Leads to Deeds Pretty House Boot Camp
with The Wolff Couple

We want you to live the life of your dreams, and the decision before you right now will make all the difference. Hands down, the most life-changing Real Estate event anywhere is our powerful 4-Day "Leads to Deeds" Pretty House Boot Camp! Please make the decision to join us.

4 Simple Reasons To Join Us

YOU Can Make Money!

You bring in Leads, and we close them for you on stage right before your eyes! We teach you (with 2 exclusive Conference Calls) how to get plenty of good leads to bring in, and then for 4 days WE close YOUR deals!

You already know we've been the Nation's Top Closers at training events for over 15 years. Just watch all our amazing LIVE Calls on our YouTube channel! We can send you home with one (or MORE) done Deals with completed contracts, and appointments with huge paychecks waiting!

We know that even one Deal can set you up for your biggest year ever! That's the very best way we know to change your life forever, and that is our Mission!

LEARN How to Make Lots More Money!

We'll bring you up on stage beside us while we call your Leads, and encourage you to read the Scripts yourself. This is the best possible training for becoming a killer Closer back home!

Closing Calls have the largest impact on your Conversion Ratio, yet they are the scariest part of the business, so improving here results in a profit explosion!

There's nobody better to teach you Closing Calls than the Wolff Couple. Like the old saying goes, "Give someone a fish, feed them for a day. Teach them to fish,and you feed them for a lifetime."

LEARN "Up-Close" How to Run Your Own REI Business.

They call us the "King & Queen of Automation and Delegation".

We'll take you into the field on our ground-breaking "Pretty House Bus Trip!"

We go out and buy Pretty Houses, you'll actually help us conduct our famous "1-Hour Open House", then we'll even take you to our office and show you our organizational systems, and exactly how a thriving investing business really operates!

Don't reinvent the wheel, just copy what works!

Get Money-Making, Detailed Training & SYSTEMS

Lynette is the Ultimate ACTION Brain, and Brian is the Ultimate THINKER Brain. You'll receive the smartest possible instruction on every key facet of the Creative Financing business. Brian literally wrote the book on it, our #1 Amazon Bestseller, "The Flip Side of Flipping - the Easier Way to Real Estate Riches".

Nobody has figured out the Pretty House business, or created the Systems & Scripts for it like Brian has. You'll treasure the event manual and your notes when you get home, and you'll use them every day on your way to great success!

So you've probably figured it out by now...

Your Smart Conclusion: "I Need to Get to Leads to Deeds!"

Hear From Past Attendee Joel S.

Ask successful students, and you'll find many trace it straight back to this Boot Camp. Maybe you saw Corey on stage with Ron LeGrand at the last Global Summit. When Ron asked him about the turning point in his investing career, he immediately said "The Wolff Couple's Leads to Deeds Pretty House Boot Camp!" Now he's done double digit deals, he's building more wealth every day, and he's even joined Ron's Mastermind Group!

We want the same success for you as Corey and so many of our other students have had. We want to teach you exactly what you need to know to make the most money quickly, and even hand you closed deals so you can't back out of your own great future!

The time is perfect to sign up for "Leads to Deeds"!
The price is for 2 people, and you can bring 1 extra Guest for FREE. We've just had a rare opportunity open up, so we're doing something extra special we've never done before!

For whoever fills our last 5 spots, we are giving away a massive DISCOUNT! That is We've rarely ever do this, so take advantage of it!

The total cost for the entire 4 Days with everything we covered here is MUCH Less than the $3997 on our website www.TheWolffCouple.com

We're offering this special opportunity because we want YOU to get deals closed fast, and get trained right! We want to change your life with huge profits, so you'll spread the message of the Wolff Pack!

We're offering a 10% discount if you Pay In Full. We also don't want temporary cash flow issues to make anyone miss out, so we do have Financing Available. A tiny fraction of the profit from just one deal will pay for the entire event and more.

Whoops, didn't we mention something about visiting us and staying FREE? What's that all about?

Okay, we have 5 spaces still available, and we know you need this training, so we're throwing in a huge extra incentive to DO THIS NOW!

Sign up right away, and WE'LL PAY YOUR HOTEL BILL!

We'll take care of everything for all 4 nights (except room service)! First you need to see if you're in the first 5, so CALL OUR OFFICE RIGHT NOW to get registered at 888-RICH-NOW (1-888-742-4669)!

After you get registered we'll send you the hotel information so you can book your accommodations immediately. !

We are so excited to see you at "Leads to Deeds", and so excited to help change your life! Call NOW or order online to be one of the SPECIAL 5! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Brian & Lynette Wolff

The Wolff Couple have been training successful investors alongside the guru Ron LeGrand all across America for 15 years. Brian and Lynette are the acknowledged authorities on Scripts, LIVE Closing Calls, Acquisitionists, and Pretty Houses. Their systems and training are considered by their students and peers to be the gold standard in the industry. They also have an Amazon #1 Best-selling book on Creative Financing entitled, “The Flip Side of Flipping”!

In the past the Wolffs were both realtors, and Brian managed a mortgage office in downtown Phoenix. When they launched into real estate investing full time they quickly replaced 2 six-figure incomes. They now have over 50 years of combined experience, and they’ve closed over 700 house deals.

It has become Brian and Lynette’s life mission to be a blessing to others. They would love to help YOU truly achieve your dreams too!

Space is limited, so get registered today...