Tribute to Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand. He is the man. That showed me how to understand The complicated puzzle that is real estate For the next webinar, don’t be late l learned ’bout houses pretty And those houses dirty using letters yellow for a small fee

And how to get equity for free This he said could be done by helping owners find how to escape mortgage debt’s hurtful bind By working less, he said l’d make more Many dollars into my bank account l could pour Get out of your comfort zone

And get busy on the phone Call those fisbos all day long Working with suspects was all wrong Prospects should be what you’re looking for Driving lookers to houses you’ll do no more Join my gold club & listen to Brock Most real estate teachers were just a crock Automate Automate and don’t look back 4 hours a week will make you enough jack

To set you free and off you can be To find multiple streams of income, you will see Follow my lead with lightning speed Go to those houses where you can get the deed Fire your boss, throw off the wage trap that road will all of your energy sap.

Wallow in dollars, don’t hesitate at all Many are invited but few heed the call Buy my program, my experience you should trust Look how many retail agents just go bust Come to my seminar, Read my book Millionaires I have made just take a look A mansion in Jacksonville is where he lives Money for poker

To his wife Beverly he gives Ron’s Mercedes is hot and a new jet he just bought Best of all it is happiness that he’s got Celebrities are all around but Ron’s the one Who went from broke mechanic to king of the sun

~Gary Kissel Boca Raton, FL