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The Most Critical Ingredient
to Financial Freedom

In September 2008 the world changed and mine with it. When Lehman Brothers went down it caused a worldwide recession that immediately cut off sources of funds and destroyed a lot of equity in real property and other assets.

At that time I was developing 32 different projects in nine states of all varieties. After September 2008 I was developing nothing. The money dried up and more importantly the market dried up, therefore there was no one to buy the projects even if we could've raised the capital to complete them.

Why am I telling you this? Because it is a great example of how fast equity can go away and wealth evaporate. I lost several hundred million dollars of future profits, most of which would have likely been captured by today.

There is one thing that got me through those tough years and allowed me to remain standing. That one thing is… Cash Flow.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to develop several income streams and I am always looking for the next one. I learned a very valuable lesson early on…

Wealth Comes After Cash Flow

  • It's cash flow that pays the bills and makes you feel like you're getting somewhere in life.
  • It's cash flow that lets you sleep at night and eliminates the gnawing feeling in your stomach that the bills won't get paid or get paid on time.
  • It's cash flow that reduces your stress and helps prevent heart attacks and other killer health issues
  • It's cash flow that saves marriages and allows you to Stand back from your business long enough to actually think about how to grow it and not get caught up in the minutia trap that sucks up your life, your energy, and your dreams.
  • It's cash flow that allows you to have enough excess capital to try new things and invest in opportunities that will never come along if you're always struggling just to pay the bills

Yes my friend cash flow is king and there is nothing to replace it. From the very beginning when I started teaching in 1987 I've said 1000 times from the stage…


Without cash flow, there won't be any empire. It'll be the same old, same old. Just getting by, and the next thing you know, years have gone by and you're no better off than you were a decade earlier. If you're not thinking about creating cash flow it's not thinking about you. You can't create wealth while simply making a living.

There's really only a couple ways to fix this. One, get a lot better at what you're doing so your cash flow increases in your current business. Of course, if you don't have a business maybe it's a good time to start thinking about getting one and perhaps real estate is on the shortlist.

Or you can simply add more income streams to your life as I have and allow money to come to you instead of you constantly working to go to it. Personally, I like both of these solutions and I think with a little effort on your part and a little training on my part we can work together to make the next 12 months the most cash-flow-rich months of your life.

Here's How!

For the last couple of years I have been thinking about creating an event specifically focused on ramping up your cash flow. It's now a reality.

In fact, the new event will be called…

Multiple Income Streams or MIS.

At this event I will go behind the scenes and show you some of the income streams I currently have and actually disclose things I've never told anyone before about what's going on in my life.

For several months now I've been collecting the best income streams I currently do or have done extensive research on and they will all come together in this event.

I have carefully selected only those income streams that you can activate with little or no money and are worthy of your time because they will produce enough income to justify the effort you put into them to create massive passive income. Some more lucrative than others but all worthy of making the cut.

Anyone Of Them Can Add Six Figures To Your Income,
Some Can Add Seven Figures

Don't worry I know you already have enough to do and are likely not looking for more things to suck up your time and distract you from what you're currently doing. I get it. Not only do I get it, but anything I bring to you as a potential income stream can and should be done semi passively with somebody else doing almost all of the work.

If you know me and have been trained by me you know my focus will always be to put you in a position where there is only one thing you should be doing…


Many of the income streams are real estate related and there are a few that aren't. All in all there will be at least 17 new opportunities on the table for you to decide which fit into your life. No one can do them all nor would I expect them to. I'll lay them out and show you how they work and what they're worth and what it'll take to get started and then you can decide if they excite you enough to put into action.

This much I can promise you… there is no chance you will leave this event without at least THREE — MILLION DOLLAR ideas going home with you.

