Mastering The Phone & Taking Action Free Offer

What’s The
Number 1 Reason

Some New Real Estate Investors Never Really
Get Going

What do you think it is?

Is it lack of money? NO!

It doesn’t take money to buy pretty houses with nothing down. All-cash deals use private money, or they are wholesaled requiring none! Money slows down some, but only until I convince them it’s not needed.

Is it credit? NO!

I won’t allow any of my students to guarantee debt. There is no credit needed, no application, or bank loans permitted on Planet Ron, so that can’t be it.

Is it lack of training? Nope!

Not after my Quick Start Real Estate School. There is no better training in North America. It might be in those who haven’t been but certainly not in those who have.

Then it must be time. Nope!

It only takes a few hours a week to net a good six figures and my seven-figure work is even less, it’s not about time with the automation we have today.

How about minutia? Sorry!

Minutia kills enthusiasm and reduces income, but it’s not number one or even close.

Then is it not enough leads? Nah!

Leads are easy to get and some are free. My folks can get 10 leads a day if they want, but you are getting closer.

Okay, I give. What is the number one reason some people never get going?

Alright, I’ll tell you, but before I do, you should know how I know so you don’t think it’s fake news. I didn’t make it up. We polled 1,000 students with all these reasons so they could choose their biggest roadblock and add their own.

Now, we only got 283 responses, but out of those, 128 of them were the same. That’s 45% who have a big wall to get over before they can break loose and soar. That’s an astounding number!

I’m glad to report one of the questions was “are any of these stopping you?” 111 said “no,” which means they are doing well. But, for those 128 and all the others with the same issues I have some good news.

Here’s the biggest roadblock:

Handling the Call to the Seller,
Even After the VA Got a Yes on Terms.

I suspected it would be number one, but wanted to prove it. Now I have.

So, in my 36 years at this, I learned to bulldoze my way through roadblocks, and I’ll help you do the same, if you can commit 3 days to fix it.

I’m developing a new, three-day event, to focus on nothing but taking action and handling that all-important, empire-building, income-exploding call.

That call will make or kill your deals. If you’re good at it, you’ll quickly have more deals than you can handle with a handful of calls a week.

If you suck at it, you can call a thousand sellers and never do a deal. And some folks really suck at it.

    Here are the common mistakes:

  • You Beg! You don’t know you’re begging, but you are. If you preach or teach or talk too much, you beg.
  • You get off script and get lost.
  • You say stupid stuff you instantly regret.
  • You talk too much and kill your own deals.

My new event
is called …

Mastering The Phone & Taking Action

It will be on August 6th–8th
in Jacksonville.

So, what will happen at Mastering the Phone & Taking Action?

  • The 7 Challenges to Expect on Seller Closing Calls
  • Overcoming the Most Common Mistakes
  • ROLE-PLAYING Practice Sessions to Develop Skills
  • Special Session on “20 Instant Methods to Master Fear”
  • Approaching Calls with a “Success Mindset”
  • Pre-Call Strategy Sessions to Increase Preparedness & Confidence
  • Your 4 Opening Questions for Every Closing Call
  • Getting Consistent “Yes’s” from Your Sellers
  • How to Explain the “Pretty House” Approach to Thinker Brain Sellers
  • Your Credibility & Rapport-Building “Real Estate Investor Biography” and Exactly When to Say It to Sellers
  • How to Raise Your Conversion Ratio on Challenging Deals
  • Power Negotiating and Being a “Dealmaker!”
  • Using Forms to Increase Effectiveness
  • 5 Keys to Phone Professionalism (Will Make or Break You)
  • The Immeasurable Value of Taking 4 Types of Notes
  • How to Win in a Competition with a Realtor®
  • 3 Goals of the Opening Call, 2 Goals of the Closing Call, 1 Goal of the Deal Meeting
  • How to Go Into the Deal Meeting & Come Out with a Contract
  • How to Convince Yourself You DESERVE Success

THEN… Practice – Practice – Practice

I’ll show you how to make the call properly using my scripts, then we’ll break up in to small groups of 6 and practice. Each will be critiqued by the group you are in with supervision. Each will record their practice calls on their own cellphone.

  • After the critiques, we’ll do it again and measure improvement and keep at it until your skill set drastically improves.
  • You can bring some completed property info sheets because Brian and Lynette Wolff and the other mentors will also be there to help critique calls and make some live seller calls in class. I may even make a few myself.

As I said …
Practice – Practice – Practice

Your confidence level will skyrocket. Your closing ratio should get you to the point where a handful of calls will get you as many deals as you can handle. Then you can pick only low hanging fruit, and do less to get more.

If you’ve been to my 4-day Quick Start School or my one-day Fast Track workshop, you’ve seen us turn multiple deals from lead sheets students brought in worth millions in front-end checks, some over $100,000.

The only difference between making a lot of money from these leads and making none at all is …

How You Handle the Call!

Fortunately, you can learn to master the call quickly if you know what to say and how to say it. Even with my script in front of you it will cost you a fortune if you don’t

And that my friend, is why I created this event. I really want to see you succeed.

If you have made some seller calls and not succeeded,
I have some good news and some bad news.

    First, the good news!

  • It’s not the hot market.
  • It’s not where you live.
  • It’s not that no one wants terms.
  • It’s not the competition.
  • It has nothing to do with money or credit.
  • It’s not Trump’s fault.
  • It’s not cause you don’t have time

    Now, the bad news!

  • It’s you! You suck at it. Sorry, there is no other reason.
  • Let me help you get past it!
  • It’ll change your life. You know it will because you’ve seen it happen while you watch at my events.

I can fix you, but only if you want to be fixed. It’ll take a couple of days, but I truly believe it’s right up there with the most important business decisions you’ll make in your lifetime.

The cost is Zero… Zilch… FREE! You just have to pay a $100 refundable seat deposit so we can hold your spot at the event.

I’ll only accept 96 people total because that’s all we can handle since we are doing group sessions. That’s only 16 groups of 6, so it will be full.

You may bring as many guests as you want, but I need a deposit for each person. If you have an Acquisitionist this would be a no brainer for them.

P.S. The Mastering the Phone and Taking Action event is August 6-8. Immediately following in the same hotel is the Quick Start Alumni meeting for Quick Start Grads only. If you’re registered for the alumni event, just call VIP Services at 888-840-8389 and tell them you want to go to the Mastering the Phone event.

P.P.S. We’ll eat at Iggy’s on the first night and again on the first night of the QS Alumni event if you do both. Gosh, that’s enough reason to come. Yes, I’m buying.

Rons IRA Course Podcast Special

Dear Friend,

Did you know there’s a secret IRS regulation you can use to get rich without pay taxes on your newly found wealth? Don’t feel left out of the loop if you didn’t because this secret is one most CPAs aren’t even privileged to. Not only does this “secret regulation” truly exist, but you can also use it to pass your tax-free riches on to your children and grandchildren.

