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L.A. Cop Gets Rich In Real Estate…
Quits Dodging Bullets

Have you ever felt overworked and underpaid?

We were on our way back from one of the most dangerous shifts of my career. The day began with a high speed chase and machine gun fire for breakfast.

Next, a middle aged woman from a peaceful neighborhood decided that firing random shots off her .22 caliber pistol was a great form of stress relief, and there were children screaming everywhere. Two high speed motorcycle chases later, and all I could do was stare at my lunch as another call came through the radio.

More guns, more speed and more danger – “I don’t get paid enough for this!”

My partner was a rookie and it was his first day on the job – lucky guy, eh? I had a reputation for being an aggressive officer. I was proactive and made lots of arrests. The rookie would be filing a lot of paperwork at the end of each day.

This is the kind of administrative work cops don’t enjoy, but the way this day was going, I could tell he was already looking forward to it. Have you ever felt like escaping the dreaded nine to five? On that day, we both did.

At the end of the shift, all I wanted was a hot shower and the comfort of my covers – but the night had just one more surprise in store for us – dinner. As we headed to the station to file the day’s paperwork, my partner spotted two suspects running from a cash checking store.

One was carrying a box, the other a .44 mag pistol – I suddenly developed a liking for boxes. My partner and I positioned ourselves behind our black and white police vehicle and shined a spotlight on the suspects. They responded with gunshots as they disappeared into the night.

Did I mention I don’t get paid enough for this???

It wasn’t like I didn’t appreciate my work. I loved being a cop, I still do. That’s why I still volunteer to protect the citizens of Los Angeles on a part-time basis. Except now, I do it simply for the love of it and not for the pay. 

My real estate business covers all my needs and expenses. I have so much time to spare that I feel the need to use it in a way which benefits the community and makes a difference. Once a public servant, always one, but I don’t dodge bullets anymore.

My name is Alton Jones. Today I buy and fix up houses in L.A. and make more in a couple months, than my dangerous ex-job paid in a year, and I don’t use my money or credit.

My Cop Colleagues Laughed At Me When I Told Them
I Was Going to Rehab Houses but They Stopped
Once I Showed Them My First $56,548 Profit Check!

I earned a measly $65,000 a year as a cop. I never bought anything for myself without feeling guilty. I couldn’t spoil my loved ones because there was always a better way to use the little money we had. Do you know the feeling?

I was controlled by my finances instead of being in control of them. What’s most ironic, is that it was easier for me to risk my life in shootouts than it was to face my financial problems. I hope that whatever your fears may be, they make better sense than mine – adults are not supposed to be afraid of money!


I couldn’t believe it. I had effectively doubled my income without doubling my effort by figuring out how to work effectively. My colleagues were in awe of me.

Of course when I first told them I was going to buy a house at a low price, make some renovations to it and then sell it at a higher price, they all laughed at me. “That’s impossible,” they said. “You don’t know what you’re doing. Where will you get the financing?”

Anyone Can Rehab Houses Part-Time & Earn More than They Earn in One Year with a Job on One House – Using None of their Own Cash or Credit and With No Prior Experience.

I know, I did it and it didn’t take long.

Here are the profits on my last three houses alone…

  • 407 N. Norton Ave, Hollywood, CA Net profit — $840,000
  • 2553 E. 220th St., Carson, CA Net profit — $116,000
  • 946 E. 163rd St., Carson, CA Net profit — $129,440

That’s $1,085,440 net on just these three! Not bad for an ex-cop, huh?

This year I’m on track to net well over seven figures. Me, the cop. Some days I have to pinch myself. My wife, Rocio, even asked me if I had some confiscated drugs hidden somewhere I was selling.

Are you afraid of being a beginner? I was.

I knew nothing about the real estate business. I had too many questions and no answers.

  • How do I FINANCE this project?
  • How do I choose the RIGHT PROPERTY to buy?
  • What changes should I make to make this property MORE ATTRACTIVE?
  • How do I market the property so that it SELLS QUICKLY?
  • How do I find contractors and keep them from screwing me? How do I ensure I make a good profit and don’t lose my ass?

Am I the only one intimidated by all these questions? Stress occurs when we have more questions than answers. I had enough stress.

