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"Have You Heard What Others Are Saying?"

"Phenomenal! Ideas and techniques spawned…"

Arnold Wall
Atlanta, GA

Edward O'Keefe

"Great secrets and master teachers! I can’t wait to get home to start making more money based on the things I learned here."

Edward O’ Keefe
"Dentist Profit Systems"
Chicago, IL

Kathleen Kennebrooke

"…an incredible opportunity to learn new ways to grow your business, network with some of the best in the business and create new business opportunities for ourselves."

Kathleen Kennebrooke
"Marketing Magic Lady"

Jeff Kaller

"I came…with one main idea to produce with Information Marketing and am leaving with three ideas.  Just when I thought I had it all figured out. Looking forward to another year under Ron’s tutorial."

Jeff Kaller
"Mr. Preforclosure"

"This is what I needed. Step-by-step, blueprint guidelines how to get me started on my Information Marketing Business. I am spending less attending this boot camp than a "Start Your Own Business" Course. I’m ready to do this. I know I will succeed. The tools and suggestions are simple enough to follow. You don’t need a college education. Thanks a million!"

Jose Cox
Houston, TX

"We learned the A-Z concepts to begin a very profitable information business. There was so much available, more than I expected. I would highly recommend this event to all. If you have any business at all, it will give you new understandings. Great Job!"

Alicia Stump
Alma, MI

"…gave me the direction I needed to put my ideas in motion, plus it gave me new ideas for other streams of income. Well worth the investment!"
John Stockhausen
Clearwater, FL

"After spending 5 years in the Marine Corps, I can’t think of any better way to spend my time but to work for myself."

John Stockhausen, Jr.

"We are going home fired up and ready to get moving with our marketing. We also enjoyed sharing ideas with others."

Jay Kennebrooke
Bradenton, FL

"…some of the best marketers, including Internet Marketers, I’ve ever heard. Anyone could improve their bottom line with the secrets learned here.

Kathryn Suski
San Mateo, CA

"I appreciated the sincerity without the B.S. Clear tools to be implemented immediately."

Doug Anderson
Andover, MN

"They delivered much more than I ever expected. I left here with a turn-key business at an inexpensive cost that has been tested, all I have to do is follow the instructions I’ve been given."

Debbie Langley
Denver, CO

"Wow! A basic rule in Information Marketing is "Under Promise and Over Deliver." I left with more knowledge, ideas and specifics on how to get my Information Marketing Business started than I ever expected. The ability to meet and talk one-on-one with some of the most successful doers in the industry give me the confidence I’ll need to launch a successful business of my own. And I now have access to some great products to boot.

Ken Smith
Waterford, MI

"I have been very successful in Real Estate, but I’ve never been passionate about it. I can take my knowledge and experience and make a business on sharing it."

Hank Avink
Schollcraft, MI

"This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to take control of their life and not be dependent on a boss or a job."

Shawn Meldrum
Layton, UT

"The specific ideas and strategies I walked away with will easily double my revenues in the next year. Thank You!"

Mark Idzik
Phoenix, AZ

"I just started developing my own info-products, and I got a ton of useful, specific tips that will help me make more money with my information business faster!"

Dr. David Johnson
Durham, NC

"I already had several outlines of an information marketing business I wanted to implement, and they gave me the products to sell – they did the hardest part."

Rosandra Simmons
Rowlett, TX

I learned what I needed to learn to go out and make lots of money in the information marketing business.

H. John Avink
Schookraft, MI

"Every few years, one of us is unemployed.  My husband’s banks get bought out, and we, like many others, are left to raise a family on unemployment.  We decided to take control of our lives again and achieve our goals.  We have nothing to lose.  The corporate world has already taken it from us.  When we go home, we will utilize what we have learned and hopefully be the next ‘winning’ example at future boot camps."

Marie Wilmot
Marengo, IL

"I have not been to any course that provides all it promises before. Not only the information, but the tools are provided."

William A. Ethridge
Destin, FL

"My mind is over-flowing with ideas.  This is my second time coming, and I promise you’ll see me again."

Stephanie Mosely
Eastonallee, GA

"This event provided so many professional speakers with eye-opening information. Thanks to Ron for making this so informative. They also have an awesome staff."

Diana L. Van Dellen
Hudsonville, MI

"I’ve been an Internet expert and a mail order marketer for years.  I’ve been developing several of my own products but needed a substantial backend of high quality products.  I am used to buying licenses but yours have added what I will need to replicate my doctors income quickly and make my comparable yearly income, but in a months time."


"You provide all the tools enabling beginners a wonderful opportunity to start their own home based business."

Fred Wynne
Hilton Head Island, SC

"I have been involved in real estate (marketing) business for 4 decades.  During this time, I have heard many professional speakers and listened to hundreds of marketing campaign promoters.  My reason for writing to you is simple.  I was in attendance at the marketing seminar on May 13th , in which you made your presentation.  Your explanation of information marketing and direct mail is "light years" ahead of any I’ve heard.  I am excited to be part of your newsletter and look forward to getting your material, when available.  Keep up the good work."

David Segars
Augusta, GA

"Definitely worth every penny.  I am on my way to my meeting my financial goals."

San Jose, CA

"This was absolutely fabulous for any of us, like me, who need the basics for beginning – getting started.  I doubly appreciated the generosity of the speakers who gave time outside their talk to help me with my ideas and answer questions."

Becky Gorman
Minneapolis, MN

"This is the most dynamic seminar on information marketing that I have ever attended."  

Dale Shaffer
Keego Harbour
, MA

"My daughter was suddenly thrown into a desperate situation.  We have so far been able to financially keep her in her house.  She needed hope and needed solutions fast.  By bringing her to this boot camp, we have the hope.  We are working toward Information Marketing.  We did not even know of Ron LeGrand.  While sitting in a hotel in Cleveland, a man sat beside me, we started talking and he told me about Ron and said he was the best of the best, so I did a search on the Internet, and that’s how I found your site.  When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Carolyn Hensel
Belle Center
, OH

"The information provided at the boot camp is sure to save me countless hours and many dollars in mistakes.  Without the guidance from the various experts, my current project would have certainly suffered and possibly resulted in failure."