No, this isn’t some defiant, tax-protest fantasy or Caribbean off shore scheme designed to cheat the IRS, nor is it some vague loophole the IRS hasn’t yet closed. All of those things will eventually get you in trouble or eventually land you in jail. What I’m about to reveal to you is perfectly legal and, in fact, encouraged by the United States government itself.

My name is Ron LeGrand, and as you may or may not know, I’ve been in the business of teaching people how to get rich in real estate for over 27 years. I’ve bought and sold over 1,600 homes for profits that have made me a millionaire. I’m also known as the “Millionaire Maker” because I not only do I do what I teach, unlike most of the other so-called “real estate gurus”, I help my students experience similar success using my secrets and Systems.

Using my unique methods and techniques, hundreds of my students have risen from humble beginnings, like I did many years ago, to create wealth out of thin air and profit wildly using none of their own money, only what I teach them.

There is, however, a problem when you become this successful. When you start making money, especially in real estate, Uncle Sam comes calling, and you have to constantly write him big, fat tax checks, a painful experience at best. I know because I’ve personally written him some big ones over the years. Heck, I’ve probably funded the entire US Congressional payroll.

While I’m a law abiding citizen and grudgingly pay my taxes on time each year, I’m only interested in paying what’s legally owed and not a cent more. I’m a firm believer in President Eisenhower’s philosophy that it’s the duty of every American to pay no more in taxes than what he or she owes legally.

In my quest to live up to my patriotic duty, I talked to every tax expert under the sun, but no matter which expert I talked to, I always felt like I was overpaying. So I set out on a mission…a mission to discover how I could legally pay the absolute bare minimum in taxes or maybe even no taxes. I continued to scour the country to find the best minds available to show me how I could legally pay no taxes, and, quite frankly, I didn’t think it could be done until I found one man with the answer I was searching and hoping for. “You really can legally make a fortune and pay no taxes on it. Furthermore, the government actually wants you to do this!”

Back in 1997, Congress, in a rare stroke of genius, passed what they called the “Taxpayer Relief Act.” Hidden in that act was a provision by the then Senate Finance Committee Chairman William Roth that created a new kind of IRA (Individual Retirement Account) designed to encourage more savings among Americans.

Unlike a traditional IRA where you get a tax deduction on the money you contribute and pay taxes when that money comes out, the Roth IRA works just the opposite. You don’t get a tax deduction on any contribution you make up to $5,500.00 a year depending on your current income; but you also don’t have to pay taxes when you take money out, and it grows tax free inside your IRA.

Here’s the kicker, though, and I want you to pay close attention. I’m about to reveal the HUGE SECRET very few accountants or lawyers have a clue about, and the ones that do have a vested interest in keeping this secret from you…

Here it is: Your Roth IRA can be “self directed.” I realize that at first glance, that secret may not sound like a big deal to most people, but to the smart real estate investor, i.e. the one who follows what I teach, it is a big deal, a HUGE DEAL. One that can effortlessly make you rich!

Here’s why: The way the law is written, you can only contribute up to $5,500 a year, BUT you can make as much money within your IRA as fast as you want by controlling HOW you invest the money.

If you still aren’t jumping out of your seat with excitement like you should be, let me give you an example the “Average Joe” has no clue about. Most people listen to their accountant or financial advisor, as they think they should, and put the money they contribute in their IRA into stocks or mutual funds that grow at wimpy rates of return, or in recent years not at all. Even if you’re putting away the maximum contribution every year, it takes a long, long time for it to grow into anything substantial, even though it grows tax free when you’re investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Pathetic and irritating, huh?

Who wants to wait around to get rich? Not me and hopefully not you; however, consider the results when your Self-Directed Roth IRA does a real estate deal, following the IRS regulations to the tee: it makes a tiny investment in a house, I recommend $100, then you turn right around and sell that house, turning a huge profit (the average profit my students make in the “pretty house business” is $35,000.00 by the way). Since it’s an investment by your IRA, not a personal contribution, that money goes right back into your IRA, TAX FREE, FOREVER.

Think about that for a second…. how many real estate deals like that do you have to do to absolutely flood your IRA with enough tax-free cash for yourself and your family? How many times do you have to invest $100 to make $35,000.00 to pay your children’s and grandchildren’s college tuition? Not many!

In our example, the Average Joe following the advice of his financial advisor invests $100 and, if he’s lucky, gets back $112 in a year, and that’s at a good 12% return rate that is unheard of during this recession and less commissions, of course. The savvy real estate investor takes that same $100, invests it in a house that doesn’t even require his own money to buy if he does it my way, and gets back $35,000 in only a month or two. Now, THAT’S what I call a return rate!

Now that you know one of my many secrets, think about what you can do when you have real money in your IRA. All of a sudden you can make $100 investments in houses while the cash in your IRA simultaneously grows tax free in other investments at 15%, 25%, or even 30% per year, passively with no extra work on your part.

Would you like to know the step-by-step process to do that? Would you like to know exactly how to stuff your IRA full of tax-free cash on a constant and consistent basis? Would you like to sit back and watch $100,000, $500,000, or even $1 million grow tax free day by day, hour by hour before your very eyes? Well, you can do all these things when you know the secrets of the Self-Directed Roth IRA, secrets almost no financial professional knows or wants you to know.

Why does your “trusted” financial advisor want to keep this secret from you? The answer is simple. If your IRA is self directed like I suggest, they can’t make any commissions based on trades they make for you. Utilizing the secrets I know, you get to keep YOUR money, money they were filching from each of your transactions. Your IRA will truly be working for you, not for them. No wonder they want to keep this secret from you!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to imply all accountants, lawyers and financial advisors are evil people who are just out to get their hands on your money. There are many financial professionals who do have your best interests at heart, yet they still encourage you to make low-yield, traditional investments in your IRA because they simply don’t know any better. These Roth IRA secrets are not taught in any accounting program or at any law school or financial institution.

That’s why even CPAs, attorneys and financial advisors keep the money in their own IRAs in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It’s the way they were taught by those who came before them, and they simply don’t know any better. Plus, very few of them are real estate investors, and if they are, they’re the traditional, “buy and hold” crowd, not “transaction engineers” like myself and my successful students. When you talk to one of these professionals about how to make money buying and selling houses my way, you might as well be speaking a foreign language to them because THEY JUST DON’T GET IT. In fact, it scares them.

Even when you try to patiently explain how your Roth IRA can buy real estate with little or no money, their eyes glaze over, they refuse to listen, and they continue to hold tightly onto the stale methods they find comfortably familiar. It’s so far outside their normal reality, they actively resist what you tell them and do their best to counsel you against it.

