book, “How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire In A Bad Economy”. All you have to do to get it mailed to you is…Say Yes!

I said no money needed and I meant it.

I also said I’ll mail it to you so you don’t have to spend the next ten hours downloading anything.

So What’s The Catch, Ron?
Ok, there is a small one.

I am going to ask for a small amount of money later but only if you like what I send at my cost and my risk and I will ask you to pay the postage. I’ll cover the rest. That’s fair, isn’t it?

So here’s what its about.

Diana Karst

Jacksonville, FL

 Thank you Ron, for this opportunity you have given me and my husband. We have a 5 month old baby and hopefully if we apply this information we have learned I could become a stay at home mom. You have no idea how much this meant to me and my family.

Making Big Money With No Money Or Credit

Where the big money is in real estate and how you can get it with NO money, credit or risk on your part. You’ll see how some of my clients and I make consistent paydays of $25,000 or more on each deal and how fast you can quickly duplicate it.

The 5 steps to success in real estate, or any business, and why one step out of place will crush your empire.

Why the easiest money is made on houses in excellent condition in beautiful neighborhoods, contrary to conventional wisdom.

The whole focus is built around the one thing that can make you a millionaire but took me so long to learn…

"The Less I Do, The More I Make."®

You’ll see why it’s not about how hard you work but what you work on. The country is full of hardworking, good people who are broke. Good intentions – lousy results.

In fact, in my system you’ll learn how we use virtual assistants to do almost all the work for a very small amount of money. There’s very little left for you to do and soon we’ll be discussing how you can even replace yourself with what little you will do in the beginning.

My friend, I’m a perfect example of a systemized and automated business. In my city, Jacksonville, FL, we currently buy and sell 6-12 houses per month with a minimum of $5,000 cash generated from each and sometimes over $35,0000.

I can’t recommend strongly enough for you to grasp this knowledge and put it into action as quickly as possible. It is life changing and has afforded me the opportunity to change life for my family and I, for the better, forever.

Ron’s information allowed me the ability to assess the deals and exit strate-gies, and go after the good ones. It will get you where you need to go as quick-ly as possible.

I am so grateful to Ron LeGrand and his vast knowledge, teachings, and expertise!


All The Best,
Carolyn Francis—Gilbertsville, PA

My Personal Time Investment Is Less Than 5 Hours Per Month

My entire staff is one personal assistant, one part time VA and one full time VA. That’s it. No big staff, no large overhead, no big blood sucking machine draining the life out of me.

I do this without writing a single check or guaranteeing any loans to buy any of the 6-12 houses.

In fact, most of them we don’t even buy. We simply control them long enough to find lease option or seller financed buyers with several thousand dollars and poor credit and act as the middle man for $5,000 to $35,000 fees.

Yes, its legal, moral, ethical and all transactions are closed with an attorney therefore we have almost no paperwork.

What we do today in real estate doesn’t resemble yester year. It’s a new world and a new market.

In fact, get this…


No, it has nothing to do with short sales. There are:

No Banks Involved

No Loans of any Kind

No Realtors

No Repairs

No Closing Costs

No Marketing Costs

No Employees

No Delays

No Costly Entanglements

No Foreclosures

I created this new program to help overleveraged sellers out of homes they can’t keep and non qualified buyers into homes with ten years to clean up their credit and they get the benefit of debt reduction while paying rent.

That means every month they pay rent their purchase price is reduced.

This new program has changed our industry and is now used by thousands of my students all over North America.


“$7,000 shut-up check!”

To Ron LeGrand,

“Thanks for the fantastic help and education you have provided!”

“In the pic-ture is a friend and a wholesaler that joined forces with me to get this home sold before December 28th.
I got it done with the sign we are holding along with a $7,000 shut-up check! I gave her $1,000 of it for her efforts, and we will be working together more in the future.”

Art Cipperly, East Greenbush, NY

We purchased this little 3 bedroom ranch for $26,000 from an estate. The three brothers took what they wanted and left the rest behind. It was a lot of stuff, some of it, kind of nice.

It was going to be a cou-ple of weeks before we could get it cleaned up, so we decided to put it on the market the way it was.

We used pretty much our standard ad with the “Land Contract or Rent to Own” heading.

It was a cold rainy holiday weekend, but still after 4 days – not a call. So we went back in and changed the heading to “Do a little work and Save a Lot of Money – Land Contract or Rent to Own”.

