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Introduction To Workflows


As you can see in the screenshot from the article below, response time matters a great deal.


The image above shows the likelihood of a business contacting new leads based on how long it takes to make the first outbound dial in 5-minute increments.

The study shows that you are 100X more likely to contact a lead if you reach out to them in the first 5 minutes after they become a lead compared to 30 minutes.

So the question you have to answer as a real estate investor is this…

Do you have the resources needed to respond to every single lead in the first 5 minutes?

Unless you have dedicated callers on your team, and a systematic way of delivering them new leads, the answer is probably “No.”

You might be lucky to contact them in the first 24 hours.

This is where DREAMS Workflows will save the day, and will help you contact and engage a larger number of your leads, so you can close more deals each and every month.


Thank You!

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