Hugh Williams
Amelia Island
, FL

"I’m just starting my business.  This boot camp will save me time and money.  I couldn’t have learned how to start an information marketing business faster and smarter in so short a time anywhere else.  Thanks Ron, you’re a great workshop leader who wants to see us succeed!"

Shawn Lock
Seattle, WA

"This is one of the best for content that I have gone to in a long time.  I think anyone who goes to a Global Publishing seminar will get lots of value."

David Cortner
Upper Lake, CA

"I completely enjoyed the "boot camp."  Ron LeGrand and his partners have inspired me to a new level of achievement."

Daniel Lock
Seattle, WA

"The information is great and worth millions.  I can’t wait to get home and put this information to work.  I’ll definitely be back for more boot camps."

Angela Hensel
Dublin, OH

"I appreciated the volume of information and the candid approach by the speakers."

Byron Howell
Baton Rouge, LA

Anyone dissatisfied with their job, or who’s recently been laid off, or would like to have some additional income needs to attend this boot camp.  You will hear speakers who have succeeded and continue to succeed in marketing information by direct mail or the Internet.  This business can make you rich (over time) if you take action.  You need to be here!  Ordinary people will succeed, it needs to be you and me.  

Ron Barr
Marietta, GA

"Finally, someone who over delivers.  You just keep outdoing yourselves.  I am a student for life.  The teachers you have walk the walk and continue to cut my learning curve."

Kimberly Rhoades
Pasadena, CA

"Great info, great opportunities, great products, great job!!"

Jon Lance Zeller
Myersville, MD

"This boot camp event provided me with a wealth of information that I could not possibly have gained on my own.  I’m ready to begin working for myself."

Mike Wilmot
Marengo, IL

"Excellent speakers offering a readymade proven plan to get you anywhere you want to go.  All you need to provide is action."

Bob Johnson
Marietta, GA

"I’ve learned more about information marketing in four days than I’ve learned in the last few years.  Outstanding content with instruction included and follow through."

Tom Spicer
Atlanta, GA

"This was probably the most ‘complete’ instruction on high profit margin direct marketing both on and off the Internet for generating fast real income that could possibly be crammed into a 4-day course."

Steve DeWitt
Atlanta, GA

"This boot camp brought to light my tremendous potential of being extremely wealthy.  There was an enormous amount of information presented.  My biggest challenge when I go home is to schedule time to sleep.  My brain has been revved up."

Beverly Beirl
Largo, FL

"Great boot camp.  I learned many ways of making money on the Internet.  I also learned new information not available anywhere else."

 Dennis Arocho
Pasadena, TX

"…Your presentation encouraged me to move out in the information marketing arena.  You gave us simple, step-by-step, understandable methods of achieving financial independence.  I am expecting BIG results.  Thank you for sharing your proven ‘secrets’ with us.  There truly is enough money to go around so that those of us who act on this information may live a lavish lifestyle.  Thanks again for your support."

Angela Rucker
Union City

"At last, a seminar with more content than hype!  I’ve attended many seminars over the years and always left feeling cheated because I felt I had paid good money to listen to a bunch of advertising.  Global Publishing’s Boot Camp was pure gold and a breath of fresh air. I feel like I got much more than my money’s worth, and I highly recommend attending the next Boot Camp.  

George Callens
Mankato, MN

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to join you on this exciting journey.  Your presentation in Atlanta was so much more believable than some of the other more experienced people, that I felt compelled to join you immediately with no reservation at all.  I look forward to working with you, learning from you and sharing the wealth with you.  Thanks again."

 Bill Thomas
Wellington, OH

"Your presentation literally opened the eyes of participants at the Marketing Conference.  The funnel demonstration was the first of its kind I have ever seen.  It was brilliant to say the least, and of course, it only made sense.   Thank you again."

Purvis London
Pt. Charlotte, FL

"Excellent.  We have a lot of information that you could not find in a college.  My husband and I are going home and are going to put this information to use and soon we will be free from our full time jobs.  Thanks Ron."  

Michelle Hinds
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I found the information regarding the Internet to be cutting edge and dynamic to increase anyone’s business in a matter of weeks.  The secrets will be invaluable."

John Hedgepeth
York, PA

"The information that I got here is massive.  It has given me the opportunity to come up with several million-dollar ideas.  Looking forward to getting home and implementing tons of new ideas, both in this business of information marketing and in our real estate investment business.  Thanks for putting together and awesome event!"

Josh Dilligham
H.P., NC

"Ron, what a great way to start our new millennium.  This century is going to be loaded with Internet information marketing.  Cutting edge seminar."

 Ray Ritchie
China Grove
, NC

"Outstanding, Life changing, Incredible are just a few words to briefly describe this information packed event.  Our tuition was far surpassed in the first few hours of this 3-day boot camp.  We will be at the next one.

 Del Hinds
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I am just a beginner- the info provided was astounding.  I can’t wait to get home to start my business efforts on the information super Hwy."

Sue Park
Tuckerton, NJ

"Very clear, concise, real techniques to turn ideas and information into cash.  I feel I can turn this info into 6 figures over the next 12 months, and 24-36 months 7-figure income."

Mack Machen
Beverly Hills, CA

"The networking alone was worth the price of the seminar.  He said to just use what we get and don’t question or change anything, I always want to reinvent the wheel.  I was especially grateful for the opportunity to sell this boot camp because I didn’t have a product coming in to this boot camp."

 Angela Bowden
Arlington, TX

"Ron’s done it again. Loaded me up with great ideas, proven techniques and inside information to put even more money in my pocket.  Thanks Ron"

 David Johnson
Charles, LA

"I came to the seminar with no previous information marketing training.  I feel now that there is opportunity for us & know the basics to start."

James Trask
Wichta, KS

"I was looking for another income stream. I feel that this is definitely the program that can develop it.  The cost of the event is peanuts compared to the income potential I see from the information presented at this event."

