Dalton Whitener - Hickory, NC

To Ron and Team,
Dalton Whitener House DealMy name is Dalton Whitener and I have been a full time Real Estate Investor since November 2019. I attended another training course and decided I was ready to pursue my dreams to financial freedom. I didn’t get my first property under contract until January 2020. It was a great feeling. With this property, I was doing my first wholesale deal. And through the process of trying to wholesale my deal, I met an individual that was interested in bringing me onto his team as an acquisition manager. Seeing the opportunity to grow myself and my business I partnered with this other company. I quickly realized I was more of an employee than I was a partner and I realized our future plans were not aligning, so we decided to go our separate ways. I was in a place where I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take my business.

This was when I came upon Ron Legrand. I knew as soon as I learned about the Pretty House Terms Course that this was the direction that I wanted to take my business. I purchased the course on 5/9 and spent the whole weekend studying and watching the entire course.

The next week I started going through my notes and looked for any properties that I had previously turned away with the other investment company and by May the 12th I had put my first property under contract with a Lease Option. I was really excited and really nervous. But I stuck with Ron’s training and with less than 1 week until the move in date I found a Tenant buyer. They put 10% down and I have a $200 a month spread AND a $42,000 difference in purchase price. This is technically only my second real estate deal on my own but I couldn’t be more happy with my progress.

I signed up for the Gold Club Elite VA Services. I want to start automating my business as fast as possible and without Ron’s training, I would not have known that these possibilities were available to me.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my business and myself!

Dalton Whitener