Plus, even if you order them to look into it, their financial institutions won’t let them set up a true Self-Directed Roth IRA. At best, what they claim is “self directed” is really multiple choice where you get to choose from three underperforming mutual funds and a pool of low interest, but “safe!”, bonds. They most certainly will NOT let you invest in real estate. You have to find a financial institution that specializes in self-directed IRAs, and not one in ten thousand financial professionals knows where to find one, BUT I DO…

Quite frankly, I only found out about investing in real estate inside a Self-Directed Roth IRA a few years ago myself, and I’ve never taught it before because I wanted to test it out thoroughly and make sure what my experts told me was really true and could work for my students. IT IS, AND IT WILL!

In order to share this opportunity, I decided to team up with the world’s foremost expert on Self-Directed Roth IRAs, the man who found this “secret IRS regulation” for me, and reveal these IRA Wealth Secrets to a few select people via a once-in-a-lifetime seminar.

Unfortunately for you, I’ve already put on this riveting seminar, and you missed out. However, there is good news… I recorded the entire seminar, and now, for the first time, my new “How to Get Rich With Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes” seminar is available on CD.

Before I get into the exciting details about my “How to Get Rich With Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes” seminar and the amazing product created from it, I want to tell you just a bit about my good friend, “Mr. X.” He truly is the world’s foremost expert on Self-Directed Roth IRAs. Mr. X has been involved in the securities industry for more than 35 years, and he’s currently Chairman of the Board for a financial institution that specializes in self-directed IRAs which is the custodian for over 20,000 Self-Directed IRA accounts, many of which are valued in the multi-millions.

My own Self-Directed Roth IRA is with Mr. X, as is my daughter’s and many of my students. Mr. X, who’s been written about in Money magazine, understands my kind of real estate investing, and in fact, is a real estate investor himself. Like I said, he’s the guy who first let me in on the fact that I could buy and sell real estate at huge profits inside my Roth IRA using very little money. That’s why I asked him to speak at this seminar with me.

Here are the little-known, tax-free wealth secrets Mr. X and I reveal on this amazing five-CD System:

  • The name of a little known company who will set up your Self-Directed IRA for you following the exact IRS regulations, so you’ll be sure to stay out of trouble (something no lawyer or CPA can guarantee you). This company never recommends an investment, and, therefore, doesn’t get a commission steering you into non- or low-producing deals.

  • The unusual story of how I fused the Self-Directed Roth IRA with real estate investing, creating the ultimate tax-free wealth machine.

  • Why your CPA and attorney don’t know the secrets of the Self-Directed Roth IRA, and, if they do, why they don’t want you to know them.

  • Why you’ll be ecstatic if you get a huge bill from your Self-Directed IRA administrator (the secret company I’ll set you up with).

  • Why you must plan for taxes BEFORE you get rich, and why you’ll hate yourself if you don’t (please, learn from my own heart-wrenching experience).

  • How you really open a tax-free IRA within 24 hours, and the shocking reason why you MUST do so NOW.

  • The little known reason why a Roth IRA is far superior to any other type of retirement plan.

  • How much money will you lose by investing your money outside of a Roth IRA?

  • How your Roth IRA will not only grow for you tax free, but will also continue to grow for your children and grandchildren and make them millionaires too!

  • How to avoid the bad advice that sounds good when it comes to a traditional IRA. Most people make this mistake that costs them millions of dollars without even knowing it.

  • The surprising answers to, “Will the government abolish the Roth IRA?”

  • When to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, and when not to. Do this wrong and you immediately owe the government a huge tax check; do it right, and profit big time.

  • How to transfer a Roth IRA from a traditional broker who will NOT let you make self-directed investments to a “no hassle” one who will and is approved by me, Ron LeGrand.

  • Why a traditional broker or bank will not let you invest the funds in your Self-Directed IRA the way YOU want to invest them, and how to get around it.

  • How to have absolute, iron control over all the investments your IRA makes, and never have to helplessly watching your portfolio shrink as the stock market tanks again.

  • Recently divorced? Here’s something you’d better do with any existing IRA, and do it FAST before your ex profits from your hard work.

  • The unusual reason why you should have “His and Hers” IRAs (if you want a happy marriage, that is).

  • How to get rich without contributing any money to your IRA beyond your initial $200 requirement to open one. THIS is the unbelievable, yet perfectly legal, secret no financial advisor on earth knows about and would call you a liar if you told them about.

  • Should you even bother to contribute to you IRA if you don’t need to? I’ll explain the one good reason you should, and why you may not be able to unless you act fast.

  • How paying your social security tax can make you a tax-free millionaire, and it has nothing to do with social security.
  • Do you make more than $160,000 a year as a couple, or $110,000 as a single? If so, too bad because you CAN’T qualify for a Roth IRA UNLESS you know two secrets, that is! You’ll learn how anyone, regardless of their income, can have a Roth IRA.

  • Wait! There’s a third secret as well, and this one can get you a big, fat tax deduction.

  • The strange reason why earning one half of one percent rate of return on your money within an IRA can make you rich, fast.

  • Asset protection secrets of an IRA. Why most predators can’t touch it even if they get a judgment against you, and the only two predators that can.

  • Should you have more than one Roth IRA? The answer is “maybe,” and while it has nothing to do with making money, it could save you a boatload of it.

  • The unusual reason why you shouldn’t take money out of your Roth IRA when you retire.

  • The amazing “wealth pass along secret” of the Dynasty IRA.

  • Why you NEVER want to do a “nothing down” deal within your Roth IRA, but don’t worry, you can still generate windfall investment profits using a tiny amount of money as long as you know this secret.

  • Why you should never pay IRA administrative fees from within your IRA, and how to get a deduction on your regular taxes by paying them outside your IRA.

  • What to do with your tax advisor if he or she has no clue about Self-Directed Roth IRAs.

  • How to set up a Roth IRA for a newborn baby, and make them a millionaire by the time they get to high school with no investment from you.

  • Step-by-step methods to getting money into your IRA using real estate options and lease options.

  • How to option “paper”, mortgages and trust deeds, within your IRA to make huge investment profits with minimum work.

  • How your IRA can own a business, and why it should!

  • How to avoid “self dealing.” Self dealing is a big no-no with your IRA, and if the IRS thinks you’re doing it, you’ll have to write them a huge check, fast, up to the full amount in your IRA. You’d better learn this rule early in the game.

  • How your IRA can get you both cash to spend now, and cash to grow tax free.

  • How your IRA can partner with your spouse’s IRA on a real estate deal.

  • Do you have an elderly parent or relative you’d like to help out? Here’s how to use a Roth IRA to help them live the lifestyle they truly want, instead of just getting by on a miserable fixed income. These secrets would make Social Security obsolete if more people knew it.