Bob Campana
Girard, OH

"I came here to learn methods of expanding my existing business, and I discovered a completely separate business opportunity.  Bonuses more than worth price of admission."

Mark Bogue
St. Petersburg, FL

"This was a top-notch event with so much value. Can’t wait to put it all to use."

Mark Dexter
McKinney, TX

"Great Job. Full of expert tips to make your journeys happen.  Worth a great deal for the secret tips that are given-you want to be there.  Sky’s the limit.  Truly gives you the tools to succeed."

Charles Loomis
Merrifield, VA

"The information from this seminar is priceless!  I have learned several ways of enhancing my income.  This event was truly God sent. Thank you Ron!"

Angela Rucker
Union City, GA

"I came with an idea of what I wanted to learn here.  I quickly realized how much I don’t know.  I knew I was a good thief but I met some master thieves & saw how they did it legally & profitably.  I came as a baby & learned how to make a lifetime income"

Shelley Loewer
Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Ron’s boot camp was incredible.  Not only is this a million dollar plus opportunity in itself, but using even 1/1000th of the ideas and information with an existing business will make that business skyrocket!  Anyone interested in learning from the best of the best needs to be at the next boot camp."

Shirley Severid
Granger, IN

What we learned…will propel our business again to a much higher level. This event is a must for anyone that wants to improve cash flow. We got one idea that will increase our cash flow by more than most people will make in the next 10 years!"

Stephanie Iannotti – Butler, PA

“I love seeing and hearing Ron. He is amazing. I will improve my business 10 fold because of the event. I have been longing for this kind of stuff to help me manage my business better."

Jonathan Chapman – Dayton, OH

“Straight-forward, to the point, direct & honest. Good ideas sprinkled throughout that were extremely valuable .. “nuggets of gold."

Steve & Sherri – Jarrettsville, MD

“Without a doubt the easy, concise way the program was presented by a talented, knowledgeable teacher- Ron LeGrand. Your ability to convey complete concepts in such a way that the “average" person can quickly grasp the concepts that will allow them also to become multi-millionaires- Thank you."

John McWilliams – Mars, PA

“Ron’s ability to teach a subject that sometimes appears to be complicated in such a simple and clear manner is brilliant. Thanks Ron for showing me that the sky is the limit. The icing on the cake is that you are willing to help me reach the sky."

Pat Wharwood – Lincoln Park , NJ

“Ron is the kind of teacher that not only influences your life, but changes your life. This information I will use my whole life to build wealth. Thank you, Ron, for sharing information that will make the difference from failure to financial success. This is the best seminar I have ever had for “Real information you can use starting today" to make money for yourself."

Trina Johnson – Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

“I have been so enlightened by your course. It has been a resurrection of my creative juices and has inspired me to a new level. I am forever grateful to you and your staff. God Bless and carry on the message."

Richard Reid, M.D.

“Ron, You have done it again! You’re easy to understand instruction really simplified what was a very complicated exclusive niche. It opened up a whole new world of explosive revenue. I am excited the likes I haven’t felt in years. Thank you…"

George Mills

All businesses have one thing in common. They must continually create more revenue than it costs to operate the business. Without a positive cash flow, no business will survive long. I know. I have eight of them as of this report.

If you learn how to acquire customers at a reasonable cost and keep them all, the rest of the issues you face are manageable, and the pressure is off the owners to perfect and grow the business.

If you’re income starved, everything begins to go to hell in a hand basket, and chaos management steps in, and the end is near.

I’ve accumulated a lot of skills in my 68 years on earth, but none of them are as important as the ability to get a consumer to exchange money for products or services because it’s the basic principle of business survival commonly referred to as…Marketing.

You can apply it to all businesses once you learn it, and you can use it to ramp up revenue, which increases the value and creates wealth.

What I learned while selling information products for 25 years has become the life support for all my businesses, and if I had to be stripped down to only one skill, it would be my ability to understand and implement marketing.

My favorite thing to market is information products for a lot of reasons I’ll discuss later.

Actually, it’s a common business model shared between thousands of small entrepreneurs you may have never heard of. I discovered a simple way to leverage this model over 25 years ago and it’s led me to personally experience over $250 million in sales in my business, but I’ve never fully disclosed until now.

My name’s Ron LeGrand, and as you may already know, I’m regarded as the “Nation’s Leading Quick Turn Real Estate Expert.” I’ve made real estate millionaires all across North America. I’m tremendously proud of the financial success my real estate students report, and in fact, that’s why the call me the “Millionaire Maker.”

Over the years people have been pestering me about not only the secrets of real estate (and that’s not what this letter is about) but also about the secrets to success in business.

So what this IS about, is I would like to invite you to check out the opportunity to get into a very elite group of people who will personally learn from me the secrets of starting and making a business into a raging success in a very, very short period of time or growing your existing online or offline business quickly.

One: This is for people who are already in a small business, or consider themselves entrepreneurs but are right now struggling. This includes people who don’t understand the web, or don’t understand direct marketing or even the basics of advertising (by the way, this includes many people currently in the business world, especially people in big corporations that are sinking fast.)

Two: If you are in a position where you think it’s time – finally— for you to stop working for other people and start working for yourself. Or at least find out what you need to know and need to have in your little bag of tricks to be able to work for yourself then teaming up with me is going to be a mind blowing experience.

Three: If you are a brick and mortar business of any kind or you intend to become one, I can show you how to increase your business at least 25% in the next six months and wouldn’t be shocked if we can’t double it in a year. I’ve done it for others and currently have a couple myself. In fact, you’ll be dining in my new restaurant when you’re here, and I’ll take you behind the scenes to show you how we market for pennies to keep the seats full. Our competitors think we’re doing something illegal and send spies around to see what we’re up too. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, retailer, real estate investor, restauranteur, service provider, contractor or have or want any business online, offline or in a building in any city in the world, this is for you. I’m presenting my entire system in an easy blueprint to make real money in the information marketing business as well as any other.

It’s a step-by-step process that can take even a raw rookie and teach you how to get going very quickly to start making money right away. The ultimate goal is to fund your dreams of working for yourself and creating a lifestyle rather than making a living. (There is a major difference.)