The most damaging effect of stress is how alone it can make you feel. When starting something new, even when doing something familiar in a new and better way, we all appreciate some help and support. I was stressed out by all the uncertainty in my new venture, and I had nobody to turn to for answers. Have you ever felt alone?

I changed my life in a few simple steps that anybody can learn. And I did it all while working part time. That’s right, you don’t have to spend many years of your precious life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn how to FLIP PROPERTIES SUCCESSFULLY.

If you’ll let me, I’ll show you how to maximize your time and effort so you start making serious money now and guide you through the step-by-step process of buying, renovating and selling properties so you can start seeing incredible returns today.

You can earn six figures on every house you flip in this market.
Actually, that’s the norm, not the exception.

I’ll Show You How To Do It
In My 3 Day Real Estate Investing Boot Camp.

Real estate is once again RED HOT! Prices are soaring all over the nation. That means there’s plenty of opportunity to buy low and SELL HIGH!

As you know, homes aren’t cheap. So a modest increase in the value of a home you own could be quite sizable. Just imagine how much you could earn if you buy and sell several houses a year and earn a reasonable $100,000 on each sale.

Wow! Flip 5 homes in one year and you can earn around HALF A MILLION DOLLARS. You can do that working part-time on evenings and weekends.

Imagine how much more you could earn if you decided to do real estate investing on a full time basis. You could quickly earn in excess of $1 MILLION A YEAR like I will this year.

What can you do with an income of over $1 million a year?

  • Pay off debt – bills and credit cards
  • Provide a better standard of living for your family
  • Buy your dream home in the best neighborhood
  • Send you children to the finest schools without any student debt
  • You’ll earn the prestige of your friends, family and colleagues and have more time on your hands to spend with the people you love doing the things you love. 

No Doubt About It,
The Income Potential Is Huge!

But, every business venture has its challenges. Investing in real estate can be a minefield of problems that can waste your hard earned money and precious time. 
You may be tempted to give up before you realize any profits. What you need is a teacher who’ll show all the dos and don’ts of real estate investing. Somebody who will answer all your questions and does what he teaches right here in this market.

I’ll show you all the tips and tricks I used to get rich as a real estate investor. From how I started working part-time while I was a police officer, to how I grew my business into a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR SUCCESS in just a few short years.

We’ll get on a bus and tour a couple houses I recently rehabbed. You’ll learn every step I took, what I fixed, what I spent and how long it took. I’ll share my numbers with you and prove the profits are real.

You’ll see why buyers fight over it and the critical things you’d better do right and deadly fatal flaws most do wrong.

I’ll teach you how to keep from getting fleeced by contractors, where to find them, how to hold them accountable, how to get through the bid process and catch them at their slimy tricks. You’ll know what it should cost and be shocked to learn it’s a lot less than you thought.

Remember, I rehab houses right here in the L.A. market. Consider me your Captain America. I’ll shield you from unscrupulous contractors.

In this INTENSIVE WORKSHOP you’ll learn

  • You don’t need YOUR CASH or CREDIT to start investing in property and MAKING HUGE PROFITS
  • You don’t have to spend years learning how to invest in property to be SUCCESSFUL at it, and take big dumb risks.

I’ll outline all the INSIDER STRATEGIES and PHILOSOPHIES to help you:

  • Get the financing you need WITHOUT CREDIT or INCOME VERIFICATION or BANKS
  • Improve/make repairs so that buyers FIGHT EACH OTHER FOR YOUR HOME. My last three were sold before we finished the rehab.
  • Sell your homes for MORE MONEY, faster than your so-called competition. I never sell a home for what Realtors® say it’s worth. I sell it for more and get it. You’ll know why, when you see my rehabs.

Imagine Making Tons of Money While Helping People and Doing Good!
That’s the public servant in me.

Professional flippers are playing a major role in revitalizing the American economy. Recent years have been tough on American families and home owners especially. Many people found themselves owing more than what their house is worth. What a burden! People could not sell their homes because they are worth less than what they owe on them.

Many times I have been able to step in and pay the owner cash for the value of their home, saving them from foreclosure and ruining their credit. I have given many people the opportunity to start afresh in this way. Some sellers were driven to tears as a burden was lifted from their shoulders –
this is part of the Magic!