  • How to use a Coverdell Educational IRA account to pay for your kid’s college tuition no matter how expensive it is, and collect a nice tax deduction at the same time. If you have a child you’d like to put through school from birth to age 30 and never write a check for their tuition, travel, books, computers or lodging, you must have this CD!

  • When to fire your accountant or attorney.

  • The seven things you can take money out of your IRA early for without incurring an early withdrawal penalty or taxes.

  • The four things you can do that cause nasty penalties to be levied on your IRA.

  • The nine things your IRA cannot invest in.

  • What will happen to you if the IRS catches you “self dealing” (and it’s not pretty).

  • How to fill out the simple form directing your IRA to make an investment so all the profits from that investment flow back to your IRA tax free.

  • Why you shouldn’t do “subject to” deals in your IRA the conventional way, but you can do them with a little-know, unconventional method that’ll lead to big profits.

  • How to use paper trusts, land trusts and personal property trusts to protect you against sue-happy predators who want to steal every dime you have using the legal system.

  • When to use cash from your IRA to buy real estate and when not to.

  • Why being a “hard money lender” is the easiest, tax-free money you will ever make using your IRA.

  • How to make at least a 30% rate of return, or much, much more, on your IRA’s money every time you make a certain investment that has way less risk than the stock market.

  • What NOT to do with the cash in your IRA. The people who don’t know these “what not to do secrets” get ripped off every single time they make an investment.

  • Why the last thing you want in your IRA is cash!

  • How to contribute up to $41,000.00 a year to an IRA AND get a big fat, $41,000.00 tax deduction at the same time while still profiting from investments in your Roth IRA.

  • Worried about your health? Here’s a neat plan the IRS came up with for you to get your health needs met with tax-free money. If this doesn’t replace your health insurance completely, it will certainly slash the cost of it!

Okay, that’s it. You have just read a detailed description of the tax-free wealth secrets on these CDs and what they can do for you. If you’re at all interested in getting very, very rich, these CDs are a must have, and you can’t get the information on them anywhere else, certainly not from your accountant or financial advisor.

In addition to the five-CD audio system, you also get the 136-page manual I wrote and passed out at the event. Why should you care about this manual? In addition to covering everything I reveal on the CDs in depth, it also includes all the forms and agreements you need to get set up with a Roth IRA quickly and easily, and show you how to do real estate deals within it so you can make sure the money goes in tax free for life. All you have to do is fill out the simple forms in this manual, and money that was taxed before will become tax free. And, when you invest in this System now, you also get the following…

Free Gift #1: The exact IRS regulations that show you just why you really can get rich tax free. These regulations cover the Roth IRA, SEPs, Coverdell Educational IRAs, and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), all of which are entities you can grow tax-free wealth in. With this manual you’ll have the letter of the law on your side, and you can take comfort in knowing your tax-free wealth is perfectly legal. I call it your “shut up” book, because we refer to it regularly on the CDs to cite the law in case you need to show it to your CPA or other advisor who wants to challenge your use of your IRA from a position of ignorance.

Free Gift #2: Proven Wealth Building Secrets Manual by “Mr. X.” As you recall, he’s the guy who showed me all the tax-free wealth secrets and the #1 IRA Expert in the country. In fact, his company is the one I use to administer all my IRAs, and he can get you set up with your own Self-Directed IRA, just like me. In this easy to understand manual, Mr. X reveals every secret there is to using all the IRA entities to build permanent and lasting wealth for you and your family, plus he provides you all the forms you need to get your Self-Directed IRA set up with his company, just like me. His company makes it so easy to get correctly set up with whatever IRA you choose. They literally do it all for you, and this manual shows you step by step how to get started. This $49.00 value is yours FREE when you order now.

Now, unlike many publishers, I take pride in how my product looks. Your studio-quality recorded CDs will arrive speedily in professional packaging and ready for you to use.

How To Get Rich With Your IRA And NEVER Pay Taxes

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “OK, Ron, how much is this System going to cost me?” First of all, you shouldn’t be thinking in terms of cost, you should be thinking investment. How much is it worth to you to know how to use your IRA to get rich and never pay taxes? I can assure you, millions, literally. How much will it cost you if you don’t have this information? Again, the answer is millions.

Think once again about our earlier example about doing one deal inside your Roth IRA versus that same deal done outside of it. Within a Roth, you can turn a house over instantly, keep all $35,000 profit, and immediately put that money to work to make more money within your Roth. Outside your Roth, you won’t get neat the same rate of return, and if you could, the least you’ll pay in taxes is $5,250.00 (if you hold it for a year and count the profit as a capital gain). If you turn it over immediately you may pay as much as $12,250.00 if you’re in the top bracket of income tax payers. All it takes to do a deal inside your Roth IRA is a few simple pieces of paper, but those pieces of paper are, obviously, worth thousands.

To be blunt with you, there really is nowhere else you can go to discover these secrets. Accountants don’t know them, lawyers don’t know them, and financial advisors don’t know them or if they do, they don’t want YOU to know them. It took me, even with my many connections across the county, a long time and lots of money to discover them on my own. So, to save you the trouble and money and get you started on your way to tax-free millions, I’m going to charge you a fair price, not an exorbitant one. At first, I thought about charging the minimum you’d save in taxes on an average “pretty house” deal, $5,250. Now, while I do think that is a very fair investment, I’m not going to charge you that much, or anywhere near that much.

In fact, the investment for my How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes System is only $497, much less than you’ll save in taxes on just one, tiny deal within your IRA. BUT, when you order online now, I’ll give you a fast action discount of $200, bringing your investment down to only $297, an instant 40% savings.

Plus, you should also know my System also comes with a…

If, for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not completely satisfied with your How to Get Rich with Your IRA and Never Pay Taxes System, simply return it in resalable condition and you’ll cheerfully receive a complete and full refund, no questions asked. I take all the risk, and you have nothing to lose, except your tax bill. So, without further ado…

All you have to do to get your hands on this System is fill out the form below below.

The information you’ll receive on the CDs is information you can’t get anywhere else, certainly not from your lawyer, financial advisor, or accountant, and you don’t want to miss out. You should also know I’m not planning on re-ordering any of these CDs for a long time, so to be sure you’re not left out, you need to act NOW! Also, keep in mind, when you order now, you will be able to claim the generous 40% discount, AND your two bonuses. All of this for only $297!

How much money can this small, one-time investment of $297.00 make you? Like I said, if you only do one deal, one time within your Roth IRA, at the average profit my students make on a house, $35,000!, the minimum amount of money you’ll keep via tax savings is an extra $5,250. That’s a 1,056%, no-risk return on your investment which is already secured by my unconditional, 30-day, money-back guarantee. Keep in mind, that’s IF you only do one deal one time, but I’m betting after you do it once, you’ll want to do it over and over again, and your return on investment will be near infinity.

