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Sophia Grigio, Weston, FL

The seller mentioned he wanted $185,000 (Zillow est $189,000) and had to sell due to a divorce. I locked it up with the purchase and sale agreement and a clause to assign it. So, with my asking price on the market of $205,000, I hoped for the best! Within 3 days, I had multiple offers. I created a frenzy and drove up the price to $217,000! This allowed me a profit of $32,000 before paying 3% Realtor fee. I picked up a check at the title company for $25,490!!!


Marcia Bechtell, South Bend, IN

On this deal, we used none of our own money, and did zero in repairs. We made $13,000 in non-refundable deposits, We were getting $750 per month for rent, with them paying all taxes and insurance. I gave them $100 credit per month when they paid the rent on time. They cashed me out yesterday, and I received a check for a little under $60,000. with the monthly cash flow, my total profit was $77,700! Thanks so much for assisting me!