Ron LeGrand Is Going


Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we at Global Publishing are scheduling virtual events you can attend safely from home.





October 20-22, 2021

Commercial Property
Virtual Workshop

Commercial Property Boot Camp is a 3-day, online-only training that includes a deal-a-thon taught by Ron LeGrand. It's like Quick Start Real Estate School, but for Commercial Properties.

November 17-19, 2021

Business Management
Virtual Workshop

Business Management Boot Camp is a 3-day training for Quick Start Grads only taught by Ron LeGrand on highly requested topics like Hiring and Firing, Home vs. Office, Individual vs. Company, Working with Your Spouse and Keeping the Peace, and other Business Management subjects..

February 22-25, 2022

Quick Start Real Estate School
Virtual Workshop

This Quick Start Real Estate School is a 4-day, intensive, online-only training that includes live seller calls, live deal structuring, and a "virtual" bus trip to view houses in the local area.
covid-19 virus

Why are you doing this?

These are scary times…

There's hardly an aspect of our lives that COVID-19 has not touched, and people everywhere are, understandably, under stress.

People are feeling lost, and scarcity-mindedness (whether it’s hoarding toilet paper or fear of losing their jobs) seems to be ruling the day.

So instead of feeding the scarcity (which…let’s face it…entrepreneurs tend to do), at Global Publishing, we have decided to do the opposite:

Effective immediately, we have added two virtual events to our events schedule and will continue to add more.