How much more money will that put in your, your children’s and your grandchildren’s pockets? In comparison, the investment for the How to Get Rich with Your IRA and NEVER Pay Taxes audio CD System is tiny, in fact, I can think of no reason whatsoever you wouldn’t jump on this right now before another second passes. Don’t hate yourself for passing up tax-free wealth every time you do a deal or write another large check to Uncle Sam; just put the secrets in this remarkable System to work for you, and smile all the way to the bank.

I’m genuinely looking forward to sharing these tax-free wealth secrets with you and helping you keep every penny you earn, and I welcome you to join me in living a lifetime of financial success. Stop overpaying the government when you can legally pay yourself everything – Get started now, before it’s too late.

Ron LeGrand, Millionaire Maker and Master of Tax Free Wealth

Pretty House Terms Cash Flow System Homebuyers Society Special

Here’s The Fastest And Easiest Ways To
Make A Killing In Real Estate Today…
Without Using Your Money Or Credit…
And Build A Substantial 5-Figure
Monthly Passive Income

By Ron LeGrand

Have you ever thought you’d like to buy and sell houses but didn’t know how or where to get the money?

Are you so busy making a living you can’t take time to make any real money?

Can you retire on what you have set aside, if any, and live comfortably while not depending on the government to be there if you need them?

If you don’t like your answers, this report will show you how I extract over $50,000 a month from nice homes in beautiful neighborhoods needing no repairs and using none of my own money or credit.

What’s more, I don’t buy foreclosures, do short sales, renovate houses, borrow money, use my credit in any way, nor do I have a real estate license or any need to deal with banks, lenders or Realtors®…and I spend less than six hours a month running the entire business while owning several other businesses simultaneously.

Part Time Business – Full Time Income

You are about to see how my part-time business produces a very nice full-time income but more importantly to you it’s a business you can enter with no previous experience and start profiting quickly…Earn while you learn…and all the automation and systemization you need is already set up for you so you hit the ground running…like thousands of my clients all over North America.

My name is Ron LeGrand and I’m the world’s leading expert at quick turning houses. I’m in my 33rd year of buying and selling over 3,000 to date and still do 4-6 a month with a total staff of one personal assistant using part of her time for my real estate business. Googling me could keep you busy for hours. My story is at the end of this report if you care.

Let’s get to what I do and how I can help you achieve a Quantum Leap.

But before I layout the business, I’ll ask you to turn off your bullshit meter for a few minutes. I know you’re skeptical and you should be. So am I. The whole world is full of crap and you can believe little of what you hear.

You can also believe I’m a tell-it-like-it-is guy, so in full disclosure, at the end of this report I’ll be asking you to exchange a little of your money for a life changing education from a battle scared veteran of 33 years who makes millionaires all over the world. If that bothers you, this report isn’t for you. It will be of no value.

OK, if you’re still in, let’s get started.


Within it, you’ll find the fastest way to get a check but it also contains residual income and future revenue all from doing the job once.

Wholesaling and retailing have a huge drawback…

You Only Get One Check

If you don’t keep working, you don’t get paid.

I like to get paid whether I’m working or not. How about you?

If you want to replace your job or profession…and thousands of my clients have…the best way to do so is monthly revenue you can count on even if you’re sick, on vacation or just don’t want to work. Now add that to a one time check between $10,000 – $50,000 every time you do one of these deals…I do about 4 a month…and you can begin to see why any job is a waste of your time.

Stay with me. You promised to turn off your bullshit meter. It’s all true and easy for me to prove, and yes, it applies to you and works in your city.

Never Use Your Own Credit

You will not apply for loans or ever use your own credit. That would be the largest mistake you could make. When you guarantee debt, you risk three things…your credit, your assets and your marriage. You’ll never, ever apply for a loan on Planet Ron. No one will ever check your credit or ask for a financial statement.

So let’s look at the Pretty House Business where your credit or your money will not be needed.

It’s all about nice homes owned by owner occupants or FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners).

But what makes the business so easy and fun is you’ll never pay cash for these homes and sometimes you’ll pay full market value and still make five figures within a few days.

The key is…


We work with sellers who will sell with terms so we can offer terms to our buyers.

You see, 81% of people looking to buy a house can’t qualify at a bank for various reasons. These become our prime pool of buyers because we can sell them a house on terms giving them time to fix what’s broke in their lives and ultimately get bank financing. That could be credit, debt ratio, not enough down, self-employed, can’t prove income yet or several other issues. All of which can be fixed with time.

A house becomes ten times easier to sell with terms than with cash, therefore we have the whole 81% to ourselves, while the Realtors® and builders fight over the 19%.

Some of that 81% have substantial down payments or option deposits measuring in the thousands and they will gladly give it to you to get a home of their own.

Many have had a home and lost it. Some are first or last time buyers. All have issues that can be fixed in a year or two. You are a blessing to them when you help them get in a home now and get their life and self-confidence back.

I’ve had buyers hug me with tears flowing, send me gifts, invite me over for dinner and openly thank God I came into their life. What we do is a huge public service, both to buyers and sellers.

By the way, everything is closed with attorneys…at the buyer’s expense…with full disclosure in writing. No lies, deceit or shady practices are necessary or condoned by this old dog.

There are only two types of terms you will use to buy houses…

  • You’ll lease it with an option to buy and the right to sublease it with an option.
  • You’ll buy it with owner financing with the right to sell it any way you like. More on that in a minute.

Before I go any further, I know your skeptical brain is asking…

How Many Sellers Will Agree To TERMS?

Fair Question. Let me give you the answer.

It just so happens we have 16 virtual assistances at our company Global Publishing, whose job is to call sellers for our clients and collect info on their houses for sale. They find the sellers who advertise online in your city, call them for you, collect the facts and read a script to see if they would consider selling with terms…lease option or owner financing.

They make about 15,000 calls a month to the leads they generate and the leads you send them so we know the numbers well and here’s the one that answers your question…

Out Of All The Sellers Our
VA’s Reach On The Phone
36% Say “Yes” To Terms

You read that right. About a third of the FSBO’s on the market will consider terms. This group comprises our entire Pretty House Business and we have no use for the rest, so they are quickly discarded.

It’s easy for our inexpensive VA’s to generate 10-15 leads a week for our clients. That means 3-5 sellers a week want to discuss terms. From those you can easily generate one deal netting you $10,000 minimum on the frontend and maybe some of that residual income I discussed earlier.

In the Pretty House Business, there are three main forms of income.

  1. Non-refundable option deposits if you’re selling with a lease purchase or a down payment if you’re selling with owner financing. The minimum is $10,000 and you receive it 2-3 days after accepting your tenant buyer.
  2. Many deals have a monthly spread between the rent or payment you receive and the payment you make. These can range from $200 – $3,000 per month on the luxury homes.
  3. The backend profit, which is the difference between what your buyer owes you and what you owe the seller. This can be little or nothing or a substantial sum.