Now for the person who’s already in business but struggling this could be very lucrative experience. Especially if you’ve been dreaming to get to the next level, but don’t quite know how to get there. This is an opportunity to find out what the guys who know how to really make business work, both online and offline and for you to do the exact same thing.

There are a lot of secrets you’re not going to learn on your own, you need a mentor. I am that mentor, and I’m coming to you, offering to do this for you… but only for once!

If you keep hanging around me, good stuff is guaranteed to rub off. I keep losing good assistants that way.

Actually, it’s a common occurrence around my office. It keeps happening to me and I know exactly why. They handle my day-to-day business tasks, and after a while, they realize, “Well hey, I can make money doing this very same thing on my own.”

Take for example my friend, former assistant turned information marketer Donna. We worked side by side for years in my real estate business. But when that entrepreneurial bug bites, it’s really hard to not scratch that itch.

Today, Donna and her husband John run a very successful and profitable information marketing business, they’ve built in just a few short years, using techniques Donna learned while working with me. They’ve even created a product around one technique I teach to my students.

The information marketing business can help anyone escape the 9-5 life and leave the cubical behind forever…Even if it’s my own office!…If your desire is freedom, you can tell that boss goodbye forever! …Even if that boss is me!

What if you don’t even have a job, or a boss as cool as me to say goodbye too?…

A while back, I received a letter from one of my real estate students turned information marketer. I want to share his story with you…

His name is Jason Loucks. Five years ago, when he found his way to my world, he was a 24-year-old, broke, vitamin salesman barely making enough to survive, living in a converted garage he was renting. He had no verifiable income and was over $100,000 in debt.

Well, this "PUNK KID" (his term not mine) from a broken home on the wrong side of the tracks made good and turned his life around. Now, not only is he one of my multi-millionaire real estate students (an amazing story by itself), but at the same time, he started a "part-time," information marketing business. Within a year, from that small, side business, he made about $285,000…all from that little, part-time job that continues to generate a cool $40,000 or more per month. Not too bad!

Now, let me tell you about my daughter Vicki.

Vicki started Global Publishing in 1999 with no products, no marketing or advertising and only $3,000. Starting out, she worked from her own home and couldn’t manufacture or warehouse anything—and didn’t want to anyway. I had an existing product line, but she couldn’t sell them because of a conflict of interest with my previous company.

Adding to the burden, there was no staff. Just Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. A one-woman show.So what did she do?

Vicki found an information product she could have the rights to sell for a one-time fee of $1,000. (This technique is called licensing and just one of the points I will teach you.) This license allowed her to turn around and sell this product for $2,497 for each unit sold. Orders started coming within a month—not bad!

Better still, low overhead, low risk and little time needed. She was nervous about answering phones, so she hired a company to do that for her at $3.00 per order. She didn’t have to warehouse the product, let alone touch it. When an order came in, she sent it to the licensor, and they would ship it off to the customer. (She ran her business practically on autopilot, which is another technique I’ll get into.)

At first, that’s all she had to sell. Later, we added smaller products licensed from others.

In the first twelve months of business, Vicki grossed…$1,110,000 and netted four times the salary of her previous job.

How can an additional six figure or seven figure part-time stream of income change your life?

  • Donna escaped her 9-5 job and her boss (me). She now works on her own terms, side by side with her husband John. They love what they do and help others do the same.

  • Jason followed his lifelong dream to start a movie production company…something he thought he’d never achieve.

  • For Vicki, she started Global Publishing completely on autopilot. I taught her to outsource everything she did and let everything run on its own. She worked when she wanted to and started it all from her home. (Since then Global has grown leaps and bounds and can no longer be fully autopilot.)

Jason shared something with me in that letter I mentioned above. I thought it was incredibly moving. He wrote…

"Ron, the happiest moment of my life was two days ago when my wife walked up to me first thing in the morning…kissed me on the cheek…and said, ‘I just want to say thanks. I can do whatever I want with my life. Thank you for making that possible!’ What more could a man ask for?"

When I read something like that I feel incredibly proud and satisfied I do what I do.

Jason took total control of his life, time and his financial future. He followed his dreams…What about you? What are your goals? What can some extra money and time do for you?

  • Do you need to get out of debt? Pay off those looming credit cards, or pay off the house and car and live free and clear?

  • Do you want to spend more time with family? Just think how strong your relationship can be…how about watching your children grow as a stay at home parent actively involved with your children’s lives?

  • Do you want to contribute to your favorite charity or worthy cause? Imagine the difference you could make with your new found the time and financial ability.

  • Do you want to travel? Take that trip you’ve always been longing for…the fishing excursion in Alaska, the romantic cruise through the Mediterranean, or the cross country RV road trip with your entire family?

  • Do you want to put your kids through the best universities or private schools…or do you want to go back to school?

  • Do you want to follow your own passion? Like Jason, do you want to start a movie company? Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to culinary school…maybe you love rebuild classic cars or collect Harley’s…maybe write poetry or take singing lessons?

What you do with your new found freedom is up to you. It’s all just part of the lifestyle changes the information marketing business and the knowledge of how to market any business provides.

Throw away your alarm clock because you can wake up when you’re finished sleeping…not because you have to face an hour of traffic. Take long walks in the park every afternoon and get in the best physical shape of your life. Design your own life rather than letting someone else decide your life for you.

This is your chance to stack the deck in your favor, and I’m offering my mentorship to you with open arms…but only if you’re ready. In addition, how would you like access to the right experts to learn from and grow your business?…Well organized information in easy-to-understand chunks for fast learning?…The right training environment to act and implement what you learn immediately?…And access to a network of people with a desire to accomplish similar long-term goals you’ve set?

If you’re up to it, I want to take you by the hand and guide you through the peaks and the pitfalls of the information & internet marketing business and teach you how to grow any business with a newfound knowledge of marketing. I’d like you to join me on this journey to add your success story to my wall of fame.


So what’s this all about?

