Virtual Summit Offers

Courses are $99 each or you can bundle all 6 for ONLY $297!


Fast Track To Wealth
for only $99

Fast Track to Wealth is a recording of our 1-day, hands-on training that includes live deal structuring taught by Ron LeGrand. During this full day recording with Ron, you’ll see how you can start immediately with no previous experience or license and make a lot of money buying and selling houses in your area.


Work for Equity
for only $99

Ron’s favorite exit for houses needing some work is to lease option it to a tenant buyer who can do the work with their labor and money over the course of months while simultaneously getting ready to qualify for a loan.


Flipping Ugly Houses Fast
for only $99

Wholesaling an ugly house is likely the fastest way to get a check using no money or credit. This course lays out each step from finding the deals, what to offer, the process of flipping quickly and never take title or pay closing costs.


Time Management
for only $99

This course focuses on managing one’s time properly and filling the gaps that most people were never taught, much less have conquered. You show me a business that's failed, and I’ll bet I can trace it back to the implementer’s inability to get things done. That’s what this course is about — getting things done.


Getting Rich with Raw Land
for only $99

Ron has done commercial real estate developments of all kinds, but his favorite play are land flips. That means finding under zoned land and buying or optioning it then simply having it rezoned. You do no work, don’t touch the land, and a lawyer deals with the city.


Never Pay Taxes Again
for only $99

This new 1031 Exchange Course will blow you away when you see how to triple your assets, triple your cash flow and get more money back from the exchange than you got from the sale of your house.