Mario Acevedo

Thank you, Ron. This has been a great learning experience. I did not know about options, I did know about lease options, I did not know at all about ACTS. I have had my eyes opened to all the potential deals in my area. I also got a better understanding of the lead sheets and how important the information is. I hope to have 3 deals done before the end of the month. The book is incredible, there is so much information. I have no excuses for failure. Thank you Ron for all your help and for Jay Conner and also Jon & Stephanie Iannotti for the Q & A lunches. This couple was truly great. Ron you said that to get the most out of the program you had to be here. I was and it is far better here then at home watching online. I do want to get into the mentoring program after I get my first deal done. Thanks Again, Ron.

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