Exclusive LIVE Training Webcast

The Amazing Secrets
of a 9-Figure House Flipper

…Who – since 2004 – has done over 7500 house deals totaling over half a BILLION ($500,000,000) in transactions.

NOW, discover his SIMPLE SYSTEM that can take you from newbie to advanced flipper, from a SOLO operator to BUSINESS OWNER.

Imagine doing more house deals…

  • Without using any of your own money or credit
  • Without seeing any of the houses
  • Without talking to sellers
  • Without talking to buyers
  • Without chasing down leads
  • Without personally making any repairs
  • Without signing any contracts and without even sitting down at closings.

I’d like to introduce you to Lee Kearney, the Real Mogul.

And, as a special favor to me, I’ve asked Lee to represent a never-done-before LIVE SIMULCAST where he shares his secrets to making MORE money with LESS time and effort.

Join us Soon for this LIVE 3-hour Simulcast.

On this live presentation Lee will share his system for going from your FIRST deal to create a 5-figure, 6-figure or even 7-figure real estate business… for only $99.

I’m holding Lee’s feet to the fire to expose his biggest secrets to scaling up a real estate investing business and doing deals TODAY – even if you’re just starting!

This is a VERY rare and exclusive presentation – and a one-time – only offer to learn Lee’s biggest secrets that’s taken him from ACCIDENTAL investor to one of the most active in the country today!

Here’s What Will Be Covered:

  • The MINDSET of a 7-Figure Investor. The biggest difference that transforms you from deal-to-deal transactions, to creating a REAL business that operates with or without you. Lee will discuss his 7-Steps to creating a REAL business in TODAY’s market. As the market changes, you’ll learn where the opportunities lead to make the most money right now!
  • How to make the most out of the time you have. If you’re not valuing your time at no less than $500 per hour, and only doing $500+ per hour activities – you're doing it wrong. We want you to make the most money in as little time as possible. You’ll develop the mindset and habits of a millionaire house flipper.
  • Where to find the deals TODAY! The market is always shifting. Competition is growing. Do you know where to find the most profitable deals where sellers practically beg you to buy? Lee will share proven deal sources. Why? He’ll tell you more on the live training about that - but it benefits the both of you greatly.
  • How to pick winner deals and dump the losers before they bite you in the ass. Real estate investing is about being selective about the deals you do. Even at the volume Lee does, he focuses on sweet spots that make the most money with least effort. And you should, too. He’ll tell you the areas, the types of deals, the warning signs, and which deals I love to do that most investors run from… but still make me huge returns.
  • How to build a power team you can trust and who does the job exactly how it should be done. Running a large business is about people and processes. But you need the right processes in place first. Lee will show you how to put the right systems in place to run your investing business, so anyone – even without a real estate background – can effectively work in your business and make you more money.
  • Where to get the money. Lee doesn’t use any of his own money. In fact, recently he raised $50,000,000 for just one of his JV partner ventures – and that only took him 2 weeks to get. How? Lee will share the 3 things lenders are looking for and the 2 types of money you need to have lined up even before you do a deal.
  • How to get the most out of your contractors. This is key to any project big or small. Even when Lee wholesales deals (light rehab to flip to another investor) he needs to make sure his contractors exceed expectations, on time, and on budget. He’ll explain the systems he uses, the processes in place, and how to turn over jobs fast. Remember – the faster your team moves, the faster you get paid.
  • Where to find the best buyers for your deals. Lee’s flipped A LOT of deals. He’s flipped to end buyers, to hedge funds & private equity, to rehabbers, landlords... He knows what kinds of deals sell best and to who so you make the most return with least effort.
  • What to do next! Lee will share his plans for growing in a down market. It’s no secret that there’s a market correction coming. He plans on taking full advantage of it. Want to join?
  • And this is just scratching the surface!

This Exclusive Training Is For YOU…

  • If you’re tired and frustrated of working way too HARD with way too many hours in your business without getting the results and income you want and deserve!

  • If you’re sick of chasing down un-motivated sellers, losing out on contracts, or suffering from dead deal flow.

  • If you’re constantly stressed out because you have to do everything yourself in your real estate investing business for things to get done right.

  • If you’re scraping by on deals because there’s small profit spreads.

  • If you’re dealing with phony or flakey buyers who don’t move and delay your payday.

  • If you’re wasting energy on dud deals because they weren’t pre-screened for maximum profit potential before you got in the transaction.

  • If you’re spending time on unimportant things in your business that don’t generate revenue.

  • If you’re pulling your hair out as a business owner because the business owns you.

  • If you’re worried about the next market dip and how it can potentially crush your business and everything you’ve built.

If any of the above sounds familiar – you’re in the same boat as many investors who‘ve built their business on sand ready to crash when the next wave hits.

Or if you’re just starting out – you need to be on this simulcast to know how to build a real business that gives you the time and freedom you’ve always desired!

What you’ll learn on this simulcast can not only help you do more deals now, it’ll set you up to be a MOGUL in your market…

…To run a business you LOVE
like a 7-Figure operator and beyond!

Imagine, hearing first hand from one of the most active investors and operators in the country… for just $99!

And as a bonus, you’ll also get Lee’s documents, contracts, written systems, and added training he uses in his business.

Plus, we’re taking questions on the simulcast, so you can ask anything about doing more deals now and scaling up in today’s market.

Even if you’re just starting out – learn how to set yourself up for creating your own real estate empire!

Register now – only 500 spots are available!
You can even cancel before the simulcast if you can’t make it.

And I’m so confident you’ll get value for this measly $99, he’ll even offer a full guarantee, if after the first hour of the simulcast you’re not fully convinced you can take the information and build a fortune in real estate – just let one of our teams know and they’ll refund your investment.

Register now for just $99. It’s a LIVE training with one of the most active investors in the country, and you’ll get to ask questions on the simulcast!