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I'm sure you think I'm nuts for giving away this entire course for only $59. My staff sure does, and they may be right, but either way, you can win big if you get in quickly. This course is state of the art and is exactly what I'm doing personally in this crappy economy. Take me up on this crazy, one-time offer now! It won't stay up long.

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"Dear Ron,

I received your courses in early January, at the age of 26. I studied the material until my eyes turned red and listened to the CDs until my ears bled. I knew you couldn't be completely full-of-it, so in February, I decided to put the information to use.

It took me 3 weeks to locate a junker and put it under contract. I wholesaled it 45 days later to an investor that saw my newspaper ad. I bought the 1-story, 1300 sq ft house for $18,000 and sold it for $23,500 and made a $5,346.20 net profit. I was amazed that I got no resistance about taking control of the seller's house for $20 (didn't have a $10 bill in my wallet) and could receive a $900 earnest money deposit from my buyer. I told my boss about the transaction and think I'll get a bigger raise later this year for fear of losing me. Not bad, eh? Eventually, I will replace my job with this real estate endeavor.

Ron, thanks so much for publishing and teaching this priceless information. I know my real estate investing will be a life-enhancing venture."

Pablo Carbajal
Salt Lake City, UT