Within 24 hours the calls started to come in. On the third day, we got a call from a couple who were going to look at another house in the area, but really liked the pictures of ours.

They wanted to know if we could meet them in an hour.


Two hours later we had a cash deposit of $1,000 and we will be closing after the inspection (which was our requirement not theirs). So, here are the numbers: I Purchased the house for $26,000 , sold it for $59,900. the Land Contract was $6,000 down, that’s $800 per month at 11% interest.

Douglas Forbes, Royal Oak, Michigan

It’s all in the course I want to send you without investing a dime.

It’s a new day and a new time. Real estate investing is a different game now and requires new techniques to stay in it. One such new technique combined with an old technique has changed our industry as we know it… and open-new doors for people to enter the business and start profiting quickly…

And Never Buy A House.

No, it’s not wholesaling nor anything else you know. It does involve you being the middle man, but not on bank-owned or all cash houses, nor does it involve Realtors®, private lenders, raising cash, qualifying buyers, cleaning credit, short sales or any other costly entanglement.

You’re in and out in a few days with no closing costs to you, the seller or the buyer.

You don’t need the banks’ permission, can’t trigger the “due on sale” clause, and even attorneys will accept the technique…and it works best on houses 10-25% over-leveraged or more, and there’s plenty of them.

If yours is one, you’ll learn how to make money on it and save your credit.

About 50% of the for sale by owner calls we get are leveraged well above their value. Until recently, there was nothing we could do with the houses, but now a new twist to an old technique has turned them into a whole new, sought-after business model.

Not only is it easy to quickly profit from these deals, you can do several a month and never buy a house, put up a dime or take risks and make $5,000 – $10,000 each.

The Technique Is Simple!


Find sellers who need to get out, most over-leveraged, some not, and create some easy terms to pass on to a non-qualified credit buyer. Usually it’s a lease option to buy with rights to assign, but sometimes it can be owner financing.

Instead of buying or leasing yourself, you simply assign the contract with seller’s consent and full approval of a new buyer and let them lease the house for years until the equity returns.

Yes, it’s legal, and no, you don’t need a license if done correctly. It works especially well with sellers over-leveraged for two good reasons:

1. They have no other choice except to default or hang in for the long term until their equity re turns, which will take years. Many can’t wait.

2. The buyers can lease long term, giving the equity time to return, so the current value verses debt is not a major factor. There’s no pressure for an immediate refinance on an over-leveraged house and they get to purchase the house when ready for the loan amount at the time they buy.

Yes, I know this will take some getting used to; and your questions are mounting as mine were when I first heard of it, but they’re answered in my system. But think about it…The seller gets out without a default.

The buyer gets in for the remaining debt plus your assignment fee, ($5,000 – $10,000) with no bank qualifying. The bank continues to get paid. Everyone wins.

Yes, it must be done right. There are some tricks and traps, and it won’t work on all prospects, but believe me, it will change your business. How many times are you seeing a $200,000 house with a $220,000 debt in excellent condition and reasonable payment?

Now you can install a long-term tenant buyer, collect $5,000 and be out in a few days and the best part is… a virtual assistant will be doing 90% of the work for you.

It’s New! It’s Hot! It’s Very Profitable!

Here’s What I’ll Send You As Soon As You Say Yes

  • 3 CD’s containing a seminar on all 5 of the Fastest and Easiest Ways To Get Your First Check Using None of Your Own Money Or Credit including Q&A Sessions.

  • A guide book to follow the CD’s and record your notes. You’ll see the same power points I used in the seminar.

  • My new book “How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Entrepreneur In Any Economy.” You get to keep this even if you opt out later.

  • 3 Bonus CDs

    • Building IRA Wealth – You’ll see how to use real estate to grow your IRA to a MILLION DOLLARS in less than five years without you ever personally contributing another dime. Did you know your IRA can buy houses just like you can? Once you learn to do it without money, you simply make your IRA the buyer instead of you so all profits go into your IRA…TAX FREE.
    • Student Stories – I interview a few successful students on this CD and ask them the tough questions about how they got started in real estate, their biggest struggles getting off the ground, and how they run their businesses today.
    • How to Handle a Financial Crisis – a special session for all who’ve lost their credit or about to or have over leveraged real estate. You’ll hear me bluntly cover your options and see how credit or financial pressure doesn’t have to control your life. I’ll share my personal recession story and I promise I’ll make you feel real good when you hear what it cost me and how I deal with the pressure. This session could change your mindset and any tough decisions you may face.
  • 90-minute webinar training

How To Make $5,000 Per House On Over Leveraged House
& Do 4 a Month

My new simple program is almost instantly doubling the revenue of my students and my own house business. It’s an amazing, instant exit for sellers who are over financed and upside down, and it’s a huge public service for all those millions of buyers who can’t qualify for a loan.

