Ron LeGrand’s Platinum Inner Circle

The 15 members I select will be very lucky and see massive change next year as I work with them personally to explode their real estate business. PIC has two focal points:
  1. To take an existing offline business and double or triple its current revenue and add additional income streams that produce residual income. It can be done with most any business and if not I’ll help you build continuity outside your business that will quickly dwarf the business itself.
  2. To work with you to create an information marketing business that produces six figures monthly, even if you have no product or even an idea for one when we begin. This is exactly what I’ve done for most PIC members this year. You’ll hear from some on the call. Most are building a continuity (membership) business so they keep getting paid every month whether they work or not. Some have created products that didn’t exist last year and are now making money halfway into the year.
Below are a list of benefits and requirements as well as the application form:
PDF (Portable Document Format) Benefits & Requirements PDF (Portable Document Format) Application
You can submit your application by fax at (904) 421-0181 or via e-mail at tish@legrandprojects. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Tish via e-mail at tish@legrandprojects or by calling (904) 262-0491

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