Fastest & Easiest Ways to Make Money Today

A 35-minute video where Ron lays out the Terms business. See how so many students are getting large checks within 30 days on beautiful houses without using their money or credit.

Ron’s Book - PDF Version and Audio Version

How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Entrepreneur Without risk you can listen to the audio book or read the printed version.

What is Subject To?

Watch this video to hear Ron’s definition and explanation of what subject to means.

When To Take Title “Subject To” vs “Lease Option”

This video deals with understanding the difference between taking title “subject to” and doing a “lease option.” Ron explains the differences and circumstances required for each.

LLC vs C-Corp: Entity Structuring

Ron’s put together a 15-minute Lesson Video to share with you how he’s structured his business.

Parade of Champions

Watch students share their real estate investment stories and walk us through deals they’ve made. Way to go, everyone!

Completing Ron’s Updated Lead Property Info Sheet

Learn how to accurately fill out a Property Information Sheet, as an investor or VA.

Ron's Documentary

A 30-minute expose of Ron’s life and thoughts on becoming successful.