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The VA service is invaluable.  Their calls and ability to get the answers we need to follow up and find a deal are critical.  The amount of time they spend making calls to find the 'yes' leads makes our business possible.  If we heard 'no' the number of times they do, I can't begin to imagine how we would be able to continue to move forward and keep making calls.   While they do their thing, it gives us time to get ever closer to the deal. I can't imagine not having the VA services on our team!

Christine Ketay

San Antonio, TX

My Eagle VA has exceptional communication and always responds quickly.  She ensures that all my leads are called in a timely manner and follows up with me on all my requests very quickly.  She puts in the effort to make sure that all my needs are not only met, but also above and beyond my expectations.  This allows me to spend my time making decisions for my business and keeps my business automated.  Thank you for always executing on a high level!  You're the best!!!!


Nick Voytas

Greenwell Springs, LA