My main purpose is to give you the very best of what I’ve learned in my 25+ years in the business. I’ll present this information to you in an easy to digest format for you to master the fundamentals quickly. Really all it takes is an understanding of the simple core elements this business for you to be successful.

I’ve laid it out and organized everything in simple “chunks” focused on keeping you involved and motivated to continue your discovery process.

To help you take all this a step further, I’ve gathered the people who I turn to when I look for advice. These are the top experts in their chosen areas who I trust and hold in the highest regard. I’ve asked them to help me train you in the most powerful and profitable strategies for marketing and selling both offline and online. I’ve given them clear instructions: To pull out all the stops and hand over their newest techniques and strategies in a way YOU can easily understand and implement.

And there’s the keyword—IMPLEMENT.

What If I don’t have a product or a business?

What’s so great about this business is you don’t need to be an expert in any particular subject matter outside of what I’ll be teaching you. If you don’t want to create your own product don’t worry. I’ll give you the skills you need to find hot, in demand, products with huge profit potential and a starving crowd of people dying for the information you offer and if you like, create your own in 24 hours and never write a word. If you don’t have a business you’ll have one by the time you leave this event, or at least you’ll know exactly how to start one with little or no money and get most of the work done for you.

Even if you already have a business or product, I’ll give you the techniques, skills, and support to give you the HIGHEST probability of success. You’ll get the mentoring and training you need to be successful no matter what products you decide to sell or what service you provide.

I’m presenting my entire system in a blueprint to make real money in information marketing, in an environment I feel is most conducive for learning and comprehension.

With that said, I’ve lined up four intense days with me in Jacksonville, FL – September 18th – 21st, 2014 for my Information and Internet Marketing Boot Camp.

You’ll be with me, free of the everyday distractions of the outside world. You and I, together, will focus on building and growing a solid six-figure business part time in information marketing. (Even seven figures are very realistic!), or ramping up your existing business at warp speed.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or a seasoned marketing pro, I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through what’s needed for continued business success. I’ll walk you through what to expect, what to avoid, and how to leverage what I teach you into creating maximum profit in minimum time.

I’ve been in business for over 25 years. I started with $10 books and from there built an empire. Over those years I’ve seen a lot of changes, what works, and what doesn’t. Quite frankly, there aren’t too many individuals out there that can claim a similar track record of success. Wouldn’t you agree that my experience alone is worth your time? Don’t you think at least one gem I share with you that could mean leaps and bounds in your income and lifestyle?

I’ve designed these four days we’ll spend together into bite-sized, actionable chunks to ensure you can easily digest the information and put it to use immediately.

Together we’ll start from square one of starting your business and finding or creating products to sell. We’ll move to marketing offline and using the Internet. I’ll even cover with you the nuts and bolts of day to day business like taking orders and processing payments and give you my vendors and resources so you won’t have to do any research after you leave. I’ve done it all for you and a virtual assistant will do the rest.

Here’s just a short list of what you can expect to learn from me and my team of top marketing experts September 18th – 21st, 2014 in Jacksonville, FL.

  • How to build and grow a six-figure, information marketing business from scratch, part time, with little to no startup investment.

  • How to create an endless supply of new and exciting information without ever writing a single word. You don’t even need to be an expert on the subject matter, just know where to find them.

  • How to test your new ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible. This could be done in minutes using the Internet’s most popular search engine.

  • How to find products to sell for free and turn them into cash within 30 days. We’ll walk you through locating affiliate products that publishers want you to promote for them and, in return, give you 2% to 50% and even 97% or more of each and every sale. We’ll even tell you the real reason behind why they do it.

  • The stupid mistakes most marketers make when selecting products and why knowing these mistakes alone can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • How to locate, sift through and sort the best people who want to buy your products. You’ll learn where to find lists of starving crowds who are hungry to buy your products. In fact, these lists are all in one book that every marketer must have access to and can even be found for free in your local library.

  • How to craft irresistible offers that compel people to buy. This is the most important factor in successful marketing.

  • What every marketing piece you create must begin with…this secret has turned thousands of businesses into million-dollar successes almost overnight. We’ll go through some of the best example, and how you can practically "steal" those models for your own campaign.

  • A simple technique that’ll get people to willingly give you their e-mail address, so you can sell to them. Many people call this an opt-in page or squeeze page. We’ll tell you why 99% of marketers do this wrong.

  • How to sell products and never have to write ads, take phone calls or talk to anyone in person. I’ll give you everything you need to make your entire business as hands on or hands off as you wish without hiring any staff. (Hint: Outsourcing)

Yep, all part of the event so you can get up close and personal, get photos and ask questions while making lifetime contacts. Plus, we’ll have two panel discussions where I let you tell me and the class your product ideas or show us products you may have now, and we’ll give you our input on the validity of the idea or product. This session has launched careers and killed what students thought were great ideas. This could be the most important part of the event.

WARNING: We’ll tell it like it is, so this session is not for the sensitive who can’t handle honest input. I’ve got to tell you a lot of multi-million-dollar ideas come from this brainstorming session.

…And that’s just the short list. I’ll get into much more nitty gritty stuff while we’re together in the classroom. I’ll lay out your entire business model before your eyes. Your brain will race as I walk you through each and every fine detail, and you’ll be able to ask me questions that apply to your business and personal situation.

Oh, by the way, as a special bonus, I’ve scheduled several sessions on the topic of Internet Marketing presented by my personal Internet marketing advisors.

I’ve had the good fortune to help mentor and develop this online dream team. Over the years, they’ve become masters of the internet world creating millions in sales online for themselves and their clients. These guys aren’t speakers, their doers. They operate behind the scenes and under-the-radar but deliver amazing results. And I’m happy to say I was part of making it all happen and getting them where they are today.

I’ll tell you more about them later, but you should know their concepts regarding the Internet are unlike any other I’ve seen, and they are all surprisingly easy to implement. If you are completely new to online marketing, not to worry, this workshop is exactly for someone like you.

During this workshop this team will cover:

  • How to get started on the Internet with minimum investment and minimum risk.  No, you don’t need a big fancy website to get started. All it takes is some time and one other ingredient he’ll cover.

