You Can Grow Your Real Estate Business To Produce a $250,000 Net Income

- Ron LeGrand

And You Can Do It Faster Than You Think!

Dear Friend,

During the past several years, many boot camp grads have told me they’d like to have a class for “grads only.” They wanted an event that would allow them to focus on how to get to the next level of their business.

They envisioned it as specialized training to solve problems real estate entrepreneurs face. They wanted help on how to open new doors creating a lot more revenue with less work.

I finally caved in and agreed the need for this training was large and now its a reality. I’ve called this new event the Business Management Boot Camp, and it’s become a smash hit with our past attendees.

Here's a partial list of what we'll cover:

1. Hiring and Firing!

Whether you intend to have employees or job out everything, you must learn how to find good people and keep them.

This is a big weakness according to a lot of my students. I intend to fix this once and for all. I’ll have a lot of help teaching this one from some high-performing grads who are returning to the class and are willing to share their experiences.

We get to pick the brains of others who are doing exactly what you want to do…


Run An Autopilot Business That Doesn't Require Your Presence To Exist.

I’ve gained so much insight into this subject in the last few years, I could teach a week on it alone! It truly is a critical issue in growing any business regardless of whether it’s home-based or not.

You can’t grow alone for long. The faster you get other people doing the things you shouldn’t be doing (which is almost everything you do!), the more money you’ll make with the least effort.

I’ve got folks with highly successful mom-and-pop operations, but I can’t think of one where they do every little task themselves. You should know by now, the less you do the more you make, yet most people have a hard time with this concept.

I’m taking some time to give it the special attention it deserves. You’ll get my input as well as that of my superstars and yours. All our topics will have audience participation. We’re there to fix your problems and deal with your issues.

2. Home vs. Office!

Is it better to work from home or get an outside office? At what point should I move out of my house? I hear these questions everywhere I go. You’ll have the answer before you leave from the qualified panel of experts led by yours truly.


When, if ever, should I transfer my office out of my house? How do I go about setting up an office? How can I control overhead? What’ll it cost?

These questions and many others will be answered by those who’ve been through it and not just guessed at it.

In fact, you’ll hear from some who started at home, then got an office outside the home, only to shut down the office and go back home once again!

You’ll hear from others who’d never operate out of their home again. They’ve made a ton of money from an office environment and wouldn’t change it.

(Actually, I’m one of those!)

But this isn’t about what’s best for me…it’s about you and your needs and how you want to run your life.

So we’ll explore all the evidence, and you get to preside on the bench, Your Honor! You know, there’s nowhere on earth you can get this kind of insight except at this class! It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

3. Individual vs. Company!

Have you asked yourself whether you’re better off operating as a company or as an individual on a personal level?

This is another debate we’ll deal with as a group and put this question to rest once and for all.

It’s an important question and deserves some attention from the “pros,” and attention is what it’ll get.

I’ll be teaching this, along with several “superstars” who’ve struggled with the same question before discovering the answer.

You’ll see some diversity on this issue. It’s one I struggled with for a while, so I have a lot of insight to share with you.


4.  Working With Your Spouse And Keeping The Peace!

This is a subject I get a lot of comments about. Frankly, I don’t work with my wife, Beverly, so I’m not really qualified on this one. That’s why I’m rounding out this panel with some working couples to address it thoroughly.

Even though she doesn’t work the business with me, Bev is still my greatest support. Whether you’re working with your mate or not, you still live together! To grow, you’ll need harmony and an understanding of each other’s needs and wants.

If you’re working the business as a team, it’s even more important for you both to have a defined purpose and goals and recognize your time is valuable.

As you begin to understand this, you’ll begin to recognize the most valuable time you have is the time you set aside together, to enjoy the fruits of your labors and to celebrate the milestones of your life and business.


By all means, get your spouse to this class! Let him or her understand others share the same anxieties, and learn what to do to get your life filled with excitement and fun again!

This is a great business to share with our families so we can grow together as a team. It’ll support you now and provide retirement when you’re ready. When you’re working together, every day should be a pleasure!

5. Maintain Focus!

The biggest killer to any business is trying to do too much and be all things to all people. Focus is a subject we all need to practice more. I can tell you most assuredly, my net worth went up twenty times when I finally figured this out.


On almost a daily basis, we all have opportunities to get off track and do unproductive things. We’ll work on maintaining our focus and raising our expectations.

Whatever you’re making now, it’s only a fraction of what you can and will be making soon. This isn’t hype, it’s reality! Do the right things, and watch your lifestyle change almost overnight.

Do the same thing day in and day out, and keep watching your trained competitors’ lifestyles change. It’s a simple choice.

 I’ll personally take on the project of helping you dump the junk you’re doing daily to free you up to make intelligent decisions and begin making large sums of money this year!

