I wanted to let you know as a Collective Genius Member, I’ll be conducting my Commercial Property Boot Camp in Jacksonville in April.

      The event used to be four days, but now I’ve cut it down to three days, April 21st-23rd. You’ll see a couple of my deals I recently did below to understand why you cannot miss these three days with me.

      There are a lot of misconceptions about commercial property. My experience tells me most people think they aren’t qualified because they need a lot of money or a big financial statement. Nothing is further from the truth, and you know me well enough to know the whole goal on Planet Ron is for you to not use your credit and as little money as possible and avoid risk, even in commercial property.

      The very first day alone I’ll show you 14 ways to buy commercial property without using your money and projects of mine that I applied the same techniques. And it’s not about buying big multi-million-dollar properties because that’s not how people breaking into commercial start. It’s not how you will start most likely.

      I’ll spend the entire event teaching you things about commercial property you’ll never learn anywhere else on the planet, coming from a guy who had 32 developments of all types going on simultaneously in nine states prior to the recession.

      As I write this, I’m processing 42 deals sent by student partners since November, I closed 2 already and have 2 more under contract. I’ll discuss a couple in a minute.

      That doesn’t mean I want you to develop anything, in fact my lessons will guide you in the opposite direction and stay out of the risky ventures. You’ll see how much that mistake cost me and why it will never happen again.

      I’ll show you how to find commercial deals and then determine the future value before you ever make an offer to buy. Income property does not require an appraisal because commercial is all valued with math.

      You’ll learn the formulas and the language so you can communicate in the commercial world and immediately evaluate any type of property and what information you need to get to do so.

      Our objective is to find properties that are underdeveloped or poorly managed with an upside we can turn into huge profits. In other words, we’re looking for properties with a problem or a seller with a problem, which is exactly what we do in the single-family house business. When you learn how to solve those problems you put yourself in the path of big money, probably more than you’ve ever made in your life.

      My favorite play is small parcels of land which are under-zoned. I have a couple of them in progress right now here in Jacksonville.

      The first parcel is 14 acres of woods about a mile and a half from the nearest building which is in a commercial area with mostly retail. A student partner of mine brought me this deal three days away from going to a tax deed sale. Normally I would have said hell no, I’m not going to move that fast and buy a property without doing my normal due diligence, which I will certainly teach you in class.

      The taxes were about $60,000 and the sisters inherited the property and didn’t get them paid over a three-year period. Only when they were about to lose the property did they start looking for someone to buy it and that information got to my student partner. We quickly did some research and learned the property was zoned light commercial and the assessed value was well over $600,000.

      Long story short I told my partner to go ahead and bid on it up to $225,000, which you do online the day of the auction. To my amazement we won the bid at $215,000. My partner found someone else to put up the money. He was a tall, extremely good-looking man with white hair. Yep, it was me.

      FYI, it could be me with your deals as well once you are trained.

      Money is always chasing deals. If the worry about money is stopping you, slap yourself and quit that stinking thinking immediately because that is the least of your concerns when you find the deal. We will definitely be discussing how to finance any project in class.

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Here comes the cool part of this deal...

      Because the project was bought at a tax deed sale, we had to file for a quiet title suit to get clear title. Now that has been completed.

      The plan was always to zone the property for a higher use and then sell it. We are currently getting it re-zoned to a much higher commercial use and when that is completed next month, we’ll simply list it with a broker and let him sell it. So, let’s see what happened to the value of the land by doing that one simple maneuver.

      We hired the best commercial appraisal in town who came in with an as is value of $365,000, but in the same appraisal stated once the property is re-zoned the value will increase to... $1,860,000.

      That’s not a typo, and I did not add too many zeros. In fact, I’ll bring the appraisal to class to show it to you.

      Now I don’t know what the property will sell for or how long it will take, but I do know the return will be pretty good. Maybe by the time you get here, it will be on the market or maybe we will have a buyer. But let’s take a look at the massive amount of work we did.

  • Made an online offer, and I sent the money
  • Hired an attorney to do quiet title which cost $2,300
  • Hired another attorney to do the zoning which will be about $5,000
  • Hired an appraiser which cost $5,000. Yes, I put up all the money
  • Hired a broker to sell it

      But this story isn’t over yet. A couple of miles away my partner got wind of another property that was 13 acres on the market by a family who owned it for 100 years.

      After a few weeks of negotiating, we got it under contract for $150,000 and got a private lender to put up all the money. No, not me.

      Half the property was zoned light commercial and the other half was zoned heavy commercial. We are now in the process of getting it all zoned heavy commercial, and it will be complete next month. You can guess what we will do when it is complete. That’s right, we will list it with a broker and sell it for all cash.