Our goal is to do deals that include all three income streams but sometimes we settle for only one, as you’re about to see.

The numbers and the seller’s needs will determine our profit centers. Virtual Assistants do 90% of the work and scripts help you do the rest.

Selling is even simpler because in the TERMS business there’s only two ways to sell…

  • You lease it to a tenant with the option to buy and collect several thousand dollars as a non-refundable deposit…which gets applied as their down payment when they get a loan to purchase. Once you collect the money, it’s yours to keep whether they buy or not. You may use it immediately.

The tenant/buyer also agrees to pay the attorney fee and a monthly rent and a term of 1 – 3 years for them to get financed, plus they are responsible for all repairs.

  • You sell with owner financing, collecting a down payment and a monthly payment until they get refinanced. You agree on a term going in and of course all responsibility of the house is theirs. The minimum down payment is $10,000 but most are higher depending on the value of the homes. The higher the value, the bigger the down.

“The More Dollars You Waller In
The More Stick To You”

– Ron LeGrand

Let me display some case studies so you can get clear on what I mean.

Here’s a deal I did recently in Jacksonville, Florida where I live…

Market Value: $385,000

Loan Balance: $351,000

Payment: $1,925

The sellers were moving from this 3 year old house in two weeks and knew they couldn’t make two house payments. The house was in excellent condition and payments were current. Upon first contact with our VA who collected the facts, the sellers said they’d sell the house for what they owed, which is actually very common.

Their main concern was debt relief. They’d had it listed and it didn’t sell, so they needed an immediate exit strategy, which I knew I could provide after making a call to them. I made it clear I could buy their house with owner financing and make their payment until sometime in the future when it gets cashed out, but there’s no way I’d pay off their loan now.

No TERMS – No Deal!

They agreed instantly and we executed a simple agreement on the spot. I asked for and received two months before the first payment was due so I had two months to locate a buyer I liked.

My goal from the beginning was to buy or control the house for the loan balance and then install a tenant/buyer to pay rent and in time get a new loan. That’s exactly what happened.

After turning down several applicants because they didn’t have a big enough option deposit to suit me, I finally found one in seven weeks with $50,000 down. I turned down several with $10,000 to $25,000 down, knowing the house would bring more.

Here’s the numbers…

Sales Price: $395,000
Non-refundable option deposit: $50,000
Rent to me: $2,500
Term: 2 years

It was a family with good income, both working and their credit was near a score good enough to get a loan but maybe six months away. They are working with a good credit repair company and will be ready soon.

Frankly, I’m in no hurry. Here’s why!

I made…

  • $50,000 cash the day they leased the house
  • $525 per month until they buy it
  • ($2,500 rent minus $1,925 payment)

The longer this Golden Goose stays alive, the better I like it.

FYI, the tenant buyers are responsible for 100% of any repairs needed. It’s a condition of all my options and has been for 30 years.

So let’s see…I netted $50,000 in 2 months and $525 a month for two years or so with…

• No credit • No money
• No banks • No Realtors®
• No repairs • No loans
• No short sales • No costly entanglements

How many of these deals would you need to surpass your current income? My friend, I can have you doing one a month part-time within 90 days if you say yes to my offer at the end of this report. I won’t promise you fifty grand but I will say $10,000 is our bare minimum and we get that on $125,000 houses.

By the way, if my tenant buyer doesn’t buy and moves, their deposit is non-refundable. They won’t get it back and they wouldn’t expect to.

About half do move and forfeit their deposits when smaller amounts from $10,000 to $25,000 are accepted. I’m sure this couple will buy.

But, there’s other ways to profit in this Pretty House Business and this report won’t cover all of them.

Here’s a simple deal my client Kirsti from Oregon did recently…

A seller agreed to lease option a house to her at $699,000 with a $7,000 deposit and a $7,000 monthly rent. That’s every dime the house was worth and Kirsti knew it. However, I trained her how to profit with no risk, so here’s what she did.

She clearly explained to the seller using my script that she would agree to her terms but would need to locate a tenant buyer she liked before the agreement would begin.

In other words, the seller knew if Kirsti didn’t find a buyer, there would be no deal or $7,000 deposit from Kirsti. Nor would Kirsti ever pay a $7,000 rent out of pocket.

No Risk To Kirsti

Once this agreement was signed with this clear understanding, Kirsti ran some free online ads to find a buyer. The key words in the ad were…”Lease Purchase,” No Bank Qualifying.”

A tenant buyer came along with $50,000 down and agreed to a 3 year lease purchase at $744,000 at $7,000 a month.

Since there was no reason for Kirsti to remain in the deal, she simply assigned her agreement with the buyer to the seller and exited…with her

$42,000 Net Profit

…on a house she never owned or laid a finger on.
This type of deal is called ACTS, (Assignment of Contracts and Terms System).

I created ACTS about 3 years ago and it has made a lot of students a lot of money, even on over leveraged houses.

Let me point out…

  • The seller got full price with no commission, even though it will take a while to cash out. This was her decision. In the meantime, she collects $7,000 a month with no repair responsibility.
  • The buyer got a beautiful house with instant access and three years to qualify for a loan and the value to increase.
  • Kirsti got $42,000 for what she knows, not from what she invested.

My Pretty House TERMS Cash Flow system contains everything she needed to pull off this deal, including forms, agreements and scripts for every type of seller and buyer.

I could go on for days with examples of deals, including multi-million dollar houses with six figure paychecks without risk…but at this point, I think you’ve read enough to see this business is worth your time to investigate and my brand new TERMS system will answer your questions and fill in the blanks.

Before I describe it, I’ll make a bold statement to you that I truly believe and will back up.

The Decision You Make Here
May Be The Most Important
Financial Decision Of Your Life

You see, I built this system over years of trial and error and work with students nationwide to implement it. I see the results. I know its value.

Please consider my offer carefully. It may change the way you think about money, how to make it, how to keep and grow it and your current and future lifestyle.

It’s Hot Off The Press

Recently, I recorded a two day seminar called TERMS. I went through the entire business from beginning to end in a laymen’s step-by-step process.

Part of the training was to actually process deals the students brought to class. We called them in class, got orally accepted terms and completed the appropriate agreements for the students to go home and get signed. We even scheduled the appointment for them.
All of this was filmed and there are two DVD’s in your system with live deal structuring. There was a lot of money generated for these lucky folks.

After the event I recorded several calls I made to sellers on the two CD’s and included them. You’ll see how I get them to make me an offer by reading my own scripts and asking them the key questions.

We Don’t Make Offers
We Ask Questions And Let The Seller
Make Us Offers

Of course all scripts are included, even one to set an appointment and another if they say no to terms. You see…

When Using My Script About
1/3rd Of The Sellers Who Say
“No” To Terms Turn Into A “Yes”

There’s another two CD’s with questions and answers along with the eight CD’s and DVD’s of the training.