  • How you can work your own hours and get stared while you prepare to exit your full time job.  If you’ll just follow the strategies they share with you, the jump to working only your Internet business will be easier than you might think. They all did it.

  • How to start with zero internet knowledge, or any computer knowhow what-so-ever. You’ll learn the art of outsourcing and how to have people do all the work for you for just a couple of bucks an hour. 

  • How to take your passion and turn it into profit. If you have an idea in your head you’re just a few hours away from your first big payday!

  • 7 ways to make a living online with no product, shipping, or big budget!

  • The art of the squeeze page and why “The money is in the list.” Your list is the #1 asset of any information marketer and you’ll learn how to build a massive list fast! 

  • Building a local business online. The power of Google Places, local online marketing, and how to dominate your hometown’s market!

  • Convert or die! How to turn website visitors into hordes of paying customers clamoring for what you have to offer! This must be done for all businesses, even brick and mortar, offline businesses.

  • How to create a product in 24 hours from scratch, even if you’re not the expert, in fact, know nothing about the subject.

  • Creating massive buyers list for any business including real estate! We’ll show you how to turn on the faucet for leads no matter what your focus is!

  • How to get a book completely written for you for $100.00. You don’t write a word.

My Internet marketing dream team will walk you through everything and so much more. That’s just a taste of what you’ll learn and be able to do after attending this two day Internet marketing workshop!

Again, that’s just a small part of what I have in store for this four day LIVE event personally lead by me. Now, I’ve had other Information and Internet Marketing boot camps in the recent past, but I’ve had other instructors take my place. In fact, I’ve dramatically cut my speaking schedule in recent years bringing in other teachers to lead my other high end training events. My time has just become too scarce. I’ve even been turning away a large number of requests for personal consultation days, because I just don’t have any time between my real estate projects…and other businesses.

With that said, I’ve decided that I wanted to do this event myself with my qualified faculty and for a couple very specific reasons. One: I love marketing, and it’s been very good to me over the years. It’s made me a multi-millionaire many times over. I consider this one of the ways for me to give back to the universe. Call it Karma or what have you, but it puts me at peace knowing I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Two: I consider information marketing a recession-proof business and I want you to understand its power. With recent events, it’s important to share this information to contribute to our society and give others the tools to become financially independent from their JOBS. Today big businesses don’t concern themselves with the employee’s best interest. Despite the “R” word, people will always need and seek information to better themselves and enrich their lives.

Now, I know there are many ways I could have presented this information rather than a live event. I could have gathered my team of experts in a room and sat in front of an audio recorder, but that doesn’t seem very fun. I prefer the live classroom for many reasons.

It creates a level of excitement you just can’t get from reading a book or listening to CDs. Plus, it’s interactive, and you can ask me or my team of experts’ questions you may have. Also, the interaction increases your level of retention. More importantly, this personal environment puts you in a MUST situation.

  • Well, if you accept my personal invitation and join me, I’m locking you in a learning setting for four days, and you MUST learn marketing the right way…the proven way…my way.

  • You MUST expose yourself to new ideas you may never have been exposed to outside in the "business world."

  • You MUST open yourself up to network with success-driven, likeminded people who are excited about your success and moving toward similar goals. Do you currently have a group of people who are happy to cheer your success in your own business? You will now!

  • You MUST learn from the team of experts I’ve chosen for you to pay attention. Considering so much noise in the marketing world and so-called "experts" coming out of the woodwork, it’s important to know the right people to listen to and get advice.

Speaking of experts, after over 25 years in information marketing, the list of people I would call on for advice has become considerably short. The list of people I would spend four entire days learning from is much, much shorter.

With that said, a considerable amount of time and thought has gone into bringing together a faculty of expert instructors to assist me in your education. I’ve put together the people who I personally call on for advice in my business. These are proven, distinguished experts in their chosen areas. I hold this group in the highest regard. These experts have made my business money, and I’ve asked them to join me to do the same for you.

Here’s your Boot Camp Faculty:

Ted ThomasRon LeGrand

That’s me, and I’m your host for this event. Marketing is what I do almost every day of my life. In fact, my company sells hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products each month in the form of books, manuals, audios, videos, coaching and live seminars. It’s all information marketing, and I have several other businesses that aren’t, but all required marketing to survive.
I started with a $10 product and built a multi-million dollar business doing the exact same thing I’ll be teaching you at the event. It’s made me a multi-millionaire. I’ll share behind-the-scenes secrets and real numbers from some of our marketing campaigns, in spite of my accountant’s warning against doing so. You’ll be shocked at the money you can make sitting at home in your pajamas when I show you what I know about creating products for pennies and selling them for dollars.

I had no money, no credit, no rich relative and no previous experience. You can spend 4 days with me and save the 25 years it took to compile what I know, not to mention a few million bucks worth of stupid mistakes. I’ll lead you through every step so you can duplicate my success.

Brian HansonBrian Hanson

Brian took an idea that he stumbled upon while working a full time sales job (for me, I should note) and with ZERO online marketing experience quietly started building an Internet empire. He shortly quit when he discovered his side income from one little site dwarfed what he was making full time.

In just four years, Brian took the Internet world by storm turning his initial $1,500 investment into over $14,000,000 in sales! The craziest thing is he did this all without knowing anything about the technical side of online marketing. Even to this day, Brian outsources EVERYTHING for just a few dollars per hour.
Brian is literally the LAZIEST online marketer I know. Operating his business from his oceanfront paradise, he’s really taken the words “The Less I Do The More I Make” to heart. 1. Because he doesn’t know how to do the tasks himself. 2. He doesn’t want to take the time to learn it. This guy is a living example of having everything done for you for pennies and will share all the online resources to get it done.

Brian will show you how he drives over 200,000 unique visitors to his website each month using his propriety traffic methods, how he built an online empire without knowing the first thing about technology or Internet marketing, and how he outsources it for a few bucks an hour.

Francis AblolaFrancis Ablola

Francis is a Million-Dollar Marketing Strategist and Award Winning Advertising Copywriter. In the last 10 years, he’s worked Fortune 1000 companies to garage startups helping these businesses grow online.

