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The Great American Real Estate Summit is an annual event where both tenured and brand-new students spend 5 days together to learn new strategies, practice to hone their skills, and implement the resources to automate and scale their new or existing business.  And of course, let us get them deals while there.

  • Each year, Ron and his staff at Global Publishing carefully select a location and time of the year that we feel will elicit the most excitement, energy and positive learning experience ever! And this year, that location is Event City.
  • This 5-day event will include:
    • A giant deal-a-thon where 12 of Ron’s personally trained mentors will sit with you, answer your questions, and even call the sellers on your leads while you watch. Last year, there was over 3 million dollars in deals that Ron’s mentors helped close for the students that attended.  This will be going on throughout the ENTIRE event!
    • Live seller calls where you will see Brian and Lynette Wolff call sellers live from stage. You’ll watch them negotiate with sellers by asking all of the questions in the scripts to consistently get the answers they need to create amazing deals for you.
    • On day 1, there will be 4 seminars for you to choose from. You can pick two.  They are:
      • Freshman Orientation - This course is designed for all new investors who have not attended Quick Start Real Estate School yet. You’ll see live examples of real deals and be shown exactly what it takes to get big checks quickly with no previous experience.
      • Mastering the Phone - This is a great class if you have a fear of calling sellers. You’ll be placed in groups of 5-6 students taking turns on practicing the scripts on one-another.  The class is taught by Brian and Lynette Wolff and they’ll help you get over the fear of the phone and remove your biggest roadblocks.  We always have rave reviews on this session because students who were frightened of the call became more confident and proficient in their negotiating skills and found themselves collecting nice checks!
      • DREAMS Training - This class is strictly for those who use our CRM system called DREAMS or those who are considering using it. The Global team will be present for one-on-one attention along with some of our virtual assistants who will operate it for you once you learn all the cool stuff it does.
      • Finding Deals Online - This is a great class if you want to know the insider tricks to get deals online. You’ll learn how to get sellers to contact you and cool ways to find them beyond searching though ads.
    • Over the 5 days, there will be 7 new courses taught by Ron. These courses are:
      • 7 Figures or Bust - Where you’ll meet several of Ron’s students and find out the key ingredients to go from nothing to 7 figures.
      • Ron’s Rants - This is a session where Ron will share his most closely guarded secrets. Because of this, no photos or recording devices be permitted in the room.  In this case, what happens in Vegas, will remain in Vegas, except of course for your notes.
      • Structuring Your Empire - Ron will cover what entities you’ll need, how to own them, and what each is for. This is a critical session if you want to reduce your taxes and keep predators from taking your assets.
      • 5 Deal Structuring Sessions - This is where Ron will showcase the numerous deals generated from the 12 mentors working your leads. You’ll see how the profit is made, how he negotiates even better deals, what to do at the house and how to partner with him if needed.
      • Genius Panel - Where you’ll get a chance to learn from the best in the industry. The panel of speakers were personally selected by Ron and he will lead the session.  There will even be a Q&A session with Ron and the speakers.
      • Never Pay Taxes Again - This is a great session that will save you a fortune in taxes, legally. No tax scams or offshore accounts.
      • Get Everything Done for You, for Pennies - In this course, Ron will teach you how to skyrocket your cash flow and wealth by eliminating the minutia and having someone else do the grunt work for pennies.
    • There will be 4 featured speakers
      • Eric Moeller - Who is an expert in building cash flow through AIR BNBs. Eric is the founder of Homtel, an AIRBNB co-hosting, leasing, and investment company that specializes in hosting the most unique homes in the most unique parts of the world.  He was quickly named an AIRBNB Superhost and is currently managing listings throughout Southern California and expanding into new markets.
      • Lee Kearney - Will talk to you about how to properly scale your real estate business. Lee’s completed over 7,500 house transactions totaling over a half a billion dollars and he’s done it without using his money or credit, without seeing any of the houses, without talking to sellers, without making repairs and without signing any contacts or sitting down at closings.  And in this session, he’ll show you exactly how he does it.
      • Marshall Sylver - Is the #1 leading expert on subconscious reprogramming and irresistible influence. Bottom line…he’s going to change your mindset, so you start thinking like a millionaire.
      • Tim Bratz - Who specializes in Commercial property. Tim will teach you how to acquire and transform distressed commercial properties and apartment buildings into high-performance investment assets.
    • There will be a Parade of Champions where you’ll meet a stage full of successful students from across the country.
    • A Networking Casino Night.
    • Over $100,000 in cash and prizes will be given away through drawings conducted several times a day.
    • And much more
  • Additionally, since you are a VIP Student, you’ll get a ton of free bonuses…including, the choice to attend two of the following VIP only courses taught by Ron:
    • 1031 Exchange - This new 1031 exchange course will show you step by step how to triple your assets, triple your cash flow and get more money back from a 1031 exchange from the sale of your house.
    • Flipping Land Ron’s Way - Land deals are Ron’s favorite…and in this course, he’s going to teach you how to find under-zoned land and buy or option it, then simply have it re-zoned. You don’t have to do any work, touch the land, and a lawyer will deal with the city.  Step-by-step instructions with checklists will be included.
    • Flipping Ugly Houses - This course will lay out each step to flip ugly houses…from finding deals, what to offer, the process of flipping quickly and never take title or paying closing costs.
    • Work for equity - This course will teach you how to execute a “work for equity” transaction on ugly houses so you don’t have to fork out tons of cash on home improvements. Step by step instructions with the special forms and lease agreements will be included.
    • Time Management for Real Estate Investors - This course will teach you how to get things done and help you kill the minutia, delegate and systemize so you can focus on what’s important…making decisions and growing your real estate business.
  • VIP students will also receive:
    • A recording of the entire event at no cost…which includes all 4 of the classes from Day 1.
    • A $2,000 Goodie Bag loaded with cool stuff.
    • 4 drawing tickets
    • Access to the banquet dinner
    • And much more
  • Our VIP registration price is normally $997, but today we’re taking $700 off for registering in advance.
  • Therefore, for you it’s only $297. And instead of $300 for each guest, it’s only $100 right now.
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  • Website: RES2020.com

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