We’ll spend time solving your problems as a group and on a “one-on-one” basis. You’ll be given a questionnaire to complete, and in it, you’ll be asked to answer some pointed and personal questions.

One of two things will happen. Either we’ll share your problems with the class for open discussion (with your permission), or we’ll sit with you in a one-on-one session for personal discussion.

My staff will be there to render quality time, as well as myself and the panel. You’ll be in the company of a real player in the business. Any one of these people can revolutionize your business by making marginal or major changes in the way you do business.

6. Problem Solving!

There is no problem in business that can’t be solved, but sometimes the tough ones keep us from progressing and stifle our creative abilities. Solving problems is a step-by-step process anyone can master. We’ll be doing it throughout the class.

     In fact, that’s really what the whole event is all about. A lot of it has to do with the ability, or inability, to make decisions and take action, which seems to be a huge factor with a lot of folks.


This’ll also include risk management and loss prevention without sacrificing progress. I truly expect this one session to be worth the entire trip!

7. Cash Flow Management!

It’s the biggest business killer I know! As a business owner, you never really know when you’ll get another big check from a deal. Your income is sporadic, and the days of getting a weekly paycheck are gone.

Oh, sure! You can pay yourself a weekly paycheck from your corporation, assuming the money’s there to cover it and all the other payables.

The problem is making sure your low cash flow periods don’t put you out of business, and that’s where I come in. Cash flow management is by far the number one problem in most businesses.

It sure rises to the top with my students as it did with me in my first ten years in business. Most people don’t know what they have to bring in each month just to break even, much less make a profit.

Many spend money that’s already spent, or worse yet, borrow money to pay bills. Some decide how much they’re making by how much is in the bank account. Others have no idea how to forecast payables and budget expenses.

Their business is run from day to day, deal to deal. If this is you…


8. Asset Protection and Enity Structure.

I’ve prepared a special session to discuss buyers vs. flippers entities; why you need them, which ones need bank accounts, and must file returns, how to hold titles correctly and protect yourself from predators and creditors.

You’ll also see how to reduce taxes and pass your estate to you heirs with less or no taxes. I’ll share with you how I set up mine, not to spoil my children, grands or greats.

Also, how to ensure they’re drug free before they get a dime…assuming Beverly doesn’t spend it all first.

This important session alone is worth the time and money to attend.

9. Acquisitionist Training We'll show you how to hire, train, and manage your very own Acquisitionist. True freedom in Real Estate Investing is when you don’t even have to make closing calls or go to deal meetings anymore!

Today, we get the leads from our Virtual Assistants and our Acquisitionist takes over to bring back a signed agreement. You’ll learn every step, tool, ad, and script you need to find and work successfully with your own local Acquisitionist!

You’ll also learn how to get your homes ready fast and sell them on the very 1st weekend! These proven strategies will get you so many excited buyers, they’ll be outbidding each other for that house and lining up for your next one!

You’ll get all the marketing, staging, and closing tips you need to move your houses fast so that you can move on to your next big check.

This session will close out with the highly requested discussion of Closing Calls! You’ll learn how to raise your skill in this crucial area so you double or triple your conversion ratio, and close many more deals every month!

Bonus Session

How to handle financial crisis and what to do if you’re overleveraged in real estate and your empire seems to be caving in on you.

We’re only going to do this event twice a year, so if you miss it, there’ll be a long wait for the next one, and that’ll be a costly wait. One single idea that clears up a nagging problem or opens a new door to extra cash flow could easily pay for the event ten times over.

You know me well enough by now to know that three days in this special class will generate a whole lot more than just one special idea.

You can bring your spouse, significant other, adult child, business partner, or parent at no charge.

If you want to bring more, ask about it when you call. There’ll be an additional charge, but you’ll find it tolerable. You’ll participate in exercises and take an active role in the activities. There’s no better way to learn than by participating.

Oh! I forgot to tell you the price. Well, does it actually matter? If I charged you $20,000 it’d be dirt-cheap. If I charged you $10,000 it’d be a steal. If you paid $6,000 it’d be the bargain of the century. But it’s a lot cheaper than that.

Your total cost for the Business Management Boot Camp is $2,995. You’ll quite possibly save that within 90 days of leaving by avoiding numerous costly mistakes. In fact, I’ll show you how to save $3,000 off your holding costs within the next 90 days.

Some discounts may apply, so be sure to ask when you call to register.

This Boot Camp is only for people who are serious about improving their business.

People who are committed to making a lot of money and are building a long lasting venture. People creating a solid foundation combined with prudent business practices.

Frankly, it’d be foolish to miss this event if you’re serious. It just makes good business sense, even if you run a part-time business. Don’t forget, this should also be tax deductible. This means your old Uncle Sam will pay about a third of your travel and tuition. Take advantage of it.



Ron LeGrand
Millionaire Maker