He’s an advertising writer. One of the most important skills you can have in this business. In fact, years ago, I hired him to work for me in my office because of a sales letter he wrote getting me to hire him. (Yes, this stuff works on me too!)

Since then, Francis has become the “go-to-guy” for several of the country’s top information marketers. He’s known for creating marketing promotions that have generated tens of thousands of new leads, and millions in revenue for his clients.

He’s also trained on the topic of Internet marketing internationally and shared the stage with the likes of Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Nido Qubein, Steve Wozaniak – Apple Co-Founder, Trump, and many others.

Francis will show you how to create a winning marketing funnel that creates profits for you 24/7, the secrets to an effective website, and how to create killer advertising that becomes your best salesman working for you without commission around the clock… all while focusing his time around his family on a constant vacation.

How’s that for an all star cast? I’m pretty sure you can learn a thing or two from this group.

I’m bringing along my faculty of trusted advisors, and we’ve all made the same commitment…to help you take control of your life through financial independence, and ultimately create abundant wealth. That commitment and personal attention makes this event different from any other you may have heard of or attended in the past. I don’t want you comparing this event with those others. You just can’t get the kind of insider business information that I’m releasing anywhere else. In fact…

Cool Things We’ll Be Doing

  • Product Critiques – One evening we will review any products you have or ideas for products and give you our insight, good, bad or ugly. Many people spend moths creating products only to find there is no market. Some devote their lives to products or businesses that can’t succeed. We call those “Golden Turds.” Life suckers!

You can also participate if you have an offline business like a retail store, restaurant, contractor, real estate investor, lawyer, doctor, dentist, whatever.

Frankly, the product or service matters little. The process is the same for any business. Once you get this, a whole new world will open for you which leads me to the next cool thing we’re doing.

  • Turnaround Business – Most businesses fail because the owner is clueless on how to get customers. Once you learn how to do that cost effectively, you can buy them for practically nothing, apply marketing to build them back up and sell for big profits. Sort of like rehabbing houses.

I’m preparing a special class on buying businesses and turning them around. It’s a brave new world you can play in.

Most businesses should and can have continuity built in. Very few understand how. Most are clueless. I’ll pick a few from the audience and help them build theirs. FYI, there’s no greater asset a business can possess when it’s time to sell than a herd of people paying it auto charged revenue. I’m building continuity into everything I do – If you’re a Gold Club member you’re in one. Continuity revenue is worth twice as much to a business buyer than other bottom line income. I’ve seen multiples as high as 20.

You Better Bring Some Valium Pills, You’ll Need Them – Forget Sleeping. You Won’t Be Able To.

Who Should Attend?

You, if you’re currently in business but struggling, or even if you had notable success but want to bull charge toward the next level.

You, if you’ve lost your job, think you’re going to or wish you would.

You, if you want to sit at home and make more money than your working stiff friends and relatives.

You, if you want to multiply your current income by at least 10 times. (I guarantee if you’re doing anything now that makes money, we can show you how to at least double your income in 3 months or less.)

You, if you have a gut feeling something outrageous will happen at this event, and you don’t want to miss it.

You, if you truly believe you’re worth making a part-time, six-figure or even seven-figure income and have enough faith in yourself to do what it takes to make it happen.

You, if your job is to increase revenue where you work, if you want a raise or if you want to look like a hero to your boss.

You, if you know me and think I’m a neat guy, and you’re willing to attend any seminar I create, especially when it’s the only one of its kind on the planet (and if you miss it, you’re SOL).

You’ll leave with a tremendous amount of value, and I’m presenting it to you on a silver platter, it’s going to be some pretty amazing stuff. If you’re the kind of person who won’t do anything with the information, this event is not for you.

I’ve designed this event, so it’s near impossible for you to leave it and not make money. I’m giving you the education, training, systems, resources, vendors, mindset.

Now that I’ve mentioned investment, let me go ahead and tell you what this entire thing is going to involve. First, I’ll recap everything you get just, so you and I are clear on the true value you’ll receive.

  1. You get me. I’ll cover every aspect of my business. From how we create high-demand, high-profit, low-cost-to-produce products…to how we locate and sell to the starving crowds of people who are butting in line to buy from us…and everything in between…I’m revealing it all and holding nothing back.

  2. You get a complete, Internet marketing workshop, Make Real Money On The Internet.

  3. You get access to the rest of the expert panel. These guys are the top, hired guns in the business world. I hold all of these professionals in the highest light and call on them myself when I face issues or need advice in my own business. They’ll be sharing their years of experience and give you the tools you need to be successful.

  4. You get access to an exclusive group of likeminded, success-driven people to network with and grow your personal rolodex. As I said earlier, I truly believe your net worth equals your network. The relationships you build during these four days could be priceless.

  5. You get a full-event manual. This is your treasure map. It’s your guide to the world of Information Marketing. It contains everything we cover during these four days together, so you don’t miss a thing. Use it as your reference and implementation guide after you leave to recall every profit-producing strategy.

  6. You also get to bring an additional guest at no extra charge as long as they register when you do. This could be your spouse, significant other, parent, adult child or business associate. They get to learn with you to ensure you have an additional support system at home after the event.

I think that about covers it all…

But wait! I didn’t mention the mountain of the outrageous bonuses I’m throwing in to sway you into making the right decision. This is stuff with real value I could easily sell by themselves with no problem. Consider this my ethical bribe to twist your arm and get you to act fast…and you MUST act fast because these bonuses are only available to you if you act before …and that’s only if we have enough in stock for everyone who responds before the deadline date.

