ACTS Training Letter

5 Hour Live Training With Ron LeGrand ACTS

“The Fastest And Easiest Way To Make Money In
Real Estate Today Using No Money, No Credit,
No Banks, No Repairs, No Short Sales,
No Monthly Payments, No Closing Costs,
No Costly Entanglements, and No Risk…
And Never Buy A House

What is ACTS?

It’s actually very simple. Any contract with terms we create with a seller can be assigned to an owner occupant tenant buyer or owner financed buyer for a several thousand dollar fee.

Thus the term – Assignments of Contracts and Terms (ACTS)

This part of the business has nothing to do with banks or rehabs or vacant ugly houses or raising any money and certainly not applying for any loans.

All the deals will either have an existing mortgage or be free and clear. Some with a mortgage will still have equity; some will be over financed with a loan larger than the value.

In fact, 25.1% of all houses in America are over-leveraged as of this writing so that’s a lot of homeowners that could use your help to get out.

Some think ACTS is only about over-leveraged houses but that’s not true. About a third of the deals we do today are over leveraged, a third have a mortgage with equity and a third are free and clear.

My favorite are free and clear because we can negotiate
really good terms and did you know…
34% Of All Houses In America Have No Debt

This group is actually larger than over-leveraged, but few investors know how to create the really good deals. I do! Let’s start with a free and clear example so you can get clarity on how you get paid. There is a key ingredient to make these work:
The seller must be willing to take payments for their equity and sell with owner financing or lease it with an option to buy. All sellers who want all cash and full price are immediately discarded, which is about 70% of them. Don’t worry, in my system they’ll be prescreened before you get the information and you’ll never talk with them.

You’ll receive an information sheet from a virtual assistant with a YES answer when asked if they’ll sell with payments. Only the yes’ get a call from you, and I have a word for word script you’ll get on the live training to use on these calls so you don’t have to wonder what to say.

Yep, I’ll even furnish the virtual assistant trained to find the deals and get you the info sheets already prescreened.

I will walk you through how we do 6-12 of these deals every month, and the simple steps to get your first check within the first month.

No Banks! Poor Credit, OK!
No Repairs or Costly Entanglements

You see, 81% of the people looking to buy a home cannot qualify under current banks restrictions. They still want a home and are deserving families who’ve suffered credit issues during the recession or have other problems that a little time can fix.

Then they see your ads that say “No Bank Qualifying” and find out the only person that must approve their loan is you…

You Are The Loan Committee

If they have enough of an assignment fee to satisfy you and can afford the payment the rest is easy. Send the info to your attorney with an agreement and get a check.

Ok, What if the seller won’t take payments?

Glad you asked!
It’s simple.

When the seller won’t sell on payments, you simply lease it with the option to buy and the right to assign the option. You’ll make the same money either way. Let’s see why.

When we lease option from a seller we give them no money in most cases, sometimes a little but never before we have located the tenant buyer and collected several thousand from them. Let’s look at an example.

  • We lease option from seller for $190,000
  • We agree to pay them $1,400 a month and $2,000 when we locate a tenant buyer they approve
  • We then find a deserving family with $15,000 who needs a few years to get bank financing
  • We simply assign our lease option agreement for a $13,000 fee and give the seller the other $2,000. An attorney does all the paperwork and the fee is paid by the buyer. You have no cost, the seller has no cost and you net $15,000 in a couple of weeks.

As a condition of the option to buy, we’ve built it into the agreement the buyer accepts all the responsibility for all repairs during the lease term. You can imagine how sellers loved this and buyers never object to it. After all, homeowners do their own repairs. They think and act like homeowners when they have a financial stake in the deal and a lot to lose.

I hope you’re getting this cause the deal I just described is normal and there are thousands like it in every city in North America. But we’re just getting started, on my live training we go to the mortgaged houses and the over leveraged ones show you how to make money on both. Let’s do a what if and discuss the most exciting thing that happens on many of these deals. You see ACTS is great. You get a nice check and you’re out, and I do mean out. You’re buyer pays your seller and both sign a release to you. You take your check and go on to the next deal.

However, the downside is you only get one check and no residual income. OK it’s a nice check, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn this same house into…

All with no more work than the simple ACTS deal.

Let’s say our same seller is a little more flexible on terms, and many are, and with a little training you get better creating more money with the same amount of work by learning the right things to say. I’ll give you scripts so you don’t have to worry about what to say.

