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Have You Ever Thought You’d Like to Renovate Houses, But Didn’t Know How or Where to Get The Money?

- Ron LeGrand

In my 35-year career as a real estate investor, I’ve rehabbed close to 1,000 houses. There has never been a year where I didn’t do some rehabs, and there were some years when I did over 30. My goal for this year is 24 rehabs netting $50,000 each.

And this has nothing to do with the pretty house / terms business running simultaneously.

When I started rehabbing houses back in the 80s, I had no clue what I was doing and it consumed my life. It was a never-ending minutia trap, and it sucked up all my time and energy, and there were times I swore I would never rehab another house.

When I look back on those times now, I get a chuckle realizing the difference between what I know now and what I knew then. Today when I rehab houses, there’s almost nothing for me to do and yet I make more than I did back then working my tail off.

"Since I learned the definition of systemization and automation, everything has changed including the entire real estate business."

Today The Entire Process Requires About 3 Hours of My Time Per House

Here are my responsibilities from beginning to end…

I make offers sitting at my desk with my iPad, about an hour a week

I wait until one of those offers is accepted, currently one out of 17

After accepted, I personally visit the house to verify I want it and call the Realtor immediately with a “go” or “no go” and send a $1,000 deposit if it’s a “go”

My assistant then orders a home inspection

I meet the contractor at the house to go over the list and hand him the home inspection, about 2 hours

I wait for the bid and approve it, after negotiating with the contractor

I do nothing until the work is complete at which time I send my listing agent to the house to do the final inspection and give the list to the contractor to complete before the final draw

There’s nothing else to do but wait for the Realtor to bring me a full price offer. My job is done. Even the closing is handled by the agent.

OK, I agree you’ll spend a little more time at this than I do, but that will fix itself in time, especially if I work with you to correct the mistakes I made in the past. I’m aware you may not have anyone to delegate the small things to as well, so it’s all you.

As it was for me in the beginning.

But you would have to agree that a $50,000 profit would certainly make it worth spending the minimal time required and overcoming the few obstacles to get your rehab business cranked up. In a minute, I’ll show you how I can be available to do just that.

FYI, my $50,000 number is applicable to lower price markets like mine in Jacksonville, Florida where the median price home is $185,000.

In the higher-priced markets, I expect you to net $100,000 plus on each house renovated. Some of my folks are popping over a quarter million dollars per house.

We’re in a very good market right now to buy, fix and sell houses, and I don’t know how long it will last and neither does anyone else. I do know this is the best time I’ve seen since 2005 to sell houses to qualified buyers, and I’m not going to miss it. I hope you don’t either.

The last four houses I sold had multiple offers the week I released it. I’m hearing the same all over the country.

FYI, most of my houses are done through my IRA, which means they are not taxed.

Imagine making $50-$100,000 per month and not paying taxes, legally.

If you’re not rehabbing houses because you don’t have the money or don’t know where to get it, stop that nonsense now. That’s one of the easiest hurdles you’ll overcome in the rehabbing business.

Your money will come from individuals, not banks, not loan sharks, not mortgage brokers. It’ll be plain ole ordinary people who are thrilled to get a good rate of return on well secured money to fund your purchase and rehab, and then some, on every house.

I’ve scheduled a three day training on rehabbing houses and will certainly handle this issue as part of the class. More on that in a minute.

There are actually four key ingredients to becoming a successful rehabber…

After accepted, I personally visit the house to verify I want it and call the Realtor immediately with a “go” or “no go” and send a $1,000 deposit if it’s a “go”

My assistant then orders a home inspection

I meet the contractor at the house to go over the list and hand him the home inspection, about 2 hours

I wait for the bid and approve it, after negotiating with the contractor

Yes, it will take a little time to master these items, and you’ll certainly make some mistakes along the way, as I and everyone I know has done.

But once they’re mastered, you’ve created a business that will last you for the rest of your life regardless of the economic climate at the time and one that will make you more money than many top corporate CEOs.

There will always be houses to rehab and people who want to buy them. There always have been, and there always will be. You’re the gatekeeper and providing a huge public service by taking these run down houses and putting them back into the marketplace.

Over the years I’ve trained and met a lot of people who rehab houses. Some have completed hundreds of projects. Some have built rather large businesses around rehabbing. And yet…

"I Haven’t Met Anyone Yet Who Does It Like The Old Guy, The Easy Way

To me, it’s a very part-time business with a very strong full-time income. If I train you, that’s exactly what I’ll teach you to create in your own life.

That way it becomes an enjoyable business and frees up your time to work other aspects of real estate and do other things in your life without getting sucked up into another life draining minutia trap.

I spend about three hours per house. That’s the truth, not seminar crap or hype. Even a surgeon working 70 hours a week can renovate housesRon’s way!

I've scheduled three days of training for a lucky few, and it'll be a training like no other on the subject of renovating houses. Thirty-five years of my experience will be crammed into this event, and I may only do it one time.

Here’s a list of things I'll cover and a very special offer for you to attend because you’re on our VIP list;

Locating and screening the right houses – There's an art and science to this that will make or break your business.

How to find FSBOs for the best deals – This eliminates relying on bank repos in the MLS and competition.

Making intelligent offers from your iPad – I'll demonstrate Live.

What to turn down and why.

Finding and hiring contractors Ron’s way & Contractor control class (These 2 subjects will be dealt with in detail and with contractors present).

How to estimate repair costs and get contractors to lower the bid – See how I handle bid reduction, it’s worth your whole trip.

A visit to Lowes to see what to buy and what it costs – This will be fun, and we’ll create chaos in Lowes.

A bus trip of “before and afters” – I'll keep at least one house off the market just so we can visit it.

How to structure private money with no payments and where to get all you need – I'll personally show you how to get all you need quickly and easily.

How to find and screen your selling agent, mine will be present.

How to set the sales price and get 10% more.

Where to never buy houses and where you’d like to buy, but can’t

I feel comfortable stating you'll learn more about the business of rehabbing houses in three days than many learn doing everything the hard way for an entire career. I don't know anyone that has done more rehabs than me and teaches it.

Come to think about it, I can’t think of anyone who's done more rehabs than me.

I can only take 100 people into this event, which is the max two buses will hold. After our recent Great American Real Estate Summit, there are only 17 seats left as of the date we mailed you this letter.

If you have interest, take a look at the very special registration form attached because there are many discounts available to you if you qualify. Please act quickly...

You'll be very glad you did.

Check below for upcoming dates.

If you’ve never been to my Boot Camp and seen us do these leads live you will be absolutely amazed at how much money we can pull from just a handful while you watch.