Outrageous…Arm-Twisting…Fast Action Bonus #1:
CDs of the last event for you to listen to again and again so you don’t miss a word or forget a concept. We’ll be professionally recording this LIVE boot camp to create a brand new home study course. This will become available to the public sometime after the live training. After editing and removing some of the top secret information we’ll be asked by some of the presenters not to record, this CD set won’t include as much of the information as the LIVE training, but still be well worth the value. We plan on selling this as a CD home study course for $1,997. We may even sell this set to attendees at the event, but for registering before the deadline date, you get all of the audio recordings FREE.
Real Value: $1,997.00
Outrageous…Arm-Twisting…Fast Action Bonus #2:

We just finished editing a brand new course on how to become an affiliate and make money with no work or any product. This amazing day taught by all four of our geeks was an incredible business in a box anyone can use to create income from home. It was focused on how to use our Gold Club affiliate rights where we pay you $25.00 per month for every member we sign up who comes to us through your free link. We showed you how to make $5000 a month by simply letting a virtual assistant get your link out through multiple methods and gave you the lady who’ll get you a VA. This course is really about driving online traffic to any business and is valuable to all who want to know how to get that traffic at no cost. We’ll give you this $997 course at no cost. You’ll see just how smart our geek squad really is. You’ll be impressed.

Real Value: $997.00

WOW! That’s $3,000 In FREE BONUSES

just for registering before

the deadline date.

So, now I know you’re chomping at the bit to know how much this all is going to come out to. I mean for four days you gain access to me, my team of experts, the Internet workshop, my list of resources, the opportunity to bring a guest at no additional cost, the full event manual, and almost $3,000 in free outrageous bonuses. It’s almost impossible to not see the jaw dropping value in this proposal. The truth is I’ve done my best to make this such an easy decision for you. That’s why I’ve been pouring over where to set the tuition.

I thought about that for a long time. I asked myself what would be a fair price…

How much would I spend to start a home-based business that requires very little money, no credit, no bank loans, no franchise fee, works anywhere in the world, takes only a few hours a week, gives me free time with my family and has no income cap? A business where I don’t pester my friends, take big risks or deal with employees? One I can work in conjunction with another job or business to produce Multiple Income Streams?

What would it be worth to double the income at my current business and get it ready to sell or to buy other failed businesses for a song and turn them around and sell off?

The first number I came up with was $25,000. And yes, I can ask for and get that amount, but only from a handful of people. That’s not my intention, and I know most can’t afford the $25K anyway, so then I said to myself $10,000 is the lowest I can go. That was until a couple of employees pointed out to me that with a room full of attendees, I could charge less and make it worth the numerous months of preparation it’s taking.

So, I finally arrived at a tuition price of $2,995. I think you’ll agree this number is a real bargain especially when you get nearly that amount in the mammoth list of bonuses I’ve piled on for FREE.

I’ve even come up with a number of ways to help make this decision much easier…

If an easy installment plan would help you out, if you wish, put $500 down and pay the balance in 3 equal payments. This payment plan option is only available until the red deadline date on the yellow registration form enclosed.

Spread it out over several credit cards, send in a payment each month, break open the piggy bank, box up your pennies and mail them in, or even clean out the attic and have a yard sale.

Honestly, I don’t care how you pay as long as you’re paid in full by the time you attend. We’ll work with you any way you like.

Don’t forget, you may bring your spouse, parent, child, business associate, or significant other at no additional charge, as long as they register before the event.

Gee, I paid $6,000 for a hot tub, $28,000 for some trees, $14,000 for retiling my bathroom, $55,000 for a horse barn, and $7,000 for cabinets for my wife’s craft shop. Not one of these things will make me a nickel, now or ever. Don’t let the price stop you. It’s irrelevant.

Your investment in this event can, and will, make you money immediately, if you follow the step-by-step plan I’ll lay out for you. Remember…I will personally work with you to make sure you have all the right training….I’m giving you everything…

Of course, I back everything up with
an iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

I honestly thought about not offering a guarantee because I know this event will fill up at my expected 100 people limit. (At the time I write this there are already 72 people registered without any promotion at all, just my top students from my last couple of events who signed up.)

If for any reason you decide you cannot attend just let my VIP customer service team know within 30 days, and they’ll promptly issue you a refund. No questions asked. It’s as simple as a phone call. Fast, friendly, easy…that’s it. Plus – You may sit through two full days, and if you’re not over joyed and beaming with excitement about what you learn, you may leave and receive a full refund.

Oh before I forget. It’s tax deductable! You might as well let Uncle Sam help cover the cost! You should be able to write off the entire trip. Check with your accountant on this, but what it comes down to is a 28% – 35% discount in tax savings since it’s a business expense. Thank you Uncle Sam!

So that’s it. I’ve laid all my cards on the table, and I can’t possibly do anything more, and honestly, I’ve already gone overboard. Frankly, with everything you get from this deal it should be a no brainer. The bonuses alone are worth more than the tuition, even before you apply the discounts.

You know what; this event isn’t for everyone…just those who are really ready to make a change. If I have to do too much pushing and prodding, you’re probably not the right person for this event.

If you have to think about it, or just looking to stick your toe in it, then it’s probably not a good match for you. If the tuition will put you in bankruptcy or risk your marriage, then do us both a favor, and don’t register. But in reality, you probably need this information worse.

So, I’ve made my position very clear. I’m only looking for committed, positive thinking people who are ready and able to take clear decisive action. I’m looking for people ready to make massive changes in lifestyle and finally take control of their personal situation. Are you ready?

It’s not a life or death decision. Nobody will die because you did or didn’t attend. It’s a small amount of money and time for the huge opportunity you’ll gain.
I’m staking my reputation on this. I’m backing my word with a rock solid guarantee. I’m giving you access to the greatest marketing and business minds in the world, I’m handing you proven products to start selling, and on top of all that piling on $3,000 worth of bonuses just for registering today.

Sometimes I sit back and think…just what if I hadn’t attended that first seminar on real estate?… Where would I be? Sure as heck, I wouldn’t be where I am today…and neither would thousands of my successful students all over the country.

Could the same thing happen to you? Who knows, but you’ll never find out if you don’t attend…

I know marketing, and I’m willing to help you build your business as big and as quickly as you feel comfortable. I’m here with you on this journey, if you choose…but the decision’s yours. It’s up to you.

To Your Financial Freedom,

Ron LeGrand
Mega Millionaire Maker

To Your $uccess,
Ron LeGrand

Mega Millionaire Maker

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