Here's a few things I'll disclose…

  • How to create your own homebuyer society where people pay you $1000 a month to meet with you in a group setting twice a month and bring you deals you split 50-50 with none of your own money or credit invested. You'll learn how to create an army of deals coming to you and all you do is use your brain while your members do the work and pay you to be involved. This one opportunity could net you seven figures annually and cost you nothing to set up. If you've done a few deals of your own this is a perfect business opportunity that can and should be implemented immediately.
  • How to get paid for all the leads you generate from sellers and quickly turn it into a real business instead of throwing them into the trash. After sitting through this class you’ll see this business can generate more revenue for you than buying and selling houses once you get it cranked up and systemized. We are building the tools now to make this happen and put it on auto pilot. You will not sleep at night once you see how lucrative lead selling really is.


  • How to break into information marketing and become a seller of information in addition to a buyer of it. You'll see how I make A large portion of my income and I'll take you behind the scenes at global publishing and show you how we operate. You'll also see how I create millionaires by helping them break into information marketing. Don't worry, you don't need your own product to be in the information marketing business but if you want your own product I'll show you how to create it at lightning speed and what it will take to sell that product to produce an easy six-figure income and more if you get serious. You'll meet a few folks there who have worked with me to do just that and see what it's been worth to them.
  • I will lay out the three fastest ways to make money in commercial property without using your money or credit. You drive by these opportunities daily so maybe it's time you were trained to see the opportunity you're passing up and the steps it takes to turn them into cash without risk. All three produce six figures per deal. Papa knows how…
    you will too, soon!
  • I'll be teaching the business of the defaulted paper and why it is so lucrative in today's market. You'll see all the money you're leaving on the table if you're currently buying and selling houses because you can't do so without finding Defaulted paper. Any mortgage or trust deed that's in arrears is by definition defaulted paper. I'll show you how to profit from it without spending any money or taking any risk and you'll be amazed at the money you can make by spotting these gems.
  • Then there are judgments and liens you'll find while buying and selling houses and sometimes the profit in these is more than the profit in the house itself. I love houses with judgments and liens attached because I can see how to turn those into big money without ever buying or touching The house. Then there are unsecured judgments which are also a gold mine if properly worked and you don't leave your desk to do it.


  • If you live in a college town you'll discover how to take a single-family house and turn it into a cash cow without changing anything inside of it by renting the rooms to students who'll pay $500 to $700 a month per bedroom plus their own utilities and maintenance. If you do that math a four bedroom house is worth $2800 per month. Since we buy houses without using our own money or credit this income source is unlimited and easy and quick to get started. You don't even have to buy the house you can lease option it and do the same thing. You'll meet a student turned teacher who came from bankruptcy and divorce three short years ago and in two years built an empire of student housing with 156 rooms paying her $450 – $600 per month, all on a years lease even though they're not at the University the whole year.
  • If you have a real estate license Ill show you how to net a minimum of $10,000 per month in addition to increasing your commissions drastically by simply showing a few investors houses you pick out of the MLS on a small bus tour like we do at the Quickstart real estate school. Ill also teach you how to double your income from listings and how to piss off all your competition when they learn why you're getting triple the listings they are. This is a unique trick I learned over the years and I have told only a handful of people about it. You'll be in that select group.


I can't do this class without spending some time working on the massive income streams right IN you're buying and selling houses business. In that light we will be screening your deals in class and having several deal structuring Sessions to turn them into cash for you after they've been called by my staff. You'll be instructed on how to get these leads prior to the event and why it's very important you bring a stack.

If you've never been to my Boot Camp and seen us do these leads live you will be absolutely amazed at how much money we can pull from just a handful while you watch.

Of course, if it's not YOUR DEALS we're working on you won't feel the excitement because you won't see the big checks coming into your bank account within 30 to 60 days thereafter.

$20,000-$30,000 checks have become the norm on the deals we screen all received from nonrefundable lease-option deposits on beautiful homes in beautiful neighborhoods shortly after you take control of the house.

Buying and selling with owner financing will also be built into the agenda so I can take some time and show you the secrets I learned over the years, but haven't shared in years. I used to teach a three day event on this subject and I decided to take the most important content from that event and cover it at MIS.

Frankly, I'm probably the only guy alive qualified to teach this stuff. I learned it back in the 80s when the prime rate was 18% interest and it was pretty much the only way to buy and sell houses. It's just as valid today as it was then and in many cases more so.