  • You will never own the home.

  • You have no cost.

  • About 55% of all FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) fall into this new program.

  • You can do three or four a month and make a minimum of $5,000 on each, and my friend, that’s not an exaggeration… if anything, an understatement. (We’re doing 2 a week here in Jacksonville.)

You won’t sleep for three days when you see how quickly you can get a check with no loans, no banks, no repairs, no credit, no delays and very little work.

But This New System Is Only One Of The Fastest Ways To Get Paid You’ll Learn Them All If You Say Yes

  • I cover how you can work yourself out of your job and into a real life within a few months. This isn’t a joke! I’ve done it for a few thousand folks already, and don’t see why you’re any different. If you want your life back, you owe it to your family to explore my system, especially since there’s no risk.

  • How thousands of my students are getting FREE houses in gorgeous neighborhoods with one key phrase I’ve taught them, and how you can too. In fact, this will probably be your chosen method of buying houses when you are exposed to these secrets. No, I don’t mean the houses are free and clear. They all come with a mortgage, but they don’t require you to assume or qualify for anything, and most won’t cost you a dime. Yes, it is true, legal, ethical, very real and actually very common. This technique alone can and will make you wealthy if you use it.

Incidentally, all techniques are taught using real case studies from real students on real houses, many in YOUR area. You’ll see undisputable evidence that everything I’ve said is true.

More Cool Stuff You’ll Learn…

  • How to buy a million dollars worth of real es-tate without coming out of pocket with one red cent or ever applying for a loan of any kind.

  • How to build a passive income that comes in every month even if you don’t feel like working, or, in fact, even if you are dead. And I’m not talking about rental properties or being a landlord.

  • How you can own a beautiful home for your family within 45 days and never fill out an application, apply for a loan or put up a down payment. Your credit is irrelevant because you won’t be using it.

Dear Ron,

With your training and support, and my persistence, houses 4 & 5 have sold, generating profits of $14,000 and $13,000 respectively. And, I’ve bought houses 6, 7 and 8 in the last 2 weeks; which will generate $20,000 each.

And, I’m still making offers, just like you told me to.

Thank you for the amazing training and support you and your staff have provided. You have opened the doorway to amazing profession and lifestyle. All I had to do was step through it.

I know that part of the reason that you teach is the satisfaction you get when you see the re-sults of your work. Well, I want to know what an impact you’ve had on my life, and how grateful I am. Thank you!

Mark Schmale, Kent, WA


Where To Find The Best Deals Even With Hot Competition

You’ll get the best tool I’ve ever used to absolutely ensure you never hurt for deals, regardless of where you live, and it costs pennies to implement. You’d better get in on this before your competition learns about it.

Well, actually, it doesn’t matter if they do, because you could be in the middle of a hundred competitors and use this technique to find deals they’d never find, even if they were using the same technique.

My friend, what I discovered about finding deals has changed the industry, and if you don’t capitalize on it immediately, you’ll owe your family an apology for being so hard-headed. This one session alone is truly worth a fortune, and you’ll be taught every step exactly like I use it, and I’ll explain why it works so well.

There’s no risk, pie in the sky promises, no catch and I Don’t Want A Dime Of Your Money…

The risk is all mine but the decision is all yours. It should be a no brainer if you do have interest in getting the finer things in life.

It’s free now and only $97.00 if you decide to keep it…that’s a dinner for two. I paid more than that for two hours of time on the internet on a recent cruise.

Don’t you think the only prudent move is order this course on the chance it may be everything I say it is?

Ok Ron, How Do I Get It?

-      We’ll ask for your credit card number and permission to send you my system with the understanding you won’t be charged the $97 for 30 days and then only if you decide to keep it. I will ask for $9.87 now to cover the postage to ship it to you. I’ll risk the cost of production, pack-aging and printing.