What Comes Out Of Your Mouth
Will Determine What
Goes Into
Your Bank Account!

When you visit the house and meet the seller he agrees to lease option to you for $180,000 with no deposit at $800 a month for five years since you relieved him of repair responsibility (FYI, we do lease options in all price ranges with no deposit 95% of the time).

This Is Not One You’d Want To Assign And Get Out Of. It’s One You Want To Stay In, And The Kind Of Deal You Are Really After.

OK, your seller signed the agreement you took to the house. Now it’s time to get paid.

The same tenant buyer comes along with $15,000 and can pay $1,400 a month. But this time you sublease to them with a different lease where they pay you the $1,400, and you pay the seller the $800 and stay in the deal.

Are you getting this?

You just made $15,000 in a few days since the seller isn’t getting any money, but more importantly you’re getting…

$600 A Month For 5 Years On A House You Don’t Even Own ($1,400 less $800 rent to seller)

That’s $36,000 over five years. Plus, the $15,000 up front, plus another $5,000 when the buyer gets financed. ($200,000 sales price less $180,000 to seller minus the $15,000 deposit you received).

This technique is called a “Sandwich Lease”. How many of these do you need before you can tell your boss to shove it? You needed no money, no credit, no repairs, no delays, no banks, almost no paperwork and what you do need I’ll furnish. So…

How Many Deals Requiring No Money Or Credit
Can You Do Per Month
Before You Run Out Of Money?

Ok, I know you have questions like…

  • Why would a buyer pay more than the house is worth?
  • Why would a seller do a long term lease?
  • Why do the houses sell so quickly?
  • What paperwork is involved?
  • Do I need a license?
  • Where do I find these deals?
  • How do I get the sellers to say yes?
  • How long does it take to get a check?
  • What are my risks?
  • How much time will be required?
  • How do I know this will work for me?

And these are just your questions.
Then there are all the questions from the sellers and the buyers.

Don’t worry, I have all the answers that came from doing over 150 ACTS deals in the last two years alone. All will be disclosed on the live training, and you’ll get a manual with them in print along with the scripts, forms and agreements.

I cover every step from the beginning to a check, including how to sell these houses as fast as you find them.

Selling The Houses Is Easy When Credit Isn’t An Issue And
There Are No Banks Allowed

  • Checklists for before and during the meeting you have with buyers after you have learned they have enough money to satisfy you for a down payment or non-refundable option deposit. Two days later you’ll be getting a big check. Actually, you get part of it at the meeting, your attorney collects the rest.
  • One agreement that allows you to accept a buyers $1,000-$5,000 deposit before closing and not take the house off the market. That means you can continue to accept applications right up to the day your buyer meets your attorney because the house is not tied up. This prevents you from accepting a $5,000 offer from your buyer and the next day having to turn down $10,000 from the next. The door is always open. Where do you think I learned this?
  • How to increase your monthly cash flow by 25% with no more work every time you install a tenant buyer in a Sandwich Lease deal. You’d only learn this from the old guy and it’s worth an easy $200-$400 extra every month on every deal you stay in.

Enough already. I think you get the picture. This training is complete and based on reality, not seminar crap. It’s what we do every day using the same forms and agreement and steps I teach. Imagine that, a guy who actually does what he teaches. I am a weird dude. By the way our real estate site is Eagle if you want to check it out.

You won’t need a site in the beginning to get checks so don’t worry about that. When you do need one…you guessed it. We’ve got someone who’ll do it for you.

OK, Ron! This sounds
expensive. How Much?

Oh relax! The entire five hour live training is only 3 payments of $97.00 or 1 payment of $194.00. You’ll get a 95 page manual with all the steps, forms, agreements and scripts.

FYI, the actual hard course with 10 CDs taped over two days costs $997.00 and you’ll get a chance to get it at almost half price when you register, and the cost of the live training is comped.

We’ll be taking questions on the live training as we go and I’ll be answering them, some live and the rest by email shortly after.

We’ll max out at 500 and there will be no replay. This is a live training, not a recording. The system can’t hold more that 500. It will absolutely be full.

Click here to register.

By the way, this live event will be state of the art with new things we’ve learned that aren’t even in the taped course. You should attend even if you have it.

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  2. OK so this sounds like it may be viable , and I may be able to find the $200 on one of my nearly maxed out Credit cards. Living Overseas is not cheap… But to get the invitation today (25 March) is a little late Ron…….

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