Do You Have a Luxury Home You Want To Sell Anywhere In US or Canada?

Ron just set up a national site at to display the luxury homes he shares with his Joint Venture partners in his Platinum Protégé Group.

He’d like some more houses to put on the site to develop a larger presence and help cover the cost of advertising.

He just approved an outside web company to spend $3,000 a month driving traffic to the site and his team is doing some things internally to do the same.

Don’t be fooled by the words “owner financing” or “lease purchase” on the site. It’s true all his houses can be sold on terms but it’s not required you do so to be on the site. We’ve found a lot of callers can qualify but it’s also true that luxury homes command big down payments and you may find one you’d consider selling to with short terms. The minimum sales price is $500,000.

All calls and emails in your area will be immediately sent to you as received. Contact Tish at for details.