Your event manual will contain some valuable information and useful wording you can use in your deals that will change your profitability and give you the strategic advantage for as long as the deal last. One clause I frequently use could net you $50,000 more on a single deal.

Owner financing is a tool that should be in all investors toolbox and can create large residual income for years into the future because of your ability to structure deals with sellers that continue to be golden geese. I'll show you how to easily create paydays of $1000 plus per month on one single family house because of what you know. And again, without using your money or credit.

FYI, it cost more to attend the seller financing Boot Camp when it was available then it will cost you to attend my new MIS Boot Camp. If you get nothing more than the owner financing portion of this event, it would be worth your entire cost of tuition and travel.

I won't disclose all the income streams I'll cover at this event here. Some I'm going to keep a secret and won't discuss with anyone until the event opens. You'll like my secrets.

I only scheduled this event to take place one time and won't make the decision whether to repeat it or not until after it is over.

It'll take place in Jacksonville Florida on March 1-4, 2017.

That's four days of you and I locked into a room with new income streams coming at you step-by-step so you can decide which ones to implement when you get home. Each and every one will be worthy of your time and effort and any one could change your cash flow drastically and quickly and will be worth adding to your life or I wouldn't bring it into the room.

The room will hold 90 people and then we'll have to close it down so if this is of interest to you I'd suggest you make a move quickly to get registered. We expect no problem filling it up fast as it is new, exciting, very profitable for the attendees, and may not be repeated.

OK Ron, How Much?

Well that answer will depend on how many discounts you are eligible for from the $4995 tuition cost. Attached you will find a form that lays out these discounts so you can just check off the ones that apply to you and that will get you to your cost.

In addition, you can choose the financing option or apply for our HELP Card and get a line of credit to cover the entire cost, with nothing down at zero interest, for six months. Be sure to discuss this when you call, because it only takes a few minutes to do so and you will instantly know if you were approved and for how much.

I'd suggest you give little thought to how much it costs to get into the room and more thought on what it will be worth to you when you do. This much I can assure you, the cost will absolutely be insignificant if you make the cut and get to this event.

I'll give you more information in the first two hours of the first day than needed to easily justify The minimal cost of this event.

In fact, to make your decision easy I will issue you the following unconditional guarantee.

Sit Through The First Two Days
And If You Aren't Thrilled With The Content
And Think It's Worth Ten Times More Than The Cost,
You May Leave And Get A Full, Prompt And Courteous Refund

In addition, you have a full 30 days after registration to back out and get every dime back with no questions asked.

You're only risk here is if you don't make a quick and decisive move to register while we still have space available and before your big discount goes away, shown in red on the attached form.

You'll get a systems manual when you check in that will contain information not available to you anywhere else on earth. It will be full of tools and clauses and steps you may use in all of the income streams I bring to the table.

Again, I don't expect anyone to implement everything we discuss but it's likely you might find two or three that excite you to the point they truly become life changing income streams.

If you have people on your team that help you implement or if you intend to, it might be a good idea for you to bring them with you. I will allow you to bring one guest at no charge and each additional guest is only $500. Bring as many as you like.

That's right, let uncle Sam help you pay for it.
Everything is tax-deductible including your travel tuition and food.

You may also use your IRA money to cover the cost of this trip. You cannot write a check to Global Publishing direct, but you can make a withdrawal and use it anyway you wish.

If you are under 59 1/2 you may get taxed on the withdrawal but you get a deduction for the cost so it's a wash. If you're over 59 1/2 you won't get taxed on the withdrawal and still get the deduction.

What better way to use IRA money then to invest in your own Business training that will likely get you the highest rate of return possible for the funds in your IRA. I look forward to seeing you in Jacksonville, which by the way is where Iggy's Seafood Shack is located, my restaurant, and rest assured you will be dining there. If I'm in a good mood I might even buy you dinner.

Get registered right now while you're thinking about it and get your plane ticket booked. Will send you the hotel information as soon as we receive your registration.

Register Below or Call 800-567-6128

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