Would You Like To Have Ron LeGrand Personally Work With You To Grow Your Business......For a Year?

July 29, 2021

Dear Friend,

If you are receiving this I have identified you as someone that appears to be active at buying and selling houses. If this is true you should be very interested in the following information. If it’s not true you may wish to save it for later use.

You may know I have a mastermind group called...REAL ESTATE MASTERMIND GROUP.

Ingenious title huh?

This group was not designed for beginners but only for those who are currently doing deals and want to be part of a group doing the same from different cities in the country.

I will continue this group in 2021 but have room for only a few more members.

I formed this mastermind group with the purpose of discussing and implementing the critical things required to achieve a high, six-figure income every year buying and selling houses.

If you’re lucky enough to be selected, you’ll become a real estate "mover and shaker" assuming you aren't already.

We will be having (3) 2-day meetings per year in Jacksonville, Florida, and I will only allow one per city to join so no one will be competing.

Our first meeting will be in March with the following dates decided by polling the members at that time for dates that are good for all.

We may take an extra day at the middle meeting and go offshore fishing in Jacksonville as we did this year.

The things we will be discussing will be proprietary, and you wouldn't want your competition to be in the room.

This group will be all about your personal income growth and wealth accumulation along with asset protection.

It'll be open sharing and each member will get a chance on the hot seat, which is why 10 members will max out the group.

That's 9 other movers and shakers helping you grow your business in addition to me.

Can you imagine what you can learn from 10 people active in the business all in different cities?

There is no chance you won’t get a $1 million idea or two from each meeting.

Personal Access

As a member you’ll have full access to me by phone and e-mail the entire year, as well as a partnership arrangement if you need it on residential or commercial properties.

I can tell you from experience from running several mastermind groups that being part of this one will most certainly be a life-changing experience and only available for 10 members and up two guests each.

It’s tax deductible, so let the IRS help foot the bill.  Here’s a recap of discussion topics in addition to the hot seats for each member discussing your individual business:

  • What it takes to net an extraordinary income every year
  • Who, What, When, How, and Cost to ramp up
  • Finding, training, screening, and paying the right people
  • Deals, Deals, Deals. Bring yours, and we’ll discus
  • Autopilot everything, acquire and train acquisitionists, conduct one hour sale, increase closing ratio, handle staff, keep the books, generate massive online leads for sellers and buyers, and a lot more

As a team, we will create your plan and help you plug the holes currently existing in your business.

Going forward, your personal access to me for one-on-one discussions as you grow is worth many times more than the cost of this group.

You may or may not know I get $25,000 a day for one-on-one consulting, and those who have spent a day with me have built multimillion-dollar careers in both real estate and Information Marketing.

The cost to be in this group is only $15,000 for the entire year or $13,500 if paid in full.

If you need financing we’ll work it out as long as I get a $2,000 deposit to secure your seat.

Your year starts in March and continues through February.

If after the first meeting you don’t think this group is for you, I will refund your entire payment.

How You Get It FREE

If we do a deal together I will refund your entire tuition out of my end, usually a 50-50 split, sometimes I take less than 50%.

You must have done at least a few deals for me to accept you.

That way we can keep each group focused on growing with peers of the same experience.

If you haven’t done your first deal yet, I can’t except you, but I hope you understand why.

The biggest benefit of the group is what they learn from the other members and a member not doing deals would be able to contribute very little.

I’d love to have you but maybe next year. You’re just a little early.

Here’s a few more reasons why you should consider my offer quickly and give me your application:

  • You and up to two guests will be comped to the Mastering the Phone event on April 5-6. That’s a $997 gift.
  • I’ll waive your $500 fee to return to Quick Start School as long as it's done in 2021.
  • I’ll buy you dinner at Iggy's, my restaurant, each time you come to Jacksonville.
  • You will be comped to my Commercial Property Boot Camp held here in the fall. That’s another $2,997 gift and you may bring a guest.

  • You’ll get my cell phone and e-mail and may contact me anytime you wish throughout your year, and you will also get the same for each member. Last year‘s group was the most sharing group I have ever managed. The back and forth with questions and comments were priceless.

To apply, I will need the application below and your commitment to crank it up and become a productive member who gives as much as you get.

You should have no issues sharing things you learn since no one in the room will be competing with you.

You need no money to apply, and whether or not I feel you will be a good fit, you will be contacted immediately.