The BTW Sale

What’s a BTW Sale?

Well, it’s actually an excuse for my staff to be lazy, but I’ll get to that in a second.

I asked them to create the best Black Friday Sale ever. I told them I wanted to give everyone a huge discount on some of my courses and events for Black Friday.

Jennifer, my Chief Operating Officer, always watching our bottom line, suggested 10% off everything. I laughed! I hope I didn’t hurt her feelings. Oh well.

No, 10% is nowhere near enough. I want 50% off (yup, you read that right. FIFTY PERCENT OFF!) some select courses and events.

So I asked…no, I mandated, that for all day on Black Friday, from midnight to midnight, all of our courses online to be marked down 50%.

Now, this is where my lazy staff comes in. "But Ron, no one will be here at midnight on Thanksgiving to turn the sale on. No one will be here all weekend!"

"WHAT!?!" I yelled out, "Why isn’t the staff working on Black Friday?"

"Ron, we have Black Friday off every year."

Oh yeah, I always forget about that. Somehow I always lose that battle with the staff.

"Well," I asked, "what do you propose we do about it? I want this sale up for Black Friday."

Get this…they actually convinced me to let them put it up at the end of the day on Wednesday, 11/26 and take it down first thing in the morning on Monday, 12/01.

And, "The BTW Sale" was born. The "Black Thanksgiving Weekend" Sale.

There are some limitations to this, though. Since my lazy staff aren’t working while the sale is running. You can ONLY get these specials online.

You must order online. If you can’t figure it out like me, get a grandkid to help you figure it out.

These discounts will not be honored if you call into my office. NO EXCEPTIONS! Even if the website crashes like the ObamaCare website. No extensions.

The 50% off discount will apply to all of the couses and events on this page…nothing more, nothing less:

Happy Thanksgiving from me and my lazy staff,
Ron LeGrand

P.S. The BTW Sale runs from Wednesday, November 26 at 5 PM EST to Monday, December 1st at 9 AM EST, and you must place your order online to get the huge 50% discount!

My New Blog…

Shawn, Jennifer, Debbie, Nicky

Shawn, Jennifer, Debbie, Nicky

Well, I can’t believe I’m doing this. My staff has actually talked me in to personally participating in this blog. Yes, it will be me communicating, not someone talking for me. Please don’t expect me to be on here with mindless chatter multiple times a day. I have committed to answering this blog at least once or as often as I can get around to it. You’ve got to remember, I’m 67 years old and up until three years ago, hadn’t sent or received my first email, so this is a giant leap for me.
Ron Giving Away $2,000 Cash

Ron Giving Away $2,000 Cash

We just recently returned from a speaking trip I made to Houston to address the Lifestyles event, which is a once a year event put on by Del Walmsley who happens to have a pretty good following in the Houston market in the apartment niche. We were really impressed by the size of the event with over 2,500 people in it. I got to talk for a whole 45 minutes, but we put quite a few people in a 1 day workshop where I’ll be able to go back on the 15th and spend the day with them telling them what we do and how they can get started. Russ Whitney spoke just before me followed by Dell and I’ve got to tell you, for me to create a 45 minute speech was no easy task, but I pulled it off.
Ron on Stage at Lifestyles Expo

Ron on Stage at Lifestyles Expo

I’ve included some pictures. The first one is with the four musketeers who went with me to Houston to manage the crowd. They include Shawn, Jennifer, Debbie and Nicky. And I must confess they did a masterful job of handling the crowd because we were in a trade show booth all day long and it was non-stop. Next is a picture of me standing on a chair giving away $2,000 in cash to four lucky winners that day. It’s amazing how many people will congregate to actually get cash. Well, four lucky winners went away with $500 more than they came with.
Ron and Alan Langston, Leader of RICH Club

Ron and Alan Langston, Leader of RICH Club

There’s also a picture of the big, dark arena we were in which was a miserable place to speak, but we made do. And below that is a picture of me with Alan Langston who is one of the leaders in the Rich Club in Houston and also a member of my REIA Mastermind group consisting of about 15 REIA group leaders throughout the nation. I’ll be working with them in the month of March doing their club meeting and a 1 day workshop for them as well. Okay, you can use this blog for whatever you want to chat about including questions about real estate or about personal things. I’m not afraid of any question you want to ask and If I don’t know the answer, I’ll make up something anyway so have at it.