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For Quick Start Grads Only – Exclusive Offer

There have been several new things added to the benefit list of being a graduate of our Quick Start School as our records show you are.

The Global staff and I are always looking for ways we can help you succeed, and I recognized a weakness in our program. It was a huge gap and right there all the time, but just didn’t make it on our radar for whatever reason.

We Had No Follow Up In Place For Those Who Didn’t Hire A Mentor While At The Event

They were left to fend for themselves with only the hotline available and no more real contact from us unless we saw them at another event or got a testimonial letter down the line.

To be honest I don’t know how we missed this. With all my experience at training thousands over 27 years you’d think it would have been common sense.

Well there’s nothing I can do about the past, but we certainly can and have fixed it going forward with several new additions to the program. Here they are.

  1. There will be a monthly conference call for grads only. All grads including past and future. You’ll be notified when they begin within the very near future. The calls will be closed to the public so we can talk to grads only about your issues and accomplishments and screen some leads for you in a language only grads can understand. This is not our Gold Club call open to all, some who are so new their questions are painful to grads. We love ‘em, but it’s hard to conduct a meaningful call to grads when novices dominate the floor.

  2. There will be one alumni event in 2018 for grads only, in Jacksonville, on August 9-10. The purpose of this event is to deal with the things creating the biggest roadblocks and that most certainly includes calling sellers, making appointments and getting contracts. Rest assured, we’ll be spending a lot of time on this while making lots of calls to your leads and making deals for you like we did in class. Yep, the Wolffs will be there along with one or two of our other mentors to make sure all get called and processed and contracts created on the spot.

It’s a mini deal-a-thon, but this time all attendees will be grads with a few months of activity behind them before arriving. We expect some really good deals to come from it since all know what they’re in for.

You can expect some class practice on deal structuring and I’d be shocked if we didn’t get more than a few luxury home deals in the mix above a million bucks.

Speaking of the Wolffs, I’ve asked them to do their two day – “Taking Action and Communication Workshop” the two days prior to the alumni event.

I want them to help you get over fear issues and communication weaknesses before we meet, not after.

We get rave reviews from their class and all should attend it, but it’s not mandatory. You can come to one or both but you must register and you can also bring any guest of your choice.

Well that’s it. I hope you like our additions.

To get in the next Alumni event you must submit the RSVP below ASAP as it will cap at 100. RSVP NOW!

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6 thoughts on “Quick Start School Alumni Event

  1. It says 'click here to see dates' but I see no dates just the part where I give you $100 deposit without knowing when and where.

  2. Read all the comments but upon registering for free alumni class the registration won't allow me to register without paying a $100.00 fee. Did u forget to tell us that u will refund the fee at the meeting upon attending?

  3. Hello Cheryl, the last paragraph of the letter above states that we will charge a $100 per person seat deposit and that it will be returned to you when you show up or if you call and cancel at least 10 days prior to the start of the event.

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