      I had it appraised, and it came in at $695,000. It went on the market in February at $895,000. I’ll never touch the land.

      I love the simple land deals, and I’m eager to work with people who need my help and teach people who don’t. If you’re reading this letter you can do these deals, I’ll show you how.

      But make no mistake, this is only a small piece of the commercial property world and there are many other opportunities available. You can’t drive 2 miles from your home without passing commercial opportunities most people will never see. You will after spending three days with me.

      If you want to build an empire with income producing properties, that’s certainly high on my list, even beyond apartments. I am a firm believer in anything that produces income regardless of what kind of tenant. Apartments, retail, self-storage, mobile home parks, office and more. All on the agenda.

      Instead of trying to cover everything we will discuss in this class, let me just say, you have an opportunity before you and you will never know what it cost if you do not take advantage of it. If you have not been interested in commercial property in the past, it’s because of what you don’t know.

      Once you spend three days with me, you’ll have the knowledge to determine if it’s for you or not. And honestly anyone doing single-family houses should be doing commercial as well. It’s all around you. Maybe it’s time you start getting paid for what you know that very few others will ever learn.

      Look, I am 73 years old and don’t know how long I’ll be teaching this event. This may be the last one. Perhaps you should take advantage of it while you can still suck the vast experience out of this old brain before it fades away.

      See Tish here to register or contact her at tish@legrandproject.com by Friday at 5 PM.  As soon as you do, you’ll get the hotel confirmation and should book it right away. You can also register HERE.

      You may bring one guest who is in your family or business at no charge. You’re receiving this offer because you’re here and because you’re the kind of person I think I’d like to have in this group.

      Opportunity is staring you in the face and what you do with it is entirely up to you, but you’ll never know what it costs if you let it pass. At the very least, you’ll get that seed that may spark a totally different lifestyle going forward.

      Don’t let anything stop you from coming to see the old guy in Jacksonville while you still have the opportunity to do so.

See you there,


Ron LeGrand

      P.S Here’s an update on the projects I’ve purchased or have under contract with student partners in one short month after the last Commercial Property Boot Camp we had this past November.

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3 Days with Ron and his faculty, it's like Quick Start School
but it's for Commercial Property.

Portage, Indiana:

      33 acres fronting two streets. We paid $275,000 cash, and it is zoned agricultural. We’re getting the reports and paperwork done to zone is half commercial and half residential. The city already said they want the development. It was funded with a private lender and me.

      We haven’t had it appraised yet, but have been told the commercial portion will be worth $100,000 per acre once approved and will consume 15 acres.

      I’m guessing the residential at $40,000 per acre. You do the math. Keep in mind, we are not touching the land. Our job is to get it ready to sell and list it.


      We have 23 acres under contract for $375,000 that has an October 2019 appraisal of $1,800,000 and it’s already zoned commercial. It was a bank repo, so we’ll have to pay cash. I visited the property while in Atlanta doing our January Quick Start Real Estate School.

      I’ll get a private lender to fund it with a 1st mortgage so it won’t be my money or student’s money. It’ll be listed soon after purchase in smaller parcels that are already surveyed out. In fact, maybe you’d like to be the lender. Let me know if interested.

23 offers in the works:

      All with short term owner financing on properties all over the U.S. Some very close to acceptance and contracts pending. Most are seven figure profit potential.

      None of my student partners have commercial experience that I know of, and none are putting up any money or getting loans.

Where will you be April 21st – 23rd 2020?

Update to the Updates:

      Since that time, we have six more projects under contract brought in by students, and Ron’s actively working 25 more. You’ll be amazed at what he’s doing with land today, and you can be a part of it.

      You should also know he’s just completed a development agreement to joint venture with landowners to get their property entitled and sold and split the profits. This keeps him from buying the properties and eliminates almost all of the risk, while getting the seller paid in cash.

      It’s truly amazing and could be worth millions to you. It’s truly the nothing-down way to do commercial deals. By the way, he spent $6,000 in legal fees on the updated agreement he’s currently using., and you’ll receive it at the event.

      In 2008, he did an all-day seminar on pre-screening commercial projects of all types and just reviewed it and was shocked to learn nothing has changed in the 12 years since it was created. It was on five CDs and has now been converted to a link so you can listen to it on your phone.

      You’ll see all of his current deals displayed and meet the students responsible, as well as see how much these projects are expected to produce. It’ll shock you.

      FYI, not a single student has invested a nickel in these project so far if they partnered with Ron, and you’ll learn how you can too at the event. Just so you know, he won’t partner with anyone who hasn’t attended the event

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