Spring Summit 2021

Ron's Guest Professionals

Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand

Global Publishing, Inc.

Ron LeGrand has been an entrepreneur since the age of eighteen. In1982, Ron entered the real estate business, innovating the industry bycreating systems to buy and sell houses without risk. Today, Ron andhis company, Global Publishing Inc., mentor others on the real estatebusiness, and Ron speaks around the world on the topic. In additionto his work in real estate, Ron is also owner and operator of two restaurants, two information marketing companies, three consulting companies, and a couple of others.


Al Nicoletti Esq.

Cracking the Code: Probate Secrets Revealed

Al Nicoletti is a practicing attorney based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and is an expert in advising real estate investors across the state about all things related to probate law.

Matt Leitz

Matt Leitz

How to Use Automated Bots
to Generate Leads and Flip Houses

Matt Leitz specializes in helping real estate investors who are completely non-technical to use automated marketing tools to dominate their local markets.  Matt is a proven entrepreneur whose companies have appeared on the Inc 500/5000 four separate times.  He has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Inc, Entrepreneur and many more.  His message will give you an immediate competitive advantage regardless of your real estate strategy or experience.


Jason Hartman

How to Profit with Debt, Inflation and Migration

Jason Hartman® has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities. His companies help people achieve The American Dream of financial freedom by purchasing income property in prudent markets nationwide. Jason’s Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™ is a comprehensive system providing real estate investors with education, research, resources and technology to deal with all areas of their income property investment needs.

The United States offers nearly 400 distinct and diverse markets while most media pundits characterize the “housing market” as if it were a single entity. We realize they do this to cram a cogent comment into a simple sound bite. Real estate cannot be described that simply. It’s just not accurate. There is NO such thing as a United States real estate market. However, there IS an Atlanta, Georgia or a Dallas, Texas real estate market. To that end, we scour the entire country with an “Area Agnostic™” approach and select the most suitable and sensible markets to recommend to our investors so they don’t waste countless hours doing it themselves.

Don Fowler

Don Fowler

Ron's Deal Finder Service

Don Fowler is a Business Development Leader, Software Executive, and Entrepreneur. He serves as Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Realeflow, a Real Estate Data and CRM provider. Don is focused on growing mass software adoption through strategic partnerships. Don is also very involved with the development and growth of Realeflow’s Artificial Intelligence data program, where Realeflow can predict off market home sales before they happen. Don is a loving husband and father of 3 who enjoys time on the boat, beach, pool or lake with his family.

Jay Conner

Jay Conner

Secrets of Foreclosed Properties &
Where To Get The Money Now

My name is Jay Conner…and let me tell you: I CAN RELATE to all these feelings and frustrations of losing out on so many deals. When I started out investing in Real Estate, I did it ALL THE WRONG WAY! Like so many other Real Estate Investors, I was taken to the slaughter house. I went to my local banker and was able to do a few deals…but you know what happened: I had to come up with Big Down Payments, pay origination fees, and most importantly…play by their rules. (Including signing personal guarantees on everything I owned.) I hated it. I felt owned by the bank, out of control, and stressed out.

So, I got some education and learned about buying properties “Subject-To,” Using Options, and buying with “Lease/Options.” These tools opened up my opportunities, but then The Hammer Came Down!!! When the market turned south big-time…my banker CUT ME OFF!!! With No Warning!!! I knew I had to find another way. I searched high and low for another system that would give me the funds I needed. Then I realized I needed to combine the best aspects of all that I researched. And that’s whenI created the basis for this system. I kept refining it until I thought I had the best formula. Then I put it all together and made contact with my first prospect. I trusted my system and the very first person I approached gave me $250,000 in Private Money…and what blew me away was How Easy It Was!!!

Within a few, short months…I had $2,150,000 in Private Money!!! And that was just a couple of years ago…and it has ROCKED MY REAL ESTATE INVESTING CAREER! (My banker actually did me a HUGE FAVOR…I just didn’t know it at the time because that set-back forced me to create the system that would bring me lots of money Fast and Easy without relying on bankers or my credit.) The Massive Profits (7 Figures Per Year) I’ve been blessed to enjoy by creating and putting into action my “Where To Get The Money Now” System has without a doubt been my Biggest Quantum Leap since becoming a Real Estate Investor. And I live in a city with only 40,000 people.


Andrew Schlag

How to Wholesale Real Estate Virtually

Andrew Schlag is an entrepreneur whose first business venture was raising feeder calves and selling to local individuals at a profit before he was even a teen. As a boy, he learned the value and pleasure of hard work and leverage to obtain money while providing an item people wanted/needed. He and his brother went on to work in their Dad’s construction company throughout high school.

He’s always loved seeing others succeed from the age of 18 has been involved in various prison ministries showing people a path to a better life. In his early 20’s, Andrew was introduced to Real estate investing, after starting out wholesaling he quickly amassed several million dollars of real estate within a 2 year period. He have completed many Millions of dollars of real estate transactions since starting at 21, including building a $25,000/mo passive income in real estate in a 3 year period. He has bought well over 350 houses, and is currently doing several house deals per month. Currently, Andrew is focusing on growing his real estate portfolio and coaching students on how to create wealth in real estate.