Here’s some of the things I covered in this new TERMS System.

With my Pretty House Cash Flow System you’ll learn how to get ownership of beautiful homes in neighborhoods you’ll be proud to be in. The system includes:

  • How to work with higher priced houses and totally avoid risk or the fear of making monthly payments you can’t afford. The higher the price the higher the profit.
  • A step-by-step start up plan designed for beginners who’ve never bought a house in their life.
  • There are two CDs in this system where I interview real sellers and you get to hear both sides of the conversation. You’ll tune in while I pre-screen the sellers and when I hang up I discuss whether I would go see the house or not. If it’s a go, I cover what kind of offers I’d make based on what the seller told me. If they pass my pre-screening test, I’ll go see the house. If not, why bother? The real art is in the pre-screening and knowing what to ask. It’s a 20-year craft I’ve perfected loaded with magic words that get results. You’ll get it all, complete with proven tested scripts to follow. You don’t need to create or write anything. I’ve done it all for you. Just follow each step I’ve laid out and watch it work. It’s literally dot-to-dot.
  • How to use land contracts and wrap-around mortgages to buy and sell and why they should be in every real estate entrepreneur’s toolbox.
  • Ten things that tell you it’s a deal…before you even see the house!
  • How to create solutions for houses with little or no equity that are financed sometimes even over 100%, and create tremendous profit centers for you while getting the seller out of a home nobody else can buy.
  • How to eliminate banks from your life forever so you’ll never be at the mercy of a loan committee.
  • How to create the most flexible financing there is with no banks or personal liability and create tremendous income streams for you.
  • How to set up immediate income, monthly cash flow, and a final payday all from the same deal.
  • This is how to get out of your job or low paying business. The frontend checks are great but I’ll work with you to create a monthly residual income from your current income. Then when you step down, you’re covered even if you don’t like working. That’s true financial freedom.
  • Low-cost marketing techniques to attract motivated sellers to call you and pre-screening tools so you only deal with the most motivated of the batch. And how to pre-screen them in less than two minutes.
  • The secret question to ask every seller to get to their bottom line price instantly.
  • How to structure your sale to create enormous incoming payments and cash flow and eliminate defaults and risks.
  • How to attract dozens of motivated buyers who can’t qualify at the bank, but are excellent prospects for your no qualifying financing.
  • The most common mistakes for all investors to avoid when buying and selling.
  • Looking for a home for your family? Most of my students find their dream home while doing deals. Remember, the first example I showed you on the $395,000 house? I didn’t have to sell it. I could have moved in with no money out of pocket, no credit, no personal guarantee, no qualifying, no banks, no committees and no delay. Some do.
  • How to find and acquire your next residence in a lovely area without using bank loans, credit or down payments.
  • How to take control and start the cash flow with no risk or investment and make huge profits on nice houses even when you pay almost full retail price.
  • How to profit from any house, regardless of the underlying financing.
  • How to control lovely homes in beautiful neighborhoods in any market in North America without ever owning them, buying them, borrowing money, or incurring risk.
  • How to solve sellers’ problems when Realtors®, attorneys, and other real estate investors don’t have a clue.
  • Why properties sometimes financed at 90 to 120% are your absolute best deals and give you the best paydays.
  • How to handle and overcome all common seller objections.
  • How to build credibility and confidence with your seller from day one even if you’re new.
  • How to make sure you won’t have to make a monthly payment out of your pocket and never worry about risk again.

In each of this system, I spend many hours teaching you every aspect of this diverse, yet relatively simple business. There are dozens of word for word scripts so you’ll never have to wonder what to say.

Easy To Sell

One of the common things people fear about getting into real estate investing is they’re afraid they can’t sell the house and somehow they’ll get stuck with it. I can understand why this would create anxiety for a beginner because they simply don’t have enough facts to overcome the fear. But the truth is…

Selling Houses Should Be the Easiest Part of Your Business, and I’ll Show You How To Do It At Lightning Speed.

In an easy market it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to sell a house, but in a slow hard market it takes a unique selling proposition to move a property fast and furious. We have one. It’s called TERMS.

Here’s What You’ll Learn About Selling Houses Fast In Any Market…

  • How to set the house up to show itself with no human intervention so you’ll never have to risk your life and waste your time meeting prospects.
  • How to match the house to the buyer and quit looking for perfect prospects.
  • Why cashing out immediately is the most costly exit you could pick and cuts your profits in half, and how to fix it and still have a huge cash flow.
  • I’ll hand you guerrilla marketing techniques you can use on a paupers budget to drive in a herd of buyers within 2 days. Your entire cost to sell a house should be less than two hundred dollars.
  • How to capture all incoming calls and never talk to anyone until they’ve seen the house, fall in love with it, have been instructed how to buy and what to do next, filled out an application and submitted it to you on a website we will provide and get set up for you in 5 days.
  • The fastest, cheapest and best methods to find buyers in order of value – They’re all free.
  • What signs are the most effective and why mine get three times the results of others.
  • How to get all kinds of cool stuff free as part of the buyers down payment to you. A free Harley is better than one you pay for and your wife will love you for all the new jewelry she’ll get that you’ll never have to buy. How about a boat or RV? I and some of my students get a lot of free stuff as part of their down payment on houses we get with no cash out of pocket.

This is the best, most up-to-date information ever put together to teach you exactly how to sell a house in any market. I’d remind you we are selling with TERMS to 81% of the market. A house is 10 times easier to sell on terms than to qualified buyers. Our buyers qualify if they have the money, not credit, and that money changes hands a few days after we accept them.

You Are The Loan Committee

You and you alone, decide and I’ll show you how to do exactly that and turn you on to our source that does all the screening for you after you find your best prospect. It’s the same source that will work with your buyers to clean up their credit and get them financed later.

My source will tell you when and if he can get them a loan, check their credit, background, criminal search and even compute their debt ratio, Your decision will be easy and my marketing system will provide you with multiple prospects to choose from.

When You Make A House Easy
To Buy It Becomes Easy To Sell

Your buyers list is built automatically for you, so as your prospects call or go online, the pertinent information is collected, mainly how much they have to put down, and stored in your database we provide.

If you wish, we’ll even provide a VA (Virtual Assistant) to retrieve the information off your automated voice mail system that collects the information and call the buyers for you that have money and send them to the house, then follow up after.

This Information is Priceless When You Consider You’ll Be Selling Houses As Fast As You Can Buy Them! And 90% of the work is done by our Virtual Assistants.

