What do you think it is?

Is it lack of money? NO!

It doesn’t take money to buy pretty houses with nothing down. All-cash deals use private money, or they are wholesaled requiring none! Money slows down some, but only until I convince them it’s not needed.

Is it credit? NO!

I won’t allow any of my clients to guarantee debt. There is no credit needed, no application, or bank loans permitted on Planet Ron, so that can’t be it.

Is it lack of training? Nope!

Not after my Quick Start Real Estate School. There is no better training in North America. It might be in those who haven’t been but certainly not in those who have.

Then it must be time. Nope!

It only takes a few hours a week to net a good six figures and my seven-figure work is even less, it’s not about time with the automation we have today.

How about minutia? Sorry!

Minutia kills enthusiasm and reduces income, but it’s not number one or even close.

Then is it not enough leads? Nah!

Leads are easy to get and some are free. My folks can get 10 leads a day if they want, but you are getting closer.

Okay, I give. What is the number one reason some people never get going?

Alright, I’ll tell you, but before I do, you should know how I know so you don’t think it’s fake news. I didn’t make it up. We polled 1,000 students with all these reasons so they could choose their biggest roadblock and add their own.

Now, we only got 283 responses, but out of those, 128 of them were the same. That’s 45% who have a big wall to get over before they can break loose and soar. That’s an astounding number!

I’m glad to report one of the questions was “are any of these stopping you?” 111 said “no,” which means they are doing well. But, for those 128 and all the others with the same issues I have some good news.

I suspected it would be number one, but wanted to prove it. Now I have.

So, in my 39 years at this, I learned to bulldoze my way through roadblocks, and I’ll help you do the same, if you can commit 2 days to fix it.

I’m developing a new, two-day event, to focus on nothing but handling that all-important, empire-building, income-exploding call.

That call will make or kill your deals. If you’re good at it, you’ll quickly have more deals than you can handle with a handful of calls a week.

If you suck at it, you can call a thousand sellers and never do a deal. And some folks really suck at it.

Here are the common mistakes:

You Beg! You don’t know you’re begging, but you are. If you preach or teach or talk too much, you beg.

You get off script and get lost.

You say stupid stuff you instantly regret.

You talk too much and kill your own deals.


Mastering The Phone

You can see the upcoming dates and locations on the registration page.

So, what will happen at Mastering the Phone?

Here is the short list.

Practice – Practice – Practice

I’ll show you how to make the call properly using my scripts, then we’ll break up in to small groups and practice. Each will be critiqued by the group you are in with supervision. Each will record their practice calls on their own cellphone.

  • After the critiques, we’ll do it again and measure improvement and keep at it until your skill set drastically improves.
  • You can bring some completed property info sheets because Brian and Lynette Wolff and the other mentors will also be there to help critique calls and make some live seller calls in class. I may even make a few myself.

However, those who want to volunteer will also make some live calls, both in class and in small groups while the leader sits beside them.

But there’s more!

I know we can do a lot in three days, but you can’t become an expert that fast, so we won’t stop there.

When you get back home, you can make two calls on your own, tape them, and send them to us for review. We’ll listen to your calls and send you a written report with our critiques, I’ll ask for the calls to be a week apart so you can improve before your second call.

As I said …

Practice – Practice – Practice

Your confidence level will skyrocket. Your closing ratio should get you to the point where a handful of calls will get you as many deals as you can handle. Then you can pick only low hanging fruit, and do less to get more.

If you’ve been to my 4-day Quick Start School or my one-day Fast Track workshop, you’ve seen us turn multiple deals from lead sheets students brought in worth millions in front-end checks, some over $100,000.

The only difference between making a lot of money from these leads and making none at all is …

How You Handle the Call!

Fortunately, you can learn to master the call quickly if you know what to say and how to say it. Even with my script in front of you, it will cost you a fortune if you don’t.

And that my friend, is why I created this event. I really want to see you succeed.

If you have made some seller calls and not succeeded, I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the Good News...

  • It’s not the hot market.

  • It’s not where you live.

  • It’s not that no one wants "Terms."

  • It’s not the competition.

  • It has nothing to do with money or credit.

  • It’s not Trump’s fault.

  • It’s not 'cause you don’t have time

Now, the Bad News...

  • It’s you! You suck at it. Sorry, there is no other reason.

Let me help you get past it!

It’ll change your life. You know it will because you’ve seen it happen while you watch at my events.

I can fix you, but only if you want to be fixed. It’ll take a couple of days, but I truly believe it’s right up there with the most important business decisions you’ll make in your lifetime.

The cost is only $1,995! I’ll only accept 96 people total because that’s all we can handle since we are doing group sessions. That’s only about 60 couples, so it will be full.

You may bring as many guests as you want, but only one can attend for free, a second guest will be $250. If you have an Acquisitionist this would be a no brainer for them. Bring a couple, it’s a cheap way to get them trained.

Live Deals – bring leads and we’ll call them live and make deals for you and discuss in class. Might as well make 20 grand while getting this free training.

Okay Ron, what’s the catch? Why so cheap? Are you becoming senile?

Nope! Because I’m getting older and less concerned about making money and getting more people going – this closing call and visit to the house is so critical to your success I’d rather do it free than see really good people lose out on a new, big beautiful lifestyle available to anyone with enough motivation to take it.

I’d suggest you not look a gift horse in the mouth and get registered before we hit 96, if you haven’t already.

To Your Quantum Leap,


Ron LeGrand