Bob Diamond

Hooked on Overages

Bob Diamond is a practicing real estate attorney and investor with over 20 years of experience in real estate law, investment, development and is the author of three books on real estate investing. You may be familiar with Bob from his appearances on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, or the Flip That House television show on TLC.

Bob has a unique money maker concept with real estate investing that anyone can do. You don’t need a lot of cash and never have to borrow a penny to do the business. You can make loads of cash profit with Bob’s method of real estate investing with tax sale overages. There is no other expert in the real estate space with as much experience, knowledge and still actively investing like Bob Diamond in this niche.

Bob Bluhm

Bob Bluhm

Structuring Your Empire &
Why Most LLCs Have Fatal Flaws

Bob Bluhm is one of the nation's leading asset protection attorneys. In over 30 years as an attorney, Bob has been a trial lawyer and has represented Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller, privately held businesses.

Bob has spoken internationally and shared stages with notable political figures, such as President Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, Benjamin Netanyahu, and financial figures, such as Lou Dobbs, Jim Cramer, David Bach, Jean Chatzky, Suze Orman and Robert Kiyosaki. He is also the author of several articles on asset protection and is a contributor to "The Asset Protection Handbook."

Bob Bluhm specializes in working with real estate investors, both foreign and domestic, by helping them grow their wealth more quickly and securely.

Wolff Couple

The Wolff Couple

Live Role-Playing & What To Say

To succeed at anything, you need to understand the Basics. When you understand the Basics in Real Estate Investing, you make money! The 2 Real Estate Investing Basics are 1) Scripts, and 2) Systems. When you use the right words through proven Scripts, Sellers and Buyers say “Yes!” When you use the right forms and checklists through detailed Systems, you get deals closed! That includes “No Money Down, No Credit” deals.


Lou Brown

House Monster

Lou is past President and a lifetime member of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association and was founding President of the National Real Estate Investors Association. He firmly believes that the path to success is through ongoing education, and invests thousands of dollars annually in his own.

Lou loves to spend time in Atlanta with his beautiful wife Janice, their two children and foster daughter, and he always makes time to speak with other realtors and investors about his Street Smart and Path to Homeownership programs.


Bob Leonetti

Paper Power

Bob Leonetti has helped more regular people just like you to make money with real estate paper and low money down note and paper strategies than almost anyone else in the United States. With more than 18 years teaching/coaching experience, thousands of satisfied students, 8 books and countless educational seminars, video, audio and other real estate finance products to his credit, no one knows ins and outs of the note and paper business like Bob does.

He’s a former Mortgage Banker and currently president of Austin-based SMI Funding, a spinoff from the company he founded in 1992 and took public in 2000: Success Financial Services Group. Bob has presented on almost every major real estate stage in the industry, including Ron LeGrand, Chris McLaughlin & Nathan Jurewicz, Scott Meyers, Richard Roop and Ben Pargman, to name just a few.

Bob is involved in numerous private money raising deals and through notes, regularly assists private lenders in obtaining returns far in excess of what they could earn in traditional bank type investments. Regularly buying paper all over the country, Bob’s creation of Paper Power is the culmination of 18 years in the paper buying industry.

Edwin Kelly b_w

Edwin Kelly

The Gamechanger

The world of long term financial savings plans can leave you dizzy. The paperwork can be pages and pages of jargon which make plans hard to distinguish and administer. Edwin Kelly from Specialized IRA Services breaks down the Self Directed IRA, the solo 401k and Health Savings Account or HSA. Arming you with the setup cost and annual fee’s to help you make an educated decisions about your investment future. You’ll hear solutions to creating wealth and obtaining more passive income through smart investing with a little help from people in the know.


Mike Banks

Fund & Grow Credit Line

Since 2007, Fund&Grow has helped tens of thousands of business owners and real estate investors across America get access to the funding they need and deserve.

We have helped our clients quickly get access to $30,000… $50,000… $100,000… even up to $250,000 in 0% interest unsecured business credit, allowing them to achieve their goals – whether it be through investing in real estate or starting and growing their business.

We acquired over $1 Billion in Business funding — with clients ranging in all types of industries -- from Real Estate Investors, ecommerce Store Owners, Doctors, Lawyers, Truck Drivers, Online Marketers, Local Businesses, Gyms, and the list goes on.

Some accolades we’ve earned along the way include a A+ Rating from BBB, being featured in Business Insider, landing on the Inc 5000 for 5 years in a row, growing an incredible team 50+ strong, and having over 2,200+ 5-star reviews.

We’re on a mission to empower entrepreneurs and Real Estate investors by helping them utilize the smartest form of funding — low-interest, unsecured business credit.


Kevin Carrolla

DREAMS - Your Marketing and Automation System

Have you ever wondered how some investors are able to 20, 50, or even 100's of deals a year, and one or two seem like a lot to you? Systems and Automation.