But I’m not done yet…You’ll also learn:

  • How to handle the taxes and insurance and who should collect them and why. It isn’t you.
  • When you should never put someone in your house.
  • How to make your buyers the best source of buyers for your next house. Most of my houses are sold to friends or relatives of previous buyers.
  • How to get a financial commitment from a prescreened buyer without taking your house off the market. A special agreement I use will allow you to process five buyers on one house with no commitment to any of them. You get to pick and choose the best. If I’d had this agreement 20 years ago it would have saved me a lot of grief.
  • The 6 steps to getting your buyer to the closing table whether you’re selling with lease purchase or owner financing.
Stupid mistakes to avoid when selling houses. Each one probably cost me six figures to learn.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy 2 or 3 houses a month and never get involved in the sales process and know your product is moving as fast as you can buy it?

My 33 years of Quick-Turning properties of all shapes and sizes, in all neighborhoods, with all kinds of financing and finagling, with all sorts of sellers and competing against all sorts of would-be investors and professionals, deals done with lots of cash to spare and some with very little spare cash to spend, deals in the winter, spring, summer, and fall, in good times and bad, in buyers’ markets and in sellers’ markets, all of this…over 3,000 deals in all, have given me insight in to what constitutes a complete deal from start-to-finish, and the absolute ability to convey to you more than just a grab-bag of techniques.

OK Ron, How Much?

My entire Pretty House TERMS Cash Flow Systems, a complete education in all the fastest and easiest to make money in real estate, at a total cost of just $1,497.

Wow Ron, That’s A Lot Of Money!

You might think $1,497 is a lot of money to spend for training materials, but let’s analyze it for a moment. The truth is you’ll spend that much whether you purchase my system or not. You see, there are really only three choices.

Your First Choice is to throw this letter away and do nothing. That’s the path of least resistance which many people take. And it’s why so many of them are broke. If you never launch your ship, it’ll never come back loaded with gold. By doing nothing, you’ll pay for my system many times over in lost income.

Your Second Choice is to try it on your own, without proper training. I know from experience you’ll make mistakes, and they’ll cost you many times the price of my system. It’s nearly impossible to avoid them! The "School of Hard Knocks" is the most expensive tuition you can possibly pay and your chances of success is slim.

It’s Impossible To Learn What I Know
Cheaper Than What I Charge.

By not using my scripts alone it’ll cost you more than what I’m asking on your very next deal because you don’t say the right things. How quickly could you exceed $1,497? In a heartbeat! If a lack of training makes you offer too much for a house, the difference will be in the thousands. What if you miss out on a single deal because you didn’t know where to look, how to pre-screen or what to offer? Your loss will make my course cost seem miniscule.

Even if you only learn how to buy your next home for your family by eliminating banks, credit and down payments, that alone will be worth your investment. But, I assure you, you’ll get a lot more than that. In fact, you’ll get far more than $1,497 in value by the time you get through the first CD, plus I’ll even finance it for you.

You’ll Pay For My System Many Times Over
If You Don’t Order It.

Your Third Choice is to order the entire Pretty House Cash-Flow Terms System today, and put the tools I give you to work. When you make that choice, not only will the cost become insignificant, you’ll be getting a huge payback – all because you chose to take action. If you’ll do your part, we’ll do ours. Pick up the phone and call right now, you have everything to gain.

Yes, I know there are dozens of real estate courses on the market a lot cheaper than $1,497. Most of them are good stuff; some are junk. Most of today’s teachers were trained by me.

I don’t have anything bad to say about any of my so-called competitors. Some are friends of mine. They’re all real people and some actually buy a house now and then.

To be honest, if all you care about is saving a few bucks, it might be best you take the cheap seat first, and then come to me. I owe my competitors a debt of gratitude. They spend a fortune finding people who are interested in real estate and ultimately most make their way to me before it’s over. Why? It’s simple. My stuff really works. I’m truly making millionaires.

There Is No One Out There Like Me,
I’m The Best In The World At What I Do
(quite modest too)

You’re not buying a course, it’s a complete system. You’re buying into a family of movers and shakers all over the country that faced the same decision at one time you’re facing now…to pass or play.

If you honestly believe you’ll get a million dollar education for $179, buy their stuff. It’ll look pretty on your shelf. At least you saved some money.

If you want to get filthy, stinking rich with a proven system that’s thirty years in the making and has thousands of success stories…Come to Papa.

Yes, it costs a little more but you’ll understand why when you get it. Gosh, they come with over 14 CDs and a 3 DVDs and systems manuals full of forms, scripts, objections and steps a layman can follow, daily support by phone and email, some bonuses and a challenge I’ll discuss in a minute, and of course no risk.

But just to make you feel at ease, here’s my unconditional guarantee…


Accept my offer and you have 30 days to return my Cash Flow System
for a 100% refund, if for any reason you don’t feel it’s for you. No reason needed, no questions asked.

There Is Absolutely No Risk

Well, I’ve made my case the best I know how. At this point you’re, either in or out. My life will pretty much go on the same regardless of your decision. How about yours?

Look, this isn’t a life threatening choice. No one will die. Frankly it’s just a small decision among many you’ve made today. I doubt the $1,497 will strain your budget, and I know it won’t make a major impact on mine.

I’m making millionaires all over America and I’ll continue to do it with you or without you. I learned a long time ago…only when the student is ready can the teacher appear.

So lets’ see…

  • You get my new Pretty House TERMS System.
  • You get a full refund if you feel it’s not for you

Tax Deductible…Oh, did I forget to mention? This system is tax deductible if this is your business. That means our good ole’ Uncle Sam, is willing to pay about a third of your investment. Check with your accountant on this, but what it comes down to is a 28% – 35% discount in tax savings since it’s a business expense. Ain’t that neat?

You are under no obligation to take me up on this offer, but be warned. You’ll not see this offer anywhere else ever again. I honestly believe I’ve just offered you a proven way anyone can earn big bucks in the real estate business…and I guarantee it.

To Your $uccess,
Ron LeGrand

P.S. There are undoubtedly things you want to do that your current job or business can’t provide. Maybe it embarrasses you or frustrates you to say “we can’t afford it” to your spouse and family. Maybe you secretly lose sleep worrying about not getting ahead year after year. What would you do with an extra $100,000 – $250,000 this year? And every year?

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  • Set aside all the money for the kids’ college? Retire early? Help a family member in crisis?
  • Yes, I know the very idea of having an extra $100,000 to $250,000 a year sounds ridiculous, especially given my promise of needing no money or credit. But, my friend, it is very real and given the chance, I’ll prove it.
  • Look, you’re not going to get a $100,000 raise from your boss or your business. So where else could you possibly get this kind of pay increase.
  • The answer is nowhere, except PAPA.
  • What if I’m right? What if everything I’ve said here is true and you pass up the opportunity? I can assure you every word is true. Read the enclosed testimonials. Real people! Give me a chance to help you become one of them.
  • Forget about the cost and think about the value. Think about your family who depend on you to make the right decisions. Say yes before the window closes. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

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