But a lot of the houses I buy are with short terms. This is my specialty and what I’m anxious to teach you. I find it very easy to get sellers to sell me their house needing rehabbed and will wait awhile to get their money. That means I can fix it and pay them when it’s sold. It also means no monthly payments.

Yes, some are all cash deals but never with my money. I’ve also cracked the code to getting all the money I need to buy and rehab, and then some, from people, not banks or loan sharks. I can’t wait to show you how I do it. Frankly, I have way more money lined up than I can use for deals.

I don’t make payments, pay points, guarantee debt or even fill out an application. Nobody checks my credit. My score is irrelevant. And every time I buy an all cash deal, I bring home money the day I buy and never worry about running short of cash.
FLIPPING IS MEANINGFUL work because a home is easily the most important asset to any family. Imagine helping people buy and sell the most important asset in their lives while making TONS OF CASH. It doesn’t get better than this!

Even If You’re An Experienced Flipper, You Need This Event! Here’s why:

At this exclusive event I’ll reveal the top five strategies to taking your existing real estate investment business to new heights.

I’ll show you:

  • How to time the selling of your property to make the HIGHEST RETURNS
  • How to market your property and create a bidding frenzy to push the price well ABOVE MARKET VALUE and get it sold before the rehab is done. My last 5 houses did just that.
  • How to find properties with the most POTENTIAL and which tools to use to find them. In fact, most of the work is done for you.
  • How to use the internet and automation to intensify your marketing strategy and never talk to a buyer or seller until you know you’ll do business together.
  • Where to spend your time EFFECTIVELY so you don’t waste it and can run your entire business in less than 10 hours a month, like I do.

This Is The Opportunity You Have Been Waiting For! You Can Now Achieve Success On Your Own Terms:

What are the benefits of working for yourself?

  • No more commuting to a job with a boss who doesn’t APPRECIATE you
  • Create your own schedule
  • Have more time for family and hobbies
  • Enjoy absolutely UNLIMITED INCOME
  • The smarter you work the more you earn

Act Now! Registration Has Just Opened
And Seats Are Filling Up Fast.

This will easily be 3 of the most life changing days of your life. Don’t let this exclusive opportunity slip from your fingers. Experienced industry professionals eagerly pay up to $10,000 for the type of information given at my 3 day real estate investing boot camp because they know they’ll earn 10 to 20 times that with all they learn.

OK Alton, How Much?

I want this exclusive experience to be available to people who are starting out in the industry as well. So, I’m offering a one-time only, introductory special offer.

No, not $5,000. Not even $3,000.

If you take advantage of this opportunity RIGHT NOW, I’ll give you the secrets for making TONS OF CASH in real estate for…

A SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER of only $2,997…

…and if you beat the red deadline date on the order form I’ll deduct another $500 so your total cost is only… $2,497 for you and your guest.

Here Is My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee To You:

If you’ve read this far, you obviously know you WANT to attend this exclusive event because it’ll literally equip you to make hundreds of thousands, or MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year. But here is what you may be thinking: “Gosh, this sounds good, and Alton really seems to know what he is talking about, but what if it’s not worth $2,497 to me?” That’s what you’re thinking isn’t it? It’s OK. I would be too.

So here’s what I’ll do for you: I’ll let you attend ALL THREE DAYS of the seminar, and on the last day if you don’t think you got much more than your money’s worth, just tell me, and I’ll write a full refund check for you ON THE SPOT. Is that fair?

Now Let’s Think About This For A Minute…

I’m so damn confident you’ll learn how to make a ton of money in real estate, I’ll take all the risk, and frankly, my lifestyle isn’t going to change a single bit by a measly $2,500. I’m perfectly happy to extend this courtesy to you, because I KNOW you’ll love and benefit from this event.

So What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up For The “Rehabs2Riches” 3 Day Real Estate Investment Boot-Camp Today! It’s the right thing to do. I’m excited for you and will bend over backwards to help you get off to a fast start.

To your quick success,


P.S. You gotta make the red date to get the $500 off. I’ve scheduled only two events and may not do another. FYI, I can only take 75 people, and I have over half already in the first event. Don’t put this off.

P.S. If you attend the first event and feel you’d like to return again to the second a few months later, I